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Fury by Laurann Dohner reader ´ 376 pages ☆ Laurann Dohner

kindle Fury by Laurann Dohner

Fury by Laurann Dohner reader ´ 376 pages ☆ Laurann Dohner ☆ ✭ Fury Books ✯ Author Laurann Dohner – Ellie is horrified to discover the pharmaceutical company she works for is doing illegal experiments Company scientists have spliced human and animal DNA creating exEllie is horrified to discover the pharmaceutical company she works for is doing illegal experiments Company scientists have spliced human and animal DNA creating exotic new species One such “experiment” captures her heart and she’ll do anything to save him even if he hates her for it Fury has ne Dear FuryBy the time you're reading this I'd already moved on It's not you; it's me LOLJK it's totally you sorry Look our relationship started really well I adored you in the prologue and while Ellie's penis grabbing actions did not really seem rational to me I was than willing to shrug them off because you were such an interesting guy I wanted to get to know you better And so I read on But you see whatever infatuation I had for you from the moment I met you uickly vanished when you started getting violent I totally understand that you had a rough past I get it We all have our issues But I just can't for the life of me appreciate someone who would1 Threaten to kill a woman and mean it for a certain period of time2 Manhandle her to the point of bruising3 Kidnap her tie her to the bed and have revenge sex rape with herSeriously dude Why did it take you so long to understand that Ellie was forced by circumstances to do what she did You were so fucking selfish with all the unwarranted hate You had no right to treat her so poorly at the beginning By the 25% marker I just lost all my respect for youAnd okay it didn't make sense when you just did a 180 after having sex with her I was glad when you finally stopped with all the should I kill her or should I fuck her drama but I feel like it could have been handled better It was just too abrupt To give you credit though you did try to redeem yourself in my eyes I appreciated how you obsessed over Ellie once you dealt with your shit But it was just too late Fury 30 pages too late And the things you did were just unforgiveable Call me a sucker for morality but I just can't stand it when guys get too violentasshole ySo yeah I wish you all the best I'm sure that there are tons of ladies out there who can give you the love and understanding that you deserve but I'm not one of them Thank you though Because even for just a few pages we did have some good times togetherGoodbyeDaniellaPS Give my best to Ellie And please tell her to grow a backbone during her spare time Thanks

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Ttle human Fury can’t resist Ellie the touch of her hands her mouth on his skin her body wrapped around his He’s obsessed with the scent of his woman And Ellie wants Fury always has She craves his big powerful body and wants to heal his desolate heart But loving Fury is one thingtaming him is anoth DNF Sigh This has only happened to me 3 times before but I actually could not finish this book I really struggled with this one The worldconceptstory was good but the writing was just so BAD And the sex was so beyond cheesy even from the start it was literally making me cringe andor roll my eyesI stopped reading at 65% But if I had to rate what I’d read so far I’d give it about 25 stars – somewhere between ‘barely okay’ and ‘meh’It was just to the point where I was forcing myself to keep going and with so many other books out there that I just can’t wait to get to I couldn’t bring myself to waste time on something I didn’t loveI actually really liked the concept behind this book Basically a pharmaceutical company conducted extensive illegal experiments in their secret labs splicing together human and animal DNA to try and create “New Species” – which ideally would be kinds of super humans with all the best ualities of both species Problem was their experiments were cruel brutal and utterly abhorrent the subjects were kept chained up and subject to all manners of abuse Ellie undergoes an undercover operation to get intel that will prove its existence so that the government can shut them down While she is undercover she finds herself attracted to one of the experiment subjects Fury But the day she finally got the intel she is about to get out when she sees him drugged in a private room with one of the scientists who basically attempts to torture rape and kill him yes it gets a little graphic She saves him by bursting in and killing the scientist but the only way for her to get herself out alive is to blame the killing on him she basically banks on the idea that the scientists won’t kill him because of how valuable he is Fast forward a year Ellie’s intel got the evil company shut down and the government has set up a rehabilitation center for all the New Species members There Ellie and Fury cross paths again Fury feel utterly betrayed by her for the way she left him because while they didn’t kill him for the murder she blamed on him they did torture him But still they both are intensely attracted to each other and inevitably end up togetherI found the writing style to be very stilted formulaic and flat It didn’t pull me in didn’t make me ‘feel’ for the characters and I hate to say it but the dialogue was just downright bad And it was actually the reason I stopped reading It was just so off puttingI also found that despite there being a fair bit of sex in the books I felt the romance took much too long to develop They didn’t become a couple until after the 50% mark and before then and after as well their sex scenes were either making me shake my head roll my eyes or just want to face palm and although they clearly were crazy about each other and I knew that I just didn't feel  it which to me is the most important element in a book I want to FEEL the storyHere’s an example of the sex scene that finally made me stop the book And I know its supposed to be erotica which is a genre I have no problem with Its not how graphic it is that bothered me it was that it wasn't well written erotica IMO “My cock swells Remember I’m so damn ready to come right now that I wouldn’t last a minute”She stared at him with dawning comprehension “Oh That probably wouldn’t be good considering you’re already pretty big I think it would be okay though as long as I stick to the top You swell near the base””Yeah I’d love for you to do that but don’t turn me on so much next time the first time we try something I’m a shooter Ellie You can feel me inside you when my semen releases can’t you I’d shoot so hard and so much I’d choke you” cringe Its not the concept I have a problem with its the way its writtenThat being said I know this will sound weird but I didn’t hate the book I actually kinda liked it and its uite highly rated on Goodreads so I was surprised with my reaction to it The men were very Alpha and possessive and technically the kind of guy I like but I just personally really could not connect with the writingSo I just decided to stop It just wasn’t the book for me

