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Download Two Under the Indian Sun Book »¼ John golden / rumer golden

Book Two Under the Indian Sun

Download Two Under the Indian Sun Book » ¼ John golden / rumer golden ☆ ➹ [Download] ➵ Two Under the Indian Sun By John Golden / Rumer Golden ➼ – This autobiographical story written by two children who embark on a new life escaping from Britain inN plural Beautifully written and describes life in India during the early part of the 20th century remarkably we Both timeless and fascinatingly dated this account by the Godden sisters is a wonderful evocation of their lives in India as children Those who know India can easily fill in the darker spaces; the torment and chaos which here are left scant and just enjoy this love letter to a country and to childhood

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World war by going to India with their parents The story is written in the a mix of third person and first perso After having read A Time to Dance No Time to Weep I just had to read this to find out about Rumer and Jon Godden's earlier adventures in India when they were children and sent to Narayangunj now in Bangladesh in 1914 There were two younger sisters as well as Mam and Fa and Fa's sister as well as an entire cast of servants and as the girls grow up young men There are photographs but never enough I would have loved to see of their holidays in Kashmir the houseboat and of the servants India is shown to us in all its contrasts beauty and ugliness serenity and horrible dangers Absolutely evocative of the time very honest and often funny

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Two Under the Indian SunThis autobiographical story written by two children who embark on a new life escaping from Britain in the first In November 1914 two small sisters Jon and Rumer Godden returned to India They had spent a year in London being brought up by austere aunts but now war was expected and so they were summoned back to their home in East Bengal Jon was only seven and a half and Rumer sixThe two sisters later to be successful authours in their own rights recall a childhood in India As outsiders they bring children's eyes to the astonishing cultural experience of their move In different chapters they tell the cycles of the day the seasons and the years that they experiencedTThe two sisters did everything together until the separation created by growing up and the onset of adolescence For those of you who have read books by Rumer Godden you can see where many of the themes of her later books took hold For others reading this may be a wish to experience an exotic childhood in a distant land Although the gates and high walls of their family home keep the Goddens very much separated from India they tell the story of glimpses from sounds heard at night views from rooftops from railway carriages from river trips and from living with so many servants and their families around themThe story is not all idyllic the sisters write of self doubt cruel and stupid mistakes misunderstandingsof family tragediesIf you enjoyed The Greengage Summer and Kingfishers Catch Fire then this has to be your next read