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ePub â The Coincidence of Callie Kayden 283 pages Ï Jessica Sorensen

mobi º The Coincidence of Callie Kayden ↠ Jessica Sorensen

mobi º The Coincidence of Callie Kayden ↠ Jessica Sorensen From the bestselling author of The Secret of Ella and Micha comes a mesmerizing novel of fate friendship and the healing power of love THE COINCIDENCE OF CALLIE KAYDENFor Kayden suffering in silence was the only way to survive If he was lucky he could keep his head down do as he was told and make it through the day But one night it seemed like his luck and his life might fin “The corners of his lips tug up into a sad smile “I can handle scars especially ones that are on the outside” This was a uiet yet beautiful read about two survivors of abuse beginning to find trust and healing in each other I really enjoyed it despite have my heart ripped to shreds by the HUGE BRUTAL CLIFFHANGER at the end I’m not even kidding It Is BrutalThis book really highlights the horrors of childhood abuse of all kinds and the lasting damage inflicted on its victims The story has got a very gentle uiet feel to it but at the same time really draws you into it “I want to find out what it’s like to be touched by someone I trust; someone I gave my permission to” Can I just say first how much I adore books with clear cut chapter by chapter alternating POVs? Its like you literally get the absolute complete story from both sides without ever wondering who’s eyes you’re seeing the world through Its like a full immersion into the character’s mindCallie was a uiet shy characters who had withdrawn into herself away from the world after what happened to her one horrible night many years ago And Kayden was this gorgeous totally swoonilicious guy scarred on both the inside and the outside who she hadn’t really spoken to since the sixth grade when she suddenly cut off all her hair and lost all her friends He had spent his whole life living in fear of his father’s hand and being made to feel like absolute dirt Given the mindset he grew up in he keeps himself in a meaningless relationship – one he knows is meaningless – because he doesn’t feel worthy of But when a coincidence leads Callie to save Kayden one night both their lives are changedBut after their encounter Kayden dreams of her feels protective of her and wants her even though he holds himself back – unable to believe he could deserve her But the time they spend together away from their homes away from the memories of hurt the closer they get the stronger their trust builds and together they begin to heal “I trusted him once and I decide to do it again I just pray to God he doesn’t shove me down and break me because I’m already in too many pieces and I just don’t know how much breaking I can take“ I’ll admit I did really love this book right from the beginning but it is VERY slow building I mean really Its not a bad thing at all But you should just know that going inHonestly at about half way through I was enjoying it but I was wondering a little bit where the huge ‘wow factor’ was that everyone was talking aboutBut then the angst started to build and build and the ending just hit me Hard No I should say it CRASHED into meHOLY FREAKING CLIFFHANGER It almost felt like it was half a book I kept flipping forward sure there must be pages that were missing In some ways I wish I had waited to read both of them back to back because right now my heart is just aching not knowing what happensThis book touches of domestic physical and sexual abuse and its long term impact on the everyday life of its survivors On people who aren’t broken by it just damaged and yet still are functional people It gave the story a depth and a realistic feel to it because of how non exaggerated it was It was subtle uiet even but you felt it You really felt it This book didn’t ever give me that heart racing feeling except at the end when I was freaking out but that’s different and yet I still felt uite connected to the characters and really enjoyed the bookI’m not going to give any spoilers here at all regarding the cliffhanger but without any details I’ll say that I wondered a bit about the circumstances around the ending scene for a while after I read it I wasn’t sure why a certain character would have done what they did But then the I thought about it the I understood it It was a ‘real’ decision Not a storybook perfect one a real one Probably the wrong call if you were to get all judge y and to look back on it but still life isn’t perfect Sometimes in life you make the wrong calls Sometimes you can’t and don’t correctly predict what someone’s reactions will be And sometimes you pay the priceohhhh have I mentioned yet how desperately desperately desperately I want book #2 yet?N E E D I really love Jessica Sorensen’s writing and absolutely CANNOT WAIT for the second bookFebruary 28th everybody Start the countdown PS Thank you Jessica Sorensen for providing me with an ARC

