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Half the World eBook ↠ Hardcover ´ feedmarkformulate Ô ✺ [BOOKS] ✮ Half the World By Joe Abercrombie ❄ – Thorn Bathu was born to fight But when she kills a boy in the training suare she finds herself named a murdererFate places her life in the hands of the deep cunLf the world in search of allies against the ruthless High King Beside her is Brand a young warrior who hates to kill A failure in her eyes and his own the voyage is his last chance at redemptionBut warri An excellent book It continues the tale begun in Half a King sort of That is we shift to totally different point of view characters who offer us a radically different view of what is happening in this world I feel the reader could jump right into this book without having read book 1 Half a King and still have a very enjoyable read Buy why do that when reading them in order greatly increases the depth and meaning of the taleI greatly enjoyed the characters the dilemmas they faced the decisions that make for their own lives as well as for the greater crises unfolded in the plot Characters are always the make or break for me in a tale and these ones definitely make the tale what it isGrittily real unpredictable savage and funny Good bookCaveat I consider Joe Abercrombie a friend But even if I'd never met him I can honestly say that I would still have loved this set of books

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Ors can be weapons and weapons are made for one purpose Will Thorn always be a tool in the hands of the powerful or can she carve her own path? Is there a place outside of legend for a woman with a blade? 45 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum gotta hand it to Joe Abercrombie Knocking it out of the park on his first venture into Young Adult territory could be seen as a fluke but when he nails it again for a second time it’s clearly a testament to his writing skills and versatility This author is a master when it comes to storytelling whether he’s writing for teens or adultsHalf the World is the follow up but not really a direct seuel to Half a King which introduced readers to the land of Gettland and a young prince with a crippled hand named Yarvi A man grown now Prince Yarvi has become Father Yarvi a trusted minister to Gettland’s king and is no longer the main focus; instead that torch and its responsibilities have been passed on to sixteen year old Thorn Bathu a girl with a fierce heart and a fighter’s spiritDetermined to one day avenge her father Thorn has been training for years to become a warrior of Gettland only to fail on the day of her testing and be condemned to death for the accidental killing of a fellow student When a young warrior named Brand speaks up on her behalf Thorn is spared from execution only to be swept up along with Brand into an ambitious political plot devised by the cunning Father Yarvi which sees the three of them and a ragtag crew embarking on an exciting but dangerous diplomatic mission across half the worldFor a society that worships a goddess referred to as Mother War you would think they’d be open and accepting of female warriors but apparently not It’s an uphill battle all the way for Thorn Bathu to prove herself to her teacher her peers and even to her own mother whom Thorn suspects had always wished for a daughter into sewing and pretty dresses But Thorn is who she is and I can’t say I would have preferred it any other way Not that kickass heroines are in short supply when it comes to the YA genre but take any of the female protagonists in any of the popular books in the genre these days and I guarantee you Thorn will make every single one of them look like fluffy kittens When I say Thorn is a tough girl you definitely get a tough girl That’s mainly because Abercrombie simply does not hold back when it comes to his characters; if he feels that a fight scene calls for his protagonist getting a knife through the cheekwell she’s getting a knife through the cheek “Ouch sorry about that Thorn but it builds characterNot that Abercrombie is infallible One thing to note is that there was not a full blown romantic subplot in Half a King like there is in Half the World and when it comes to writing a YA romance and a teenage girl’s perspective he manages admirably though not without unintentional awkwardness Scenes where Thorn is kicking ass and taking names seem to come naturally but where her softer feelings for Brand are concerned playing mental games of he loves me he loves me not feeling jealous of other girls appreciating the virtues of his well toned backside etc that’s when you sense that Abercrombie may be feeling a bit out of his comfort zone It’s not too distracting; the moments where Thorn almost acts like a completely different person are amusing than they are truly problematic However this does make Brand the consistent character and I sometimes found myself enjoying and looking forward to his chapters than Thorn’sStory wise I also found the twists and turns in Half the World to be somewhat tamer and predictable than in Half a King though this might have something to do with the fact that we now know the character of Father Yarvi well enough to “expect the unexpected” Nevertheless I sailed through this novel loving every page of it but the highlight was without a doubt the last few chapters that led up to and culminated in the stunning climax For you see fight scenes are a bit of a Joe Abercrombie specialty Once the action starts it’s impossible to tear your eyes away The final showdown was one such seuence with the suspense keeping you on the edge of seat until the moment of reckoning As climaxes go that was close to perfection Before the ending I was already pretty set on rating Half the World a solid 4 stars but that one amazing scene alone made me bump it up to 45One thing is clear though – the scene is now set for the next and final book of the trilogy Seeing as how things have progressed so far Half a War promises to be even intense and exciting I can’t wait

