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American Conspiracies Lies Lies and More Dirty Lies that the Government Tells Us Book ☆ 256 pages Download ß Feedmarkformulate

Reader American Conspiracies Lies Lies and More Dirty Lies that the Government Tells Us

American Conspiracies Lies Lies and More Dirty Lies that the Government Tells Us Book ☆ 256 pages Download ß Feedmarkformulate Õ ❮Epub❯ ❧ American Conspiracies Lies Lies and More Dirty Lies that the Government Tells Us AuAnother angle that the media is afraid to explore? And finally is the collapse of today’s financial order and the bailout plan by the Federal Reserve the widest reaching conspiracy ever perpetrated? “If you’re talking outspoken unconventional and no holds barred you’re talking Jesse Ventura” Larry King   “I wouldn’t mind seeing Ventura run for president or for senator or dog catcher or whatever In addition to talking conspiracy he’s likely to raise all sorts of other trouble” Damon W Root Reason Magazi Good old Jesse The Body Ventura one time professional wrestler one time governor came out with this book about the same time as his TV series on conspiracies Jesse chooses about 14 different conspiracies to cover in US history beginning with the Lincoln Assassination and brings pretty good conspiracy theory research to many of these Due to his time in the Navy Seals Jesse has made a lot of military friends and knows a lot about secret military planning and research It is in those chapters that he shines On others not so much But it is an entertaining trip down his memory lane We have the plot to overthrow FDR which few know about to what he calls the conspiracy to steal Presidential elections Some of his best work and research is with the Jonestown Massacre in which he really points out details and facts that were never revealed He does JFK and RFK but his work on those are just OK Also enjoyed his September 11 work in which he really takes to task the alleged plane that crashed into the Pentagon and flight 93 that crashed in PA Again this is a conspiracy book and so you must be a person who is open to those viewpoints to appreciate the conspiracies he allegedly helps publicize Hey I loved Jesse as a wrestler and wrestling announcer but as an author he is just OK Certain chapters will definitely be revealing but others come up a bit politically biased

Text ´ American Conspiracies Lies Lies and More Dirty Lies that the Government Tells Us Ï Jesse Ventura

Sibilities and to ask the tough uestions Here Ventura looks closely at the theories that have been presented over the years and separates the fact from the fiction In Ventura’s eyes the murder of Abraham Lincoln and the assassinations of the Kennedys and Martin Luther King all need to be re examined Was Watergate presented honestly or was the CIA involved? Did the Republican Party set out to purposefully steal two elections on behalf of George W Bush? Has all the evidence been presented about the 911 attacks or is there I know that as a lot of people are expecting me to rip this book to shreds and call Ventura a total whack job The thing is that I'm a thinker and pride myself on thinking outside the box Those are who follow me on Facebook probably know that I get most of my news from UK sources and I do believe in a variety of conspiracy theories I guess that too makes me a nut The thing is that Ventura's book is an interesting read It's one that urges you to think for yourself and that's what scares people The very idea that we should think for ourselves leads to a variety of issues You can wave your American flag pom poms all you what while singing the Star Spangled Banner all you want but here's the truth You're being lied to The government is not your friend and will sell you out with out feeling any guilt whatsoever American Conspiracies is a great start to those who want to delve into the conspiracies involving 911 the Kennedy assassination and many others but Ventura isn't forcing you to believe what he's telling you There are a lot of footnotes that back up what he's saying but if you choose to believe it or delve deeper into the source material there's plenty of directions to go A lot of what he says makes sense As you read it you begin to see that sometimes two plus two doesn't always eual four I've read a lot of bad reviews on this book and I think that most people are too afraid to move beyond what their government tells them When someone suggests something that conflicts what we've been told those people are crazy Ventura's book allows us to step outside of our comfort zones and say; “What if?” That's a scary concept and one that most people are afraid to ask This is a book for those who are free thinkers It's a book for those that aren't afraid to take risks and look beyond what they told you happened You don't have to believe any of it Ventura himself tells us that in the epilogue What he wants to do is present us with plausible scenarios The key to enjoying this book is that you have to have an open mind If you can look at this book objectively you may actually learn something I have been wanting to review a book like this for a long time but I was always leery because let's face it after 911 it wasn't exactly hip to uestion the government or say anything bad about America for fear that you would be labeled a terrorist I'm not concerned any People are going to say what they want regardless even if it makes them look like puppets They spout the same rhetoric that the government taught them and they never bat an eye Ventura's book is a way to open up intelligent discussions without feeling as if we've lost the plot Not all of us are completely nuts We just have a few uestions that will probably never be answered This is a book that shows us we're not alone and there are people out there who are just like us I'm glad I read this book and found it interesting and it's one that you should read too It's a chance to look at the world around you and uestion what's really going on I promise you we don't wear tinfoil hats or have a secret handshake We do want you to speak freely and come at us with intelligence and an open mind

Jesse Ventura Ï American Conspiracies Lies Lies and More Dirty Lies that the Government Tells Us Kindle

American Conspiracies Lies Lies and More Dirty Lies that the Government Tells UsIn this explosive account of wrongful acts and on going cover ups Jesse Ventura takes a systematic look at the wide gap between what the American government knows and what it reveals to the American people For too long we the people have sat by and let politicians and bureaucrats from both parties obfuscate and lie And according to this former Navy SEAL former pro wrestler and former Minnesota governor the media is complicit in these acts of deception For too long the mainstream press has refused to consider alternate pos As I'm reading this book I am constantly reminded of the immensely flawed God of the Gaps theory It goes like this If you can't scientifically explain an issue regarding nature evolution how the universe began etc then the only other answer is God did it Jesse Ventura has his own version If there are still unanswered uestions regarding events like assassinations 911 etc his answer is The CIA did it Jesse Ventura never met a conspiracy theory he didn't like He takes on fourteen conspiracy theories or I should say skims them from Lincoln's assassination to The National Security Act takes away our civil rights which it doesThe problem is some of these are not theories or cover ups The fact that Booth was not a lone nut is covered in most history books or was I first read about the fact that others were implicated in Lincoln's death in my fifth grade history book Perhaps it isn't a cover up as much as a problem with the currently lousy textbooks Some of his choices are certified fringe material Jim Jones was a CIA plant and the CIA killed everybody in Jonestown The 911 truthers BS Nixon was set up by the CIA as if he wasn't enough of a megalomaniac to screw up by himself Jesse thinks Nixon got too close to finding out who really killed Kennedy Most of the author's research is a pick and choose method and liberal use of the CIA of the gap argument For example he touts a lot of discounted information about The King assassination claiming that Ray was a patsy for another killer but either ignores or discounts all the evidence that Ray did act alone If interested you should read the excellent Hellhound On His Trail The Stalking of Martin Luther King Jr and the International Hunt for His Assassin for the real storyBut if you throw enough chocolate as Gallagher would say some of it will stick Yes Bush probably stole Both elections IranContra was a travesty and Reagan used the Iran hostages as pawns to win the election the Wall Street and our government did conspire to make many rich people richer at the expense of taxpayers resulting in the crash of 2008 But all this material is covered better in other places If you really want to know what caused the economy crash in 2008 see the documentary Inside JobMr Ventura makes a lot of great points Yes we need openness in government and we must do what we can to prevent our politicians from screwing us over again But I'd rather he simply articulate this in a way that doesn't make him come across as just another conspiracy nut