reader The Coincidence of Callie Kayden

ePub â The Coincidence of Callie Kayden 283 pages Ï Jessica Sorensen Ï [KINDLE] ❆ The Coincidence of Callie Kayden Author Jessica Sorensen – From the bestselling author of The Secret of Ella and Micha comes a mesmerizing novel of fate friendship and the healing pow Ally end until an angel named Callie appeared just in time to rescue himCallie has never believed in luck Not since her twelfth birthday when everything was taken from her After the worst was over she locked up her feelings and vowed never to tell anyone what happened Now six years later she continues to struggle with the painful secret that threatens to consume herWhen fate Yes this book was on of THOSE books for me You know the ones that affects you so deeply both traumatize you and rebuilds you Right after you finish you don't understand what's happening but you know that something changed in you The ones that makes you to rais you expectation for the others Yeah one of thoseJessica Sorensen was the shocker of 2012 for me and 2013 so far I have read all her books in The Fallen Star series 5 book plus a spin off tho the series Even though she is good at writing paranormal stuff which keeps you guessing the whole way til the end I though she was a little sloppy in romance department I read all books in the series first 3 was great but the rest was pretty much the same It felt like she ran out of material and rewrote few first books in the series Which left me irritated and to be honest I totally forgot about Jessica Sorensen after that until I came acros The Secret of Ella and Micha I was very surprised because it was completely different book from what she usually writesWhen I started reading The Coincidence of Callie and Kayden I started seeing Sorensen in a whole different light By the time I finished I placed her in the same category with Colleen Hoover Abbi Gline Jamie McGuire and Samantha Young Yes she is that good I completely underestimated her I still can't believe that it's the same person that wrote The Fallen Star seriesOk about this book Freaking zing zing amazing I can talk about it for days What an amazing way to start my 2013 read a thone Best book of 2013 so farCharacters Callie I fell in love with her from the first page Such a broken little soul There were so meny moments where I wished I coul give her a hug and say It's going to be alright honey Keep the hope up one step at the time you can do it I could feel how much she struggled to get rid of her past demons and it was breaking my heart What a brave young woman So much strength and determination in a such young person It was impossible not to love her She is one of my all time favorite characters When she met Kayden one night during very unfortunate circumstances I wanted to tell Kayden Please don't hurt her Because at that time I knew nothing about him Kayden oh Kayden Another character that became one of my favorites That night at the poolhouse when I first got to meet him I knew the story is going to be amazing I wanted to scream Fight back you fool But I understood why he didn't His character had so much dept Everybody saw him as a bad boy a popular kid but no one knew how broken he was on the inside I was hurting for him so much I was very nervous to see how their relationship going to develop Even though I loved him I was not sure if I wanted to see him with Callie He had so meny demons that he needed to get rid of first before jumping into anything especially with Callie What made me fall in love with him even was the careful way he approached Callie how sweet gentle and understanding he was I liked the fact that he knew how fed up he was and that he wasn't good enough for her but that goddamn pull that he felt towards her Callie and Kayden together I loved them together You say two wrongs don't make it right? Well in this story two wrongs made it oh so right I felt how deep and profound their connection was Yes there were couple of times where one or the other freaked out and ran off In meny other books it often made me irritated because it looked childish and immature But not in this case The flashbacks the hurt I didn't blame them I understood them than I wanted to But the beautiful thing about it was the fact that there were no judgement or irritation from the the one that was left standing There was only worry and hope that the other one was okay They always found a way back to each otherI could feel the love in every word in every touch and every thought that they had about one another Something simple as them holding hand gave me goosebumps Him holding her hand drawing circles with his thumb in the palm of her hand without saying a word said so much than the actual words could have I'm here I see you I hear you I understand you you are safeIt was the first time where I was actually dreading the moment when they will have sex Because I was not sure if I could handle it I didn't know if they them selfs could It took a long time for them to get there But when they did time stood still They were clinging to one another like their lives depended on it I caught my self smiling from ear to ear while tears trickled down my cheeks Stupid I know but that's how heartbreakingly beautiful I thought the moment was And the fact that Ed Sheet happened to be singing Give Me Love in the background didn't helped one bit Seth I want a best friend like him I don't know enough English words to describe how amazing he is He defines a best friend That's how a best friend should be He puts all other best friend in romance novels to shame He has his own problems but he doesn't let them get in a way of his friendship with Callie He is considered honest caring loving and generally an amazing human being I love the fact there wasn't any secrets between him and Callie I have read meny books where one friend can't or won't tell something important to the other because of this or that It often made me wonder Why would you even call himher your best friend? Seth's and Callie's friendship was honest and beautiful There was no judgement or pity They simply understood each other in ways than one and could lean on one another when they needed to I loved how protective he was of Callie and how he managed to put his demons aside and became friends with Kayden and Luke I can only imagine how hard it was for him I was both surprised and glad that there was a cliffhanger I can't wait for the nex bookI'm going to stop my ramblings Brilliant writing amazing and very realistic story The only other book that have affected me so deeply was written by Abbi Gline While It Lasts Sorry for bringing her up Jessica Sorensen deserves all the spotlight in my review Just thinking out loudI'm sorry for underestimating you J Sorensen and writing you off you are brilliant

