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The Well of Lost Plots Ebook Ì 375 pages Download

Ebook Ë The Well of Lost Plots è Jasper Fforde

Eights a cliché ridden pulp The Well ePUB #186 mystery in the hidden depths of the Well of Lost Plots where all unpublished books reside But peace and uiet remain elusive for Thursday who soon discovers that the Well itself is a veritable linguistic free for al In which my irritation at this series reaches a boiling pointI had an odd reaction to the two previous Thursday Next novels a curious mixture of subtle enjoyment and distinct annoyance The enjoyment came from the fact that I’m a man who loves books and they were distinctly literary reads But there was also a huge amount of uirkiness never a uality I particularly like and an arch ‘oh isn’t this soooo clever’ self satisfaction to the proceedings There were points in the previous books where I laughed but also points when I wanted to hurl my copy hard into the nearest brick wall It’s rare that a series can walk such a fine tightrope but ‘The Well of Lost Souls’ marks the point where I – at least – fell offThe previous books split Thursday Night’s adventures between the real world which is in fact a fantasy version of our world and the world of books – where she can interact with great characters from fiction The ‘real world’ stuff contained most of the plot while the stuff set in books worked as amusing little sketches In this volume however it’s all set in the book world so its sketch after sketch knowing reference after knowing reference beloved character behaving oddly after beloved character behaving oddly There is no grounding nothing to reign in the silliness – it’s just wackiness built on wackiness until I really wanted to scream One of the most irritating things is how lazy it all seems You have to hand Fforde bouuets for his inventiveness but the clever jokes and ideas he comes up with are never developed into anything else So we have Mr Toad in an automobile race against Miss Haversham; rage counselling sessions in ‘Wuthering Heights’; and ‘Macbeth’ retold for Yeast All very silly stuff which doesn’t really go any further than those brief descriptions I’ve just given you There are numerous instances of sketches revealing their points in the first few lines but staying on for page after page and hammering those points to death Probably the nadir is a retelling of the trial scene from ‘Alice in Wonderland’ which lacks all of Carroll’s true invention and adds absolutely zero to the original After awhile it reminded me of those little comic asides in the cartoon series ‘Family Guy ‘ – a show I remain ambivalent to They are pointless silly and not even half as funny as they would like to be And yet within this superficial silliness Fforde actually asks us to care But how can one really care when the Miss Haversham of this book finds herself in jeopardy All we have to do is open ‘Great Expectations’ and there she is again And the Miss Haversham of this novel isn’t so well developed as a character away from Dickens that a reader would come to care for Fforde’s version instead She – and many other literary figures – are just tossed in as throwaway jokes but so little else is done with them that they remain pencil sketches of other author’s charactersThough perhaps the most irritating thing of all is that throughout this book there seems to be a smug belief that this one of the cleverest and funniest novels anyone could ever read The witty allusions the literary knowledge and the endless endless puns – you can almost hear the author slapping his back in congratulations at his own brilliance Unfortunately this reader just found the whole thing incredibly tedious and so even though the series goes on from here I have now disembarked

Book The Well of Lost Plots

The Well of Lost PlotsL where grammasites run rampant Well of Lost ePUB #8608 plot devices are hawked on the black market and lousy books like Caversham Heights are scrapped for salvage To top it off a murderer is stalking Jurisdiction personnel and nobody is safe least of all Thursd More and disappointing this series The whole story sounded like an enormous and finally uite annoying backstage gossip I think I've had enough of Thursday Next

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The Well of Lost Plots Ebook Ì 375 pages Download ✓ [PDF / Epub] ☄ The Well of Lost Plots By Jasper Fforde – Protecting the world's greatest literature—not to mention keeping up wit Miss Havisham—is tiring work for an expectant mother And Thursday can definitely use a respite So what bettProtecting the world's greatest literature not to mention keeping of Lost PDFEPUB #191 up wit Miss Havisham is tiring work for an expectant mother And Thursday can definitely use a respite So what better hideaway than inside the unread and unreadable Caversham H Book Review 3 of 5 stars to The Well of Lost Plots the third thriller and mystery book in the Thursday Next series written in 2003 by Jasper Fforde For those new to the series it's a detective story where crimes occur inside books and real life people can jump inside the book to fix the problem or solve the crime In book 3 things take a bit of a turn Thursday the main investigator needs some down time and goes to the Well of Lost Plots where unpublished books go to die But crimes and murders start happening there too and it's confusing poor Thursday because she doesn't understand who would care about a book that hasn't been published yet having its story changed Not sure how I feel about that as a writer myself But then she's trapped inside a story she doesn't know much about That can be scary The series is complex full of fantasy and drama you never uite understand The concept of the well of lost plots is delicious but it made things even complicated It was here that I decided to stop reading the series as it started going over my head a little bit I felt silly and inept I may go back soon to pick it up again as I've never read another series of books like it and this one takes the cake of all 3 I've read to date Hope you enjoy About Me For those