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Feminist Fight Club epub ☆ ebook read Ð feedmarkformulate é [Download] ✤ Feminist Fight Club Author Jessica Bennett – Part manual part manifesto a humorous yet incisive guide to navigating subtle sexism at work—a pocketbook Lean In for the Buzzfeed generation that proviPart manual part manifesto a humorous yet incisive guide to navigating subtle sexism at work a pocketbook Lean In for the Buzzfeed generation that provides real life career advice and humorous reinforcement for a new generation of professional womenIt was a fight club but without the fighting and without the men Every month the women would huddle in a friend’s apartment to share sexist job frustrations and trade tips for how best to tackle them Once upon a time you might have called them a consciousness raising gr 355 A humourous and handy guidebook easy to read but refreshingly no nonsense approach to the patriarchy everyday sexism women face Biggest criticism is you need to cut down on the genital references Not all women have vaginas Euating women to their parts even with the intention of being light hearted alienates the shit out of trans women who are most discriminated against in the workplace by far

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Oup But the problems of today’s working world are subtle less pronounced harder to identify and if Ellen Pao is any indication harder to prove than those of their foremothers These women weren’t just there to vent They needed battle tactics And so the fight club was bornHard hitting and entertaining Feminist Fight Club blends personal stories with research statistics infographics and no bullsht expert advice Bennett offers a new vocabulary for the sexist workplace archetypes women encounter everyday such as the I think this book is going to get panned in the media Either that or it will be a big hit It's very buzzfeed; it tries to engage through uizzes and humour and lists I understand where they're coming from and what they're trying to do Business books can be dry and they're trying to appeal to the 20 30 something female that may not have been enticed by Lean In To me it felt immature though I legitimately cringed at parts Then again I don't like The Office 30 Rock or most shows people find funny so maybe I just didn't get it As a note I was sent a copy of this by Glamour to review

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Feminist Fight ClubManterrupter who talks over female colleagues in meetings or the Himitator who appropriates their ideas and provides practical hacks for navigating other gender landmines in today’s working world With original illustrations Feminist Mad Libs a Negotiation Cheat Sheet as well as fascinating historical research and a kit for “How to Start Your Own Club” Feminist Fight Club tackles both the external sexist and internal self sabotaging behaviors that plague today’s women as well as the system that perpetuates th The advice and information in this book is good but to me not very novel It felt like a sparkly cartoon filed version of Sheryl Sandberg's Lean In I also felt disappointed that it gave only lip service to issues facing women of color people of diverse genders and sexualities and really anyone outside of certain white collar creative fields