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SL Pocket Guide kindle ¹ eBook A Guide to SL Usage Ò Jonathan Gennick

kindle Ø A Guide to SQL Usage Ù Jonathan Gennick

SQL Pocket Guide A Guide to SQL UsageIf you're a programmer or database administrator who uses SL in your day to day work this popular pocket guide is the ideal on the job reference You'll find many examples that address the language's complexity along with key aspects of SL used in IBM DB2 Release 97 MySL 51 Oracle Database 11g Release 2 PostgreSL 90 and Microsoft SL Server 2008 Release 2 SL Pocket Handy table top guide

Jonathan Gennick Ù A Guide to SQL Usage kindle

Covers important database changes includingOracle's support of the recursive WITH syntax and addition of PIVOT and UNPIVOT operatorsFunctions new to Oracle such as LISTAGG NTHVALUE and PostgreSLs support of recursive WITH and some window functionsDB2 syntax and datatypes some compatible with OracleMySL features such as the TIMESTAMP type and the TOSECONDS function Good pocket guide it does not cover everything so you will still need to use good ole Google But is a good guide worth having

ePub SQL Pocket Guide

SQL Pocket Guide kindle ¹ eBook A Guide to SQL Usage Ò Jonathan Gennick Ò ❰Read❯ ➪ SQL Pocket Guide: A Guide to SQL Usage Author Jonathan Gennick – If you're a programmer or database administrator who uses SL in your day to day work this popularGuide describes how these database systems implement SL syntax for uerying managing transactions and making changes to data It also shows how the systems use SL functions regular expression syntax and type conversion functions and formatsAll example SL statements in this book execute against a set of tables with data that you can uickly download The third edition This should be called SL Implementations Pocket Guide but be it Writing standard SL on paper is not so hard and there are plenty of detailed and verbose SL References But half of this book goes briefly over notable differences between some major database vendors I just regret there are just a few the major ones If you're serious about learning SL for actual real life databases this book is a must