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Fury by Laurann DohnVer known compassion or love He’s spent his life in a cell chained and abused by humans The one woman he allowed himself to trust betrayed him Now he’s free and set on vengeance He vows to end her life but when she’s finally in his grasp harming her is the last thing he wants to do to the sexy li I admit that I love when non humans try to human and they aren't uite pulling it off I love animals and find them super amusing so when books do a good job putting those characteristics into personalities I love it Whether it's shifters aliens talking animals or other trying to human or understand humans I'm inExhibit A this is one of my favorite memesIn this book we have a new species that has been created by the evil drug company You see drug companies are evil The desire to heal disease through science seems to inspire greed psychopathic behavior and aspirations of world domination through toe fungus medication If you think about it of course they are going to kidnap a bunch of babies and mutate their genes by splicing in animal genes stick them in cells where they are chained to the wall for their entire lives except when they send them out to fight each other force them to breed or die and torture them daily Sure in the next room some guy is trying to make a better penis pill and Alice is bitching that someone stole her yogurt from the breakroom fridge but they have learned to ignore the screams of anguish and pain coming through the walls It's just another Wednesday at the office Humpday so freaking longAnyway we have Ellie a human who went undercover to help blow the lid off of this horror show and Fang a New Species guy who may or may not be some sort of wolf hybrid They get off to a rocky start she frames him for murder he vows to kill her out of revenge Not exactly your typical way of meeting a love interest but probably still safer than meeting someone onlineEllie and Fury live in a compound that was given to the New Species when they were freed They have some humans on staff to help them transition into the world and Ellie is the house mother for the female apartments Now the females are freaking awesome They are bigger and stronger than humans and very fierce When they think that Ellie has been hurt by someone I love their reaction Tell us who hurt you and we will go beat the shit out of himBreeze cracked her knuckles We'll allow you to watch It will make you feel better to see him bleed She glanced at the others We can't kill him though We'll just beat him up severely to make sure he is in pain for a good week Now those are some girlfriends We should all have each others' backs like that And I would definitely be willing to join an angry girl mob for a few of my goodreads buddies here I know there have been times in my life when I would have felt better to watch a couple of people bleed I'm a sweetheartkidney liver whateverBut just like with anything new and slightly different the New Species have enemies cuz we are uncomfortable and afraid of that which we don't understand There are protesters and hate groups outside the compound that want to kill all of the non humans They are okay with killing any humans who happen to be inside too They don't discriminate Well actually they do but in that case they won't Any New Species loving human is badSo the relationship between Fang and Ellie doesn't only start out bad but it becomes a huge controversy since they are the first inter species relationship ever They have to come up against a lot of crap And that's good because they will clear the way for future inter species relationships like maybe with some Earth girls and Blue AliensThis book has a lot of humor and beware there is sex and violence too I liked both Ellie and Fang and I thought the side characters were well developed and definitely not typical It will be fun to get to know the other New Species as the series goes onAll in all I can see why so many of my friends liked this book I hope it's the start to an awesome series