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PDF æ BOOK The Grace of Kings Ü ❮Read❯ ➱ The Grace of Kings ➵ Author Ken Liu – Two men rebel together against tyranny—and then become rivals—in this first sweeping book of an epic fantasy series from Ken Liu recipient of Hugo Nebula and World Fantasy awardsWily charming Kuni Two men rebel tThrown however they each find themselves the leader of separate factions two sides with very different ideas about how the world should be run and the meaning of justiceFans of intrigue intimate plots and action will find a new series to embrace in the Dandelion Dynas This book is AMAZING A masterpiece I have so many thoughts This book had me thinking the whole time I read it Not just about what would happen with the plot so many twists It was fantastic But also just with the way it touched on issues and ideas that we find in our own world It’s a slower read to me it reads uite a bit like and old medieval epic but it’s worth it in the end Truly an astounding work

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A deposed duke seem like polar opposites Yet in the uprising against the emperor the two uickly become the best of friends after a series of adventures fighting against vast conscripted armies silk draped airships and shapeshifting gods Once the emperor has been over An ambitious epic fantasy that at times felt like reading a history than a novelI've become a fan of Liu's short stories so was eager to read his debut long form novel At over 600 pages it is pretty longWe're introduced to the archipelago of Dara a collection of islands which seem to be constantly at war The book follows a number of characters who plot coups rise to power form alliances betray each other and sometimes die miserably and violentlyIt's a fantasy with not much magic There are gods who spend time commenting on human behavior and occasionally making suggestions directly to individuals There are a few fantastic beasts and mysterious occurrences but largely the laws of physics apply In that it reminded me of much of Guy Gavriel Kay's work especially the recent 'River of Stars' The main characters are Kuni Garu a seemingly 'ordinary man' who may have a great destiny and Mata Zyndu who never seemed ordinary it was always assumed that he was born to be a hero Their changing relationship is the thread that runs throughout the book however there's a sometimes dizzying cast of other characters Dara is described as very ethnically diverse but culturally it seems pretty Chinese I have a sneaking suspicion that if I were familiar with factual Chinese history I might find some interesting parallels here At times the plot events seem like they must be based on real events because while their complexity seems like than a fictional plot would call for it's very much in line with power struggles that might really have happened with many different factors coming into playIndividual chapters here are brilliant The writing is excellent and some of the scenes are beautiful heartbreaking or thought provoking I very much agree with many of the observations and conclusions that are brought to the forefront through the narrative They include philosophical notes on war and the nature of conflict human relationships gender roles how expectations can twist people etc At times they were just slightly too obvious though Taken as a whole the book took a bit of work to get through and I found myself a little bit distanced from it Maybe it's the third person objective point of view which contributes to the 'history book' feeling I mentioned

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The Grace of KingsTwo men rebel together against tyranny and then become rivals in this first The Grace PDFEPUBsweeping book of an epic fantasy series from Ken Liu recipient of Hugo Nebula and World Fantasy awardsWily charming Kuni Garu a bandit and stern fearless Mata Zyndu the son of Why two starsWomen Where were they For 400 pages we had one main female character who ended up being treated way too much like a secondary character The rest of the women were minor characters And the main female character spent most of her story arc picking herbs getting pregnant having babies encouraging her husband to take a second wife and then becoming stereotypically jealous of the new woman in her man's lifeWe were given one token female warrior character in the latter half of the book who fought in battles alongside the men but she was hardly an interesting and complex character and she arrived too little too late for me In all honesty the ratio of male to female characters in this book is kind of laughablePlot ambitious but ultimately lost in a mass of world building and histories and mythology World building should enhance and complement plot and characters but this seemed to bury them under its massive weight If as much care and planning and dimension were put into the characters as was put into this world then we might have had something really interestingCharacters Wooden predictable stereotypical cliched There really wasn't a single character I felt a connection toDialogue Problematic At times the dialogue felt appropriate other times it felt way too modern I don't mind one style over the other just have continuityWill I Read On No I love the influence of ancient Chinese dynasties in this novel and I might could overlook most of the points that I made but the representation of women and how little they featured in this book doesn't inspire me to continue the series And though the end of book one has set up a storyline where a few of the female characters may feature prominently it looks like the storyline will focus on jealousy and envy between the two wives of the main character and I feel I can easily find complex and better representations of women elsewhere