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Freedom By Jeremy GriffiOUR SPECIESThe culmination of years of studying and writing about our species psychosis 'FREEDOM' delivers nothing less than the holy grail of insight we have needed to free ourselves from the human condition It is in short as Professor Harry Prosen a former president of the Canadian Psychiatric Association asserts in his Introduction THE BOOK THAT SAVES THE WORLD Griffith has been able to venture right to the bottom of the dark depths of what it is to be human and return with the fully accountable true explanation of our seemingly imperfect lives At This book will literally change the world You must read this

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DOC ✓ READER Freedom By Jeremy Griffith ☆ JEREMY GRIFFITH ☆ [BOOKS] ⚣ Freedom Author Jeremy Griffith – The fastest growing realization everywhere is that humanity can't go on the way it is going Indeed the great fear is we are entering endgame where we appear to have lostLong last we have the redeeming and thus transforming understanding of human behaviour And with that explanation found all the other great outstanding scientific mysteries about our existence are now also able to be truthfully explained of the meaning of our existence of the origin of our unconditionally selfless moral instincts and of why we humans became conscious when other animals haven't Yes the full story of life on Earth can finally be told and all of these incredible breakthroughs and insights are presented here in this greatest of all books “Understand Yourself and Those Around You”Imagine knowing WHY the world is in the mess that it currently is in Imagine being able to truly understand and love yourself and those around you Imagine having genuine hope for the future of humanity Well imagine no You simply have to read this book for yourselfFreedom The End of the Human Condition explores the traditional 'no go zone' of the subject of the human condition humans' capacity for both good and evil and fully explains it in layman's terms Griffith is able to go where nobody else has been able to go before unlocking and explaining the most impenetrable of subjects holistically using biology philosophy anthropology and even popular culture to hit the mark The depth and breadth of the book's material is simply astounding covering such profound and important topics such as The role of nurturing in our development; The three fundamental truths of the human condition; The psychological rehabilitation of the human race and The Transformed Lifeforce Way of LivingThis book could be the most incredible truly powerful and transformative book you will ever read In a nutshell it solves almost all of the world's problems Freedom is simply a masterpiece an instant classic a modern day tour de force that fully explains and dignifies humans and by so doing offers us a REAL roadmap to peace on earth

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The fastest growing realization everywhere is that humanity can't go on the way it is going Indeed the great fear is we are entering endgame where we appear to have lost the race between self destruction and self discovery the race to find the psychologically relieving understanding of our good and evil afflicted human condition WELL ASTONISHING AS IT IS THIS BOOK BY AUSTRALIAN BIOLOGIST JEREMY GRIFFITH PRESENTS THE TH HOUR BREAKTHROUGH BIOLOGICAL EXPLANATION OF THE HUMAN CONDITION NECESSARY FOR THE PSYCHOLOGICAL REHABILITATION AND TRANSFORMATION OF Nowadays than ever an opinion is just an opinion ‘you say potato and I like potahto’—we don’t have to agree there are no real answers everybody has a right to a theory no one is wrong The current measuring stick for the success of an idea is its popularity everything and everyone is now ultra democratic the mob decides But given that Kim Kardashian has 20 million followers on Twitter it seems obvious that the popularity test still has some kinks to iron out when it comes to finding real substance and meaning So what if the mob can’t see what’s best for them What if we really are all living in a matrix in Plato’s Cave of deep denial about our species reality Jeremy Griffith’s new book FREEDOM The End Of The Human Condition rises above all the narcissistic neurotic celebrity crazed mindless buzz feed that currently dominates our world it redefines meaning and substance It defies opinion popularity and the feel good superficiality that we are all drowning in and as with any great truth the information contained in FREEDOM just is Griffith is an Australian biologist who has written several books on the human condition including the bestseller A Species In Denial and although it’s a book about science you don’t need to be a scientist an intellectual or even particularly philosophical any human can read this book and know from whatever situation they have come from that finally our world ourselves and everything in it has been explained I could tell you that this book in my opinion is the greatest book ever written and by the way that is my opinion but as I said the information in this book is beyond opinion it is pure clean basic truth—our old friend the truth that we try so hard to love and fight for in our lives and fool ourselves that we succeed knowing deep down that no matter how hard we try there are some truths that we just can’t grapple with that we can’t even bare to think about about ourselves and about just how horrible and destructive our world has become a world that we have consciously created and live in together as a species This wonderful book deals with ALL those truths it confronts them in the most head on revealing and profound way In fact this book provides the whole human race with a much needed lesson in truth beauty and what is really important on this planet It deals with what really makes us