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Half the WorldThorn Bathu was born to fight But when she kills a boy in the training suare she finds herself named a murdererFate places her life in the hands of the deep cunning Father Yarvi as he sets out to cross ha Reviewed by Rabid Reads45 starsLast year I had a bad run of YA fantasy A really bad run So bad that I was seriously considering giving up YA altogether bc I had clearly matured past the point to being able to enjoy itPfft And it was Half the World's predecessor Half a King that kept me from making a brash decision I would inevitably come to regret I am pleased to tell you that Half the World IM humble O has surpassed itMeet ThornThorn is a girl who lives in a world where women are resolutely confined to delicate pursuits than say WAR As children they may be temporarily indulged in their desire to train with the boys and their wooden practice swords but the older they get the discouragement they encounter and if they persist in the stubborn hope of being the first girl in memory to take the Warrior's Oath and fight for their King then extreme tactics are employed to set the wayward female on a acceptable pathFor Thorn that means facing impossible odds in her final test as a studentBut it is made clear that even should she win there will be no place for her among the menBut Thorn doesn't winIt sucks dudeHissing and growling and throwing heavy objects sucksAnd the situation isn't improved by Thorn's own surliness and sense of entitlement Abercrombie does an excellent job of showcasing how obstinately difficult a 16 year old girl can be without making you hate her Instead you remember You remember how convinced you were of your own infallibility of how much deserving you were of the thing that you wanted than that person over there And then you remember how hard those lessons proved to be when you finally realized you were wrongBc Thorn does learn And it is hardI loved her prickliness and recalcitrance included She winds up in disgrace that leads to swearing an oath to Father yes Father Yarvi and Father Yarvi sees fit to have her trained by Skifr a bizzare old woman from the far southAnd believe me when I say that bizarre does not even begin to cover itBut I loved her tooKnow who else I loved?The hodgepodge of villainous looking crew members that Rulf assembles for the voyage Father Yarvi is leading to seek allies for Thorlby against the High King and his oppressive dictates Thorn wondered what mountain of corpses this lot might have heaped up between them but she wasn't one to be easily intimidated Especially when she had no choice Despite this initial impression the men become family to both Thorn and Brand don't worry I'll get to him in a minute and and my distinctly different first impression was reinforced She put on her bravest face stepped up to the biggest man she could see and tapped him on the armI'm Thorn BathuI am Dosduvoi She found herself staring sharply up at one of the biggest heads she ever saw tiny features sueezed into the center of its doughy expanse looming so high above her that at first she thought its owner must be standing on a box What bad luck brings you here girl? he asked with a faintly tragic uiver to his voiceShe wished she had a different answer but snapped out I'm sailing with youHis face retreated into an even tinier portion of his head as he frowned It was either bluster or look weak and Thorn reckoned that no choice at all so she puffed herself up and snapped out How did you get the scar?How did you get the scar?Thorn frowned What scar?That's the face the gods gave you? And with the faintest of smiles the Vansterman went back to coiling rope I'm sure there are people out there that are absolutely horrified by the comparison and make no mistake this is a book written by Lord Grimdark himself so there is nothing Disney about it but I can't help it that's what I saw in my head shrugs awkwardlyAnd I haven’t even gotten to Brand yet sighs Suffice it to say that Brand is experiencing the exact same types of things that Thorn is experiencing but he is a softer gentler example of adolescence and he serves as both a wonderful foil for Thorn and a secondary illustration of why it’s idiotic to try to shove people into gender specific boxesBottomline It’s just really really good Half the World is a stellar followup to Half a King making this is a series that should be on the bookshelves of anyone who loves fantasy And with the next installment Half a War just a few short months from release blah blah just read it You’ll love it winks