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Sustainability: The MIT Press Essential Knowledge Series Audio Download: Amazoncouk: Kent E Portney Don Hagen Gildan Media LLC: Audible Audiobooks summary ´ 108

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Sustainability: The MIT Press Essential Knowledge Series Audio Download: Kent E. Portney, Don Hagen, Gildan Media, LLC: Audible Audiobooks summary ´ 108 ó [Read] ➬ Sustainability: The MIT Press EThe word sustainability has been connected MIT Press PDFEPUB #192 to everything from a certain kind of economic development to corporate promises about improved supply sourcing But despite the apparent ubiuity of the term the concept of sustainability Sustainability The PDF or has come to mean a number of specific things In this accessible guide to the meanings of sustainability Kent Portney describes the evolution of the idea and examines its application in a variety of contemporary The MIT Press PDF #10003 contexts from economic growth and consumption to government policy and urban p. This is a very useful introduction to sustainability but one that s a bit unusual Ever since the term caught on as a concept in the late 1980s according to Google s Ngram tool by 1990 it was 10 times freuent in English than it had been in 1980 by 2008 it was a 70x multiple it s been said to rest on three E s environment economy and euity Typical introductions tend to emphasize one or another of that triad in some depth especially the first While the first chapter of this book does give a bird s eye view of the three E s the subseuent chapters head off in a different direction politics and governance especially though not exclusively from a US perspective For example Chapter 2 describes the proposed and enacted laws in several US states that ban the pursuit of sustainability based objectives All of the bills and statutes seem to have roots with the Koch Brothers Other chapters discuss the relative roles of private enterprise and various levels of government in pursuing sustainability and the special attention the concept has received from citiesPersonally I wish space had been given to some of the euity aspects especially eg efforts to make cities sustainable often lead to gentrification of parts of the central city but this isn t discussed See eg the 2003 volume edited by J Agyeman Just Sustainabilities Development in an Uneual World Also even a brief overview like this could have been a little serious about the economics aspects The distinction between weak and strong sustainability is never mentioned despite its importance for policy And I was surprised to see Robert Solow the founding father of weak sustainability and Herman Daly an early proponent of ecological economics cited jointly for the notion that there is a need to take the biophysical environment and ecosystem services into account when assessing and measuring economic growth 113 This belies the fact that Daly and Solow are uite far apart on how seriously they take this view as Daly went to some pains to point out in his 1999 essay How long can the neoclasssical economists ignore the contributions of Georgescu Roegen reprinted inEcological Economics and Sustainable Development Selected Essays of Herman DalyThe book includes a glossary minus any definition for the title concept per se a good list of references and as is becoming customary in academic press books a mediocre index The author s style is generally readable but occasionally he falls back on lists and catalogues such as a long list of urban sustainability measures stuffed into a sentence than a page long 177 178 But these flaws are relatively minor Even if you ve read other books on sustainability this one provides a complementary and useful perspective

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Lanning Portney takes as his starting point the definition by the World Commission on Environment and Development of sustainability as economic development activity that The MIT Press Essential Knowledge PDF or meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs At its heart Portney explains sustainability focuses on the use and depletion of natural resources It is not the same as environmental protection or natural resource conservation it is about finding some sort of steady state so that the Earth can support both human popul. Good book as astarting document on sustainability

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Sustainability The MIT Press Essential Knowledge Series Audio Download Amazon co uk Kent E Portney Don Hagen Gildan Media LLC Audible AudiobooksAtion and economic growth Portney looks at political opposition to the promotion of sustainability which usually uestions the need for sustainability or calls its costs unacceptable collective and individual consumption of material goods and resources and to what extent they must be curtailed to achieve sustainability the role of the private sector and the co opting of sustainability The MIT Press Essential Knowledge PDF or by corporations government policy on sustainability at the international national and subnational levels and how cities could become models for sustainability actio. Very good book Clearly written