human; the most advanced and powerful tool ever known our fully conscious brains and the real underlying issue in all human affairs the human conditionThe core element in FREEDOM is Jeremy Griffith’s explanation of the human condition an all encompassing holistic first principle based biological explanation of why humans are so competitive egocentric and selfish when the accepted ideals in life are to be loving cooperative and selfless Griffith’s ideas are presented in stark contrast to any of the popular current mainstream mechanistic biological theories that are proffered as doing the same thing such as popular Harvard biologist EO Wilson’s Theory of Eusociality In fact Griffith claims that Wilson’s current theory about human nature is not just wrong but an incredibly dangerous and irresponsible lie Unlike Wilson who claims that the human condition is the conflict within us between selfish and cooperative genes a situation over which we have no control and therefore no moral dilemma to resolve Griffith claims that the human condition is a psychological problem a psychosis that can be completely cured by a truthful explanation and understanding of its origins Essentially Griffith explains that our fully conscious brain which is uniue to humans is a super computer that was developed without an instruction manual and over the last two million years the human race collectively has been going about life slowly but steadily putting together the manual that can finally explain ourselves and FREEDOM is that manualUntil now Griffith explains it has been a lack of understanding of ourselves that has led to a deep underlying insecurity about our sense of worth and only by being able to understand the human condition—why when clearly the ideals in human life are to be cooperative loving and selfless are we ourselves and our society as a whole so competitive greedy selfish and destructive as all the evidence around us so overwhelmingly indicates—can we as a species hope to unwind our insecurity and end our self destruction what Griffith terms our ‘upset’ behaviourGriffith logically tackles all the big subjects with seeming simplicity and ease somehow breezing through ‘unanswerable’ uestions starting with the human condition and just how off limits a subject it has been and how dishonestly misrepresented it currently is by mechanistic biology and popular new age philosophies Once he has resurrected and explained exactly what the human condition is he goes on to tackle the meaning of human existence the origins of our moral instincts the true nature and origin of our conscious mind and the importance of nurturing in our historical and future development to name but a few Helpfully and incredibly insightfully Griffith also draws heavily on all kinds of thinkers both contemporary and ancient and has an incredible ability to summarise complex theories and thought patterns into short easily understandable sentences He explains and dissolves the battle of the sexes the dichotomy of left and right wing politics and removes all the dogma from religion This book seriously takes the reader on a journey of enlightenment from the depressing uneasiness of the human condition to a wonderfully optimistic and exciting future for humans Honestly doing justice to the depth of insight and subject matter covered is simply not possibleAny preconceived psychological ideas I had about myself humans in general and the world we live in were completely demolished and a whole new framework of understanding built in its place by this awesome book ‘Confronting’ is a word that Griffith uses a lot to describe the effect that this deep discussion about the human condition has on us humans who live with a lot of denial about our problems Personally I think he could use it a whole lot because the truths he unlocks about our human situation and there are countless definitely shake all the seemingly solid mechanistic foundations on which we currently live and ultimately will fundamentally change them forever However Griffith constantly reassures us that our destructive behaviour and insecurity has all been an unavoidable part of the journey we’ve been on to understand ourselves providing the reader with the security to push on through his work while at the same time unearthing truths that without understanding are positively unbearable—a point he makes regularly Packaged within his relieving and compassionate explanations that deeply resonate these truths although terrifying are at last able to be faced by allMost reassuring of all is that there is a big bold enveloping sunrise at the end of this seemingly daunting book—an explanation of how we can live now that we can understand ourselves which essentially is in a state of freedom from the oppression of our human condition Griffith doesn’t condone our upset behaviour but rather gives us the critically needed explanation to end it As he enthusiastically sometimes ecstatically describes all that is possible for our species and our planet now an inspiring and transporting conclusion to the book unfolds—a happier ending there never was This book is an intriguing sometimes very difficult continuously demystifying exposing moving logical and accountable journey through the story of humankind with an explosively positive final chapter that blasts each and every one of us into a completely new human condition understood wildly exciting ecstatic feeling inducing future that has only existed in our wildest dreams This is humanity’s collective story and one which makes the time taken to seriously think about and absorb what is presented very valuable and very important As you near the end of this incredible book or even as early as chapter 2 you may come away with the same feeling as me that the answers we’ve been searching for have finally been found and there will be freedom for the human race after all