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SUMMARY The Clydach Murders: A Miscarriage of Justice Audio Download: Amazoncouk: John Morris John Telfer Audible Studios: Audible Audiobooks 107

REVIEW The Clydach Murders: A Miscarriage of Justice Audio Download: John Morris, John Telfer, Audible Studios: Audible Audiobooks

SUMMARY The Clydach Murders: A Miscarriage of Justice Audio Download: John Morris, John Telfer, Audible Studios: Audible Audiobooks 107 Ø [Reading] ➱ The Clydach Murders: A Miscarriage of Justice Audio Download: Morris has Clydach Murders A Miscarriage of Epubalways maintained his innocence and new DNA evidence has emerged together with evidence of falsification of police documents which supports his claim His case is currently being investigated by the Criminal Case Review Commission This is a process which can take years to decide if a case should be referred to a court of appeal Significantly previous suspects for the murders include former police officers one of whom was having a lesbian affair with the victim Mandy Power In the period between and South Wales Police was notorious for get. Like most people my age from the Swansea Valley I remember these murders vividly I d always trusted that the police had gotten the right man but after reading this I m left with some serious uestions This is a fascinating engaging and troubling read Well written and researched About a uarter of the way through I was still convinced that the writer had started at the conclusion he was after and looked for evidence to support his position but by the end he slowly and steadily builds his case Highly recommended

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Ting false convictions based on fabricated evidence and the Morris case could well be another instance of this There is every possibility that the man vilified as a brutal killer across the British tabloid press in this much publicised case is actually the victim of a monumental miscarriage of justice The author has corresponded with Clydach Murders A Miscarriage of EpubMorris studied all available police files and court papers discussed the case with key witnesses and experts and examined the evidence he is convinced that Morris is both innocent and the victim of a conspiracy to convict h. Brilliant book could not put it down How the hell they convicted this poor man the jury should be totally ashamed of themselves in the original trial and retrial South Wales police have a lot to answer for absolutely disgusting I know who I think should me in prison it s one or of three and ain t David You d think the police would want justice and convict the correct person persons for this horrendous murders but obviously not when the evidence points at their own Condolences to the family for the loss of three generations of their family I only hope that one day they will convict the person persons responsible and free the innocent man doing their time

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The Clydach Murders A Miscarriage of Justice Audio Download Amazon co uk John Morris John Telfer Audible Studios Audible AudiobooksJohn Morris new book is an investigation Murders A MOBI #244 into the Clydach murders in South Wales in in which Mandy Power her mother and her two daughters were battered to death Dai Morris was The Clydach MOBI #194 tried twice for these cruel murders and finally convicted in Yet John Morris a legal specialist is certain that Dai Morris is innocent No fingerprint evidence or DNA connected Morris to the crime Clydach Murders A ePUB #9734 his conviction was based on the lack of a solid alibi the presence of his gold chain in Power s house and the lies he initially told the police in explan. Think of Ludovic Kennedy s 10 Rillington Place or Paul Foot s Murder at the Farm and when reading John Morris s book you get the similar feeling that when everything is put into context that a major miscarriage of justice has taken place To most people in south Wales this is a memorable case the sheer barbarity of the murders and the South Wales Police long drawn out inuiry for months seemingly going nowhere all of it led to a sense of frustration Serving and former Police Officers were arrested and then released and then some months later a breakthrough as Dai Morris a local tough nut was arrested and charged with the four murders It fitted in nicely with what the public came to expect a strongarm bloke who happened to be an ex lover of the mother of the two children murdered Case solved He was found guilty as was expected and if not for some wily lawyer showing how smart he was by referring the case for appeal he wouldn t have got a second chance to waste the public s money in court Thankfully they saw through it and found him guilty againExcept that wasn t the case as this book explains in depth The underhand and corrupt dealings of the lawyers the police and the neighbours of Dai Morris all contributed to his fate There is only one point I would disagree with the author in this case and that is that he has placed far too much emphasis on the prosecution barrister s role he s no doubt a very clever brief but to me Dai Morris suffered from an extremely poor defence team over the two trials The first trial ended the career of the defence solicitor and the second team were relatively inexperienced or failed to cover the massive amount of material that comprised the evidenceFrom the first page to the last this book keeps you in its grip I can only hope that Justice will be seen to be done and the points raised by John Morris in his book are investigated thoroughly and most importantly independently of the previous teams involved Dai Morris is serving 30 years for four gruesome murders he says he didn t commit 19 years ago Prison officers will tell you that there are lots of prisoners who say they are innocent but very few shout it for as long as Dai Morris has unless they have a case which from reading this book he clearly has