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FREE DOWNLOAD A Stolen Life: A Memoir î PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Þ [Reading] ➶ A Stolen Life: A Memoir ➬ Jaycee Dugard – In the summer of 1991 I was a normal kid I did normal things I had friends and a mother who loved me I was just like you Until the day my life was stolIn the summer of Life A ePUB #9734I was a normal kid I did normal things I had friends and a mother who loved me I was just like you Until the day my life was stolen For eighteen years I was a prisoner I was an. Jaycee Is a remarkable woman who was an even remarkable child She could have given up or worse as her kidnap numerous rapes and mental and physical torture took place over so many years when she should have been enjoying life as a teenager and young womanOne reviewer said she was groomed to behave in the way expected of her by those who held sway over every aspect of her life whilst this is true to an extent she worked out at a young age to avoid as far as she could Garrido abusing her further by being careful what she said Due to his multiple mental issues she would have had difficulty knowing what his reaction would be to any comment she made however innocent I think it was incredible that she managed to make her life a little easier although maybe easier is not the correct word under the circumstancesI thought the writing style was excellent and showed a great deal of intelligence from one who had been basically kept as child until her late twentiesI felt for her so much especially when she had to leave her daughters with Garrido He lied so much she must have been frightened he would abuse them too despite his protestations that the wouldn't do that to his own childrenShe seemed surprised when he stopped abusing her but it seems obvious to me She grew up and he is a paedophile and so had no sexual interest in herGarrido's wife was under his spell that Jaycee was and to aid and abet him was disgusting She was the weak woman in this story not JayceeFor a person to have to go through what she did for 18 long years is a testament to Jaycee's strength and fortitude The same reviewer I making the assumption here that it is a male who didn't uite believe that she could love her daughters unconditionally obviously didn't understand how much she craved to be loved in the terrible situation in which she found herself Most normal mothers love their children unconditionally and in this she was a normal mother despite their monster of a father Being as strong as she was when still a child herself she rose above her circumstances to give her beloved daughters as much normality as she was able even when she was forced to pretend to be their sister in order that Garrido's skewed vision of a family could be achievedJaycee said her Mum was the strongest person she knew but that is because she doesn't know how amazingly strong she herself is She is a wonderful person with two lovely daughters and a great family and is surrounded by compassionate and helpful people I hope she is still recovering well from her ordeal and has managed to move on somewhat and is enjoying a wonderful life and that finally she has managed to achieve at least some of bucket list dreams

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Object for someone to use and abuse For A Stolen PDFEPUB or eighteen years I was not allowed to speak my own name I became a mother and was forced to be a sister For eighteen years I survived an impossible situa. How do you write a review about someone's life because that is in essence what Jaycee's book is Her lifeWe read books and then tell of how it made us feel that it was consuming that it made an impact A Stolen Life was all of those things and so much If you are looking for an easy read then this book isn't for you if you are looking for a book that will stop and make you think make you feel then you need to read this It's tragically beautiful What's beautiful is the light that constantly shines from this little girl even in her darkest moments she finds something to be positive about and that alone amazes me Living through the experience through her eyes and thoughts is something I will never forget her story has had an impact I never considered before picking it up In actual fact I always promised myself that I would never read a book about abuse and yet something about Jaycee's story sparked for meSeeing this grown woman who had suffered 18 years Suffered things no person should go through never mind a child Seeing her happy and positive and hopeful after an experience that would have shattered so many made me feel a need to walk a mile in her shoes and buy her book It was an eye opening and very emotional read and I will forever be a little changed from her story Her words teach you that when you feel life is at the worst it could possibly get there is always hope In her 18 years of captivity she never gave up hope She was grateful for so many little things that most people take for granted Like I said a very eye opening story and it's one that will stay with whoever reads itI thoroughly recommend this book to anyone who is brave enough to open its pages and follow a brave 11 year old on a journey no adult never mind child should should have to take and flourish and become and amazing woman

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A Stolen Life A MemoirTion On AugustI took my name back My name is Jaycee Lee Dugard I dont think of myself as a victim I Stolen Life A MOBI #239 survived A Stolen Life is my story in my own words in my own way exactly as I remember. I'm glad it's written by Jaycee in her own words and not been polished into something less authentic by a ghostwriter It's hard to read in places because of the evil actions of Garrido towards a young and innocent child I wanted to stop but Jaycee has earned the right to be heard in her own wordsHer survival is miraculous I completely understand why she didn't reach out for help when she had opportunity I don't believe anyone has the rights to criticise her actions when she had spent so long fearing the repercussions of attempting escape so long being conditioned into compliance she also latterly had two children to think of and no doubt the overwhelming fear that Garrido could at any time decide to make them do the unspeakable things he made Jaycee do and what could she have done to prevent itI'm inspired by Jaycee's therapy candles to burn away the past to watch the present stand tall and the future to burn brightest of all I truly hope you get everything you wish for flourish in your reunited family enjoy your hard earned independence and freedom