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Download Misled Death Dwellers MC #1 Book ↠ 292 pages

Kindle ↠ Misled Death Dwellers MC #1 Þ Kathryn C. Kelly

Megan 'Meggie' Foy Dwellers MC ePUB #180 has had a tough life Her home life is nothing as it seems Living with her mother and step father is a complete nightmare They seem to have the perfect little family but appearances can be deceiving and monsters are closer Misled Death Kindle than you think When her body and mind can take no abuse at the hands of her step father Meggie finally decides to run hoping her father MC President of the Death Dwellers Joseph 'Boss' Foy can save her and rescue her terri I'm Greeted With Horror Shock Facts Screwy Details Sensitive readers beware the opening chapter is some brutal shit • Step dad beating hell out of and raping the MC's mom • FMC is a self harm cutter • FMC is beat fondled and sexually assaulted by step dad multiple times Listen I have a hard time reading child abuse of any sort The FMC is 17 a month from 18 but it's still very difficult for meI've learned that I can will read the details of such but ONLY when it's absolutely pivotal to character plot development It's simply not here and that sickens me Dear author if you'd like to see how to take hardcore abuse and ensure that it's detailed enough for the reader to feel it in every bone in their body but also written in a meaningful way to the character so that it doesn't sensationalize it for the sake of book shock See this The above should be a highly emotional chapter scene and the facts most certainly are It's the implausible and inconsistent details of those facts that have me so distracted and sickened with knowing this is just gore for the sake of gore Here's what I mean Fact She's lived with stepdad 5 years all highly abusive Graphic scene of him sticking his finger up her ass Details In all that time stepdad hasn't had genital to genital sex with her because her mom won't put her on birth control Say what He's never heard of a condom He beats these women senseless but can't manage to force some BC An abuser like this that hasn't gone further because his victim isn't on birth control is about as believable as a car thief asking if you have insurance on your car All this nonsense detail does is trivialize the fact that she's being brutalized by her stepdad brutality Fact She has a razor in her hand cutting her legs arms hand She's bleeding all over the fucking place as her stepdad is graphically molesting her Details Stepdad has zero concern about all this blood No concern over the potential weapon she's using to cause it Again by adding such nonsense my mind isn't on the MCs plight but rather on how I'm being asked to read a horror wrapped in bubble gum paper I'm not even 5% in and this has been 50% horror for the sake of shock 50% nonsensical and inconsistent detail of that horror shock shit AND IT JUST WONT STOP This pattern of pairing shock facts with unbelievable or unbalanced details just continues throughout the book For example we have to suffer through trigger after trigger 1 written descriptions of the rape and murder of multiple women and how the MMC helped cover it up by disposing of bodies 2 a detailed account of a woman's throat being slit 3 a vivid account of a 14 year old girl's rape and murder For what All that just to show that the FMC's dad who 1 abandoned her FIVE years ago 2 and has been dead a year isn't the white night she's imagined him as being the MMC isn't a fuckwad for killing him Another example She's an abused self harmer but she has zero emotional problems when she starts having sex with the MMC who has the emotional care of the devil himself and her cutting just stops So if such triggers for readers aren't an important part of her character developmentunderstanding wtf make me read all the mfing gory details of it in chapter one I have zero abso fucking no respect for how this author handled sexual abuse and cutting NONE Meet Outlaw AKA The Dickweed I have read some really bad MMCs but this dickweed fucker takes the penis cake shits on it shoves it in your mouth and then kicks you in the gut as you're trying to puke it up Please tell me why an author would intro an MMC having a detailed threesome Why Do I want to know• he's had two ho's on a regular threesome for six months • at the very moment he had his dick in Keira and his tongue in Ellen • he lapped her juices • he'd make one of them his old lady if not for her whoring Want to know how he's intro'd to the FMC He literally just moments ago had his fingers all up in the ho duo before meeting the FMC and rubbing his thumb over her lips At 28% and scene after scene of how different Megan is readers have to suffer through him getting a blowjob from one of his ho' duo More on the lovely dickweed Bitch is his favorite word for everyone except his mom There's a language warning and I'm the last person to EVER say shit about cursing but these numbers make even my potty mouth pucker • bitch 180•fuck 687•cock 43•dick 92•pussy 109•motherfucker 101•goddamn 14•shit 168He labels the FMC an angel an innocent Yet he says shit like this at 22%He should've just left Megan by the creek Or thrown her the fuck in so she could join the father she searched for Then again maybe no Boss was burning in hell Megan deserved a place in heaven He parades his ho duo in front of the FMC; she reacts poorly to say the least calls him a rhino and throws beer and the shoes he bought her same as the ho' duo have on at him His response You ain't staying here bitch You fuckin' right Go back to your momma's where little girls like you belong He proceeds to shake her tell her that he'd knock her out if she was anyone else and call her a fuckin' little piece of baggage ^ Yes he knows stepdad beats her Ain't he just such a winning catch Oh he's not done No he asks her in front of the entire MClub and his ho duo That's why you lookin' for Boss yeah Your step fuckhead tryin' to take your pussy image error

