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Doc ✓ Misguided Death Dwellers MC Death Dwellers MC ô Kathryn c kelly

Book ☆ Death Dwellers MC Ê Kathryn C. Kelly

She uncovers the connection between her father and Mortician’s father and the horrible betrayals it led to within the MC Can she leave the secrets stay buried Or will she expose them and ruin her marriage to the only man she’ll ever loveA bet Smug in his assumption he’d never fall as hard for as woman as his Prez fell for a girl Mortician put his money where his mouth was and made that bet With G's on the line and two weeks left before he wins or loses Mortician has to decide if Bailey and their marriage is important or saving face and keeping hi It's like a train wreck that I cannot look away from Here I go again taking some stupid pills by reading this book hehe I can't escape this series Its a itch I can't help but scratch First off can we talk about how much of an a hole Mortician Lucas is He is so petty childish and irrational about this stupid bet between the brothers I mean let it go Lucas JEEZ What is important the money or you and Bailey She is so full of life and love and doesn't deserve not one piece of Lucas' bullsht Every time he does or says something wrong I want to punch him dead in the mouth smhI loved how the author threw in uite a bit of exposition We got to see how Outlaw and Mortician met how Lucas got his road name and why Mortician is so unshakeable about admitting his feelings for K P's daughter Bailey Man K P That is still a hard pill to swallow I actually had to grab my chest when Bailey found the letter from him I also loved when Meggie took John Boy to the rock over Kendall He was doing a shit job of handling and working on their relationship I mean I don't hate Kendall the way Outlaw does but I don't feel the need to placate her like some of the other characters do I just hope she get's help while she is awayCause manBailey's mom is the sht and I loved that Mortician had a run in with her via text and in person LMAOI liked the fact that there was no subterfuge on Bailey's part She was 100% genuine the entire time She didn't play games or expect Lucas to know what she wanted She threw it all out there and told him what she wanted every time 100% transparentSo many secrets were told in this book and by the end we realize its going to keep going for at least one or two books I do wish Lucas had groveled but all in all Bailey and Mortician are my fav couple

Kindle Misguided Death Dwellers MC

Misguided Death Dwellers MC #4S money Having only ever seen the destruction of love gone wrong what will Mortician decideA baby Now Bailey’s pregnant with his baby and hiding another detrimental secret that she herself recently discovered Will she have to choose between her life and the baby’s Or will she find a way to save both herself and her child Warning This is a brutal tale of worlds colliding a mega church with the command to destroy powerful men with their own agendas and raw and dirty bikers who will win at all costs Contains violence drug use and excessive foul languag Lucas “Mortician” Banks had been a preacher son but was dealt a sty hand with a girl he thought was his girlfriend but instead she moved on to his dad he had enough and left to go back to the mc were he felt like he belong he has seen some gruesome s and done some gruesome s but it is what is in the mc It’s a brotherhood and either your loyal or your dead When he meets Bailey he cant keep his eyes off her but he was always warned by her father to stay away She is still in college and still a virgin So they decided to talk every night on the phone or he would go and hangout with her Then when he has a trip to vagas he ask if she wants to go the old saying what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas not always true if you end up married So he made a bet he would get walk away from her but then he finds out she is carrying his child That then his past comes back to haunt him when his wife is kidnapped and beaten when he saves her finally he still cant let go of the bet Bailey has had enough she packs her bags and leaves Will he go after her or will the bet be important then his wife and unborn childOmg Kelly this was by far the most intense book I have ever read and I wanted to be outlaw so I could knock some sense into morts head I even had the tissues going I am such a huge Death Dwellers fan

Kathryn C. Kelly Ê Doc

Doc ✓ Misguided Death Dwellers MC Death Dwellers MC ô Kathryn c. kelly ô ❰KINDLE❯ ❄ Misguided (Death Dwellers MC, #4) Author Kathryn C. Kelly – A biker Lucas 'Mortician' Banks stopped believing in love after a bitter betrayal As Club Enforcer the A biker Lucas 'Mortician' Banks stopped believing in love after a bitter betrayal As Club Enforcer the Death Dwellers MC is his home where no rules exist and brotherhood rule He never expected to fall for the daughter of K P Andrews a biker from the old guard who is now deceased Is love enough to survive secrets brutality and betrayalA beauty Bailey Andrews was fascinated by the biker from the first moment they met She seized the opportunity to have his phone number and somehow ended up married to him when she accompanied Mortician on a run to Las Vegas Loved it You gotta love those Death Dwellers so alpha The women in their lives are as strong as them don't take any crap from them