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I Heart My Little A Holes A bunch of holy crap moments no one ever told you about parentingO want to kill them or yourself But it's against the law and there's the suicide hotline Plus there's that whole loving themthan anything in the whole world thing In I Heart My Little A Holes Karen Alpert shares hilarious stories lists and deep thoughts on the joys and horrors of raising children Accompanied by cheery illustrations and photos I Heart My Little A Holes will make you laugh so hard you'll wish you were wearing a diap This is a woman who's trying to be funny She thinks she's hilarious but alas she's not Maybe it’s a UKAmerican thing As a Brit though I found the ‘humour’ unsubtle and too try hard She seems to think that throwing in the odd swear word actually it’s like peppering her prose with things like f’ing will make her funnier It doesn’t I’d actually like to word count the number of times she says f’ing It starts from the first page and doesn’t let up Hello – editor? I suspect the ‘success’ of this book if it ends up a success will probably be a result of rabid self publicity over actual talent The author’s shamelessly promoted this book by TELLING everyone how funny she is And how much you’ll pee yourself laughing at her book It’s the euivalent of going on a dating site and someone saying they have a GSOH Just saying it don’t make it so A uick look on the Baby Sideburns FB page had me cringing – ‘like’ this that I’ve done ‘buy my book’ and posts that are just repeats of what’s in this tome Anyways ‘anyways’ is another thing the author repeatedly says – another word count on that would be enlightening I just found this tiresome to struggle through Needless to say I didn’t finish it I couldn’t take of the same write by numbers approach to every aspect of parenthood; throw in a few gross things a few swear words and yup we’re good to go It’s just so hard to read something where a writer is trying but failing to make every sentence funny Sometimes with humour less is

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READER ☆ DOC I Heart My Little A ↠ KAREN ALPERT ↠ ❮Epub❯ ➢ I Heart My Little A-Holes: A bunch of holy-crap moments no one ever told you about parenting ➡ Author Karen Alpert – Following the success of Go the Fk to Sleep Confessions of a Scary Mommy and KetchuFollowing the success of Go the Fk to Sleep Confessions of a Scary Mommy and Ketchup Is a Vegetable a collection of funny warm and charmingly profane tales from the frontlines of parenthood by the author of the popular Baby Sideburns blog Once upon a time you and your partner had a perfect life dinners out weekend mornings cuddling in bed brunch with friends Then you gave birth to a poop machine or two Now it's all about the pedia Ready for a good laugh? This is the book for you Wonderfully written Hilarious true stories The little drawings go so well with all of the different short stories Basically it's a book of blogs But they are very good written blogs So funny so great I follow her on Facebook and Instagram and I bought the second book it was so good

Karen Alpert ç A bunch of holy EBOOK

Trician breast pumps princess dresses and minivans And discovering that your pride and joy is actually a little A hole When your son wakes you up at 300 AM because he wants to watch Caillou he's an a hole When your daughter outlines every corner of your living room with a purple crayon she's an a hole When your rug rats purposely paint the kitchen ceiling with their smoothies they're a holes At times like these it's only natural t I cannot go to the next page on kindle It just sends me back to the first page or sends me several chapters ahead I would like my money back