Doc Misled Death Dwellers MC #1

Misled Death Dwellers MC #1Fied mother from Death Dwellers MC MOBI #241 the clutches of her step monster before it's too late for them Christopher 'Outlaw' Caldwell deals in a world of violence sex drugs and crudity As current president of the Death Dwellers' MC he presides over a club in chaos after the death of their longtime president and his mentor Boss Outlaw is trying to keep everything with the club in his control What happens when trouble arises in the form of a blonde haired year old beauty with the same eyes as his for Meggie had a gun in her face pointed at her head Wait a minute wait a minute wait a minute Are you saying the gun was pointed at her face AND at her head The man holding the gun could be a sex symbol women all over the world drooled after If you don't believe her just take a closer look at the cover The inescapable work of art slapped you in the eyes the moment you stepped through the door and looked to the left Is it a cuckoo clock Meggie kept her head bowed slurping up the soup like the starving maniac she was I don't think maniac means what she thinks it means It was going to be a fucking tedious motorcycle ride with her unconscious So what did he do Hogtie her to the bitch seat I really would like to know the logistics of carrying an unconscious girl on a motorcycle Outlaw could only be thankful Rack hadn't raped her This after he conducted an in depth medical and forensics examination consisting of wiping her down with some wet towelsAnd finally the piece de resistance Balancing her plate on top of the can she pushed open the door The food and drink slipped out of her hands and her greeting died on her lips her stomach sinking to her toes Christopher leaned over Kiera bent over the desk both of them nakedChristopher chuckled and pulled away from her Wait a minute he murmured Unashamed in his nudity he sauntered toward Meggie sidestepping her lost supper Grabbing her by the arms he backed her out of the room and slammed the door in her faceMeggie swiped at her tears then ran to Christopher's room The time had come for her to leave Really ya think But instead that very same night He stroked her soft cheek stained pink warm beneath his caress She sighed and leaned into his touchI ain't gonna say this shit but one fuckin' time so listen You in my bed If I sleep in here we're fuckin' Ain't no ifs or buts about it So you think long about that before you answer me If I leave I'm gonna go fuck KieraShe chewed on her lower lip What would I beSome ass I guess Clearly an offer she couldn't refuse

Kathryn C. Kelly Þ Misled Death Dwellers MC #1 Book

Download Misled Death Dwellers MC #1 Book ↠ 292 pages Ë [PDF / Epub] ☃ Misled Death Dwellers MC #1 Author Kathryn C. Kelly – Megan 'Meggie' Foy has had a tough life Her home life is nothing as it seems Living with her mother and step father is a complete nightmare They seem to have the peMer mentor Meggie discovers her daddy is gone and now there may be no one to save her and her mother How will she feel when she finds out the man who killed him is the man she's falling in love with Can Outlaw get past his demons to truly find love with Meggie and peace with the death of Boss Alliances will be made loyalties tested lives will be lost but will love conuer all in the world of bikers and revenge Warning For mature audiences only Contains physical abuse violence rape and excessive profanit MISLED is totally different than any of the other biker books I have read I can't really put my finger on what makes it different but it has a totally uniue vibe The lead male is absolutely unrefined and rough around the edges not unlike other biker book characters but Christopher aka Outlaw is somehow different and I like it The characters use lots of variety when it comes to using the f word sometimes I thought it got in the way of whatever they were trying to convey but totally in line with their over all personasChristopher is kind of raunchy but I uite enjoyed his dirty mouth and he just might make it on my best dirty talkers list I have to review his rhetoric before making that final decision on that But here is a teaser of one of my favorite scenes that might make your panties melt so you might as well go ahead and take them off – and if you don’t just know that you have been warned ❝ What are you doing”“I’m about to eat your pussy” he muttered pulling her legs apart and sniffing themusky aroma of her arousal combined with his cum“You can’t possibly want to do that now”She sounded horrified and embarrassed He tipped his head back to look at herface He chuckled finding her look matched her tone Keeping his gaze on her he ranhis nose along her slit“What are you doing” she suealed in outrage“What the fuck you think Smellin’ your pussy”She wriggled her body up but he wrapped his arms around her thighs and pulledher downShe covered her face with her hands “Oh God Kill me now”He laughed at how dramatic she was beingShe raised up on her elbows “I need a shower” she said with a prissy little sniffHe licked the top of her mound and she shivered “Don’t wanna smell soap MeganI want to smell your just fucked cunt filled with my cum” “My God Why” she wailed giving up her losing battle and plopping down on themattress“Trust me sweetheart” he said gruffly taking pity on her “I promise you you ain’tgonna give a fuck what condition your pussy is in once I start lickin’ you”“Doubtful” she mumbled She stayed focused on the ceiling “Just get it over with”Unable to stop his smile Christopher pushed her legs open further and watched hiscum drip out of her He gathered the moisture up and worked it back inside her withhis finger“Please stop staring at that part of me”“What part of you”“There”He laughed harder “I don’t know where the fuck there is Megan”“My vagina” she snappedHe laid his head against her hip and guffawed “I guess my dick is a penis to youhuh” He didn’t remember the last time he’d laughed so hard “I’ll give you lessons onthe proper terms for our anatomy on another day uick refresher You have tits and apussy or a cunt I have a cock or a dick Got me I don’t fuck vaginas That shitsounds borin’ Hot vagina No That shit sounds ridiculous Hot pussy Hot pussy is much better”She giggled and nodded her tension easing“Now I’m gonna lick your hot pussy until you come for me❞ See what I mean Hot Ass Dirty Talker I totally love that author Kathryn Kelly was able to incorporate some humor with that naughty rhetoric – that takes special talent and she has it in spades If you are looking for the next best biker book then you have got to get this You are going to love it✳✳ Reviewed on I ♥ Bookie Nookie Reviews If you like this type of book you might enjoy one of these groups Check us outMenage ReadersErotic EnchantsBookie Nookie's Erotic Lending Group