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Read eBook ¸ The Winter People Paperback à Joseph Bruchac ✓ ☂ [PDF / Epub] ☁ The Winter People By Joseph Bruchac ✐ – Full of history danger courage and raw survival this compelling novel by acclaimed author Joseph Bruchac is certain to have readers on the edge oIth the Abenaki people Saxso’s people by their side Without enough warriors to defend their homes Saxso’s village is burned to the ground Many people are killed but some including Saxso’s mother and two sisters are taken hostage Now it’s up to Saxso on his own to track the raiders and bring his family back home before it’s t This was a good book It was really interesting to see the captive story from the other perspective as compared to Indian Captive where a white girl is taken by Native Americans This story is about an Abenaki boy who's family is taken by Bostoniak English rangers in a raid He then has to try and save them himself as his father was killed a few years before This book has enough introspection to developed the main character well but enough action to keep young readers interested Boys should enjoy reading about Saxso's bravery and expertise as a woodsman and tracker He's a 14 year old boy who takes on a man's task with both wisdom and skill

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Full of history danger courage and raw survival this compelling novel by acclaimed author Joseph Bruchac is certain to have readers on the edge of their seat start to finish The Dallas Morning NewsSaxso is fourteen when the British attack his village It’s 1759 and war is raging in the northeast between the British and the French w Enjoyed this story of events in the FI war from the other side that of the French Canadians Abenaki rather than the common British pov Good voice the cadence of the writing made me 'hear' the Abenaki speech patterns rather than plain english I liked that the ending was not pat not uite forgiveness for the wrongs but acknowledgement that there were decent people on both sides of the conflict Made a nice change from the typical bloodthirsty portrayal of the French allied peoples I also appreciated the copious end notes by Bruchac outlining the historical facts of the war and Abenaki culture

Joseph Bruchac Ó The Winter People book

The Winter PeopleOo lateHistorical fiction doesn't get much better than this The narrative itself is thrilling Booklist starred reviewA heartbreaking but exciting story  School Library Journal starred reviewWinner of the Disney Adventures Best Historical Fiction AwardAn SLJ Best Book of the YearA New York Public Library Best Book for the Teen Age Jerrit Schramm5 1 087 1The Winter PeopleThis book is about a fourteen year old boy named Saxon who is growing up in a Native American Village The book takes place during the time that the white settlers were exploring and civilizing America At the time the Native Americans were at that location at that particular time The British though did not like them there so they started to launch surprise attacks on the village The British outnumbered the Natives one Native for every 100 British soldiers After the British launched their first attack the Natives gave them a new name the Bostoniak After one attack by the Bostoniak though was enough for Saxon and his family along with many others They went down by the river to sleep through the night When Saxon awoke up though he was alone He went up to the village to see what destruction the Bostoniak had done Their beautiful white chapel built by the French was turned in to a large piece of coal All of the regular houses were all burned down and reduced to a pile of black powder Saxon remembers that his family is gone so he decides to embark on a life or death journey to find the rest of his family and the group that they traveled with I would recomend this book to anyone who likes historical fiction and books with a lot of action and suspense