Jessica Sorensen ↠ The Coincidence of Callie Kayden book

The Coincidence of Callie KaydenLands Kayden and Callie at the same college Kayden is determined to get to know the beautiful girl who changed his destiny uiet and reserved Callie still fears letting anyone else into her world But Kayden is certain that Callie has come back into his life for a reason And the he tries to be a part of her life the he realizes that this time it's Callie who needs to be saved Callie“In the existence of our lives there is a single coincidence that brings us together and for a moment our hearts beat as one” Kayden“I can do pain That’s the easy part of life It’s everything else happiness laughter love that’s fucking complicated”Callie is a girl that wishes to go unnoticed so she is wearing buggy clothes heavy makeup Due to her weird appearance people were always making fun of her but she didn’t careShe used to be normal once however life changed her in a brutal wayKayden on the other hand is your typical famous uarterback who is dating a bitchy girlfriendHe is successful and everyone envies him He and Callie are classmates years now yet he doesn’t even remember her until she saved himTheir lives are crossing the same path again as soon as Kayden arrives at the university He doesn’t recognize her since the freak has changed and she is actually a beauty Yet he isnt drown only by her appearanceKayden wants to thank her for what she did and that's how they start getting to know better each otherCallie is trying hard to get away from her never ending nightmare that is haunting her years nowShe is doing her best to make a new start and take chances The truth is that after so many years she is truly enjoying her lifeShe is carefree and she has friends nevertheless her past will always remind her of what happened “It's amazing how the things you remember forever are the things you'd rather forget and the things you desperately want to grasp onto seem to slip away like sand in the windKayden will surprise you a lot Under this tough looking guy there is something deep and brokenYou will feel really bad about him My heart was breaking every time he was talking about his past or when he was living one of those horrible moments Callie is there to help him bust she can’t protect him from everything This is one of the best books I've ever readTheir story is so beautiful It's not unrealistic or too dramatic Personally I didnt get the feeling that too many calamities were happening so as to annoy meCallie and Kayden are almost the same from the inside and they try to protect each other“I take my time because I love how it feels to carry her the way she needs me the way I need to protect her”It's not easy to open up but they do their best Yet some secrets are better to stay hidden at least for the momentCAUTION MAJOR CLIFFHANGER ALERT One of the most evil cliffhangers everI didn’t see that coming and it had an awful effect on my feelingsWhy end a book in such a brutal way? Does any of the authors care for the readers’ feelings? Obviously not I was so devastated after I finished this book and I'm anxiously waiting for the next one “That’s you Callie you’re the only person that’s ever made me feel happy about anything That night you saved me you changed something in me—you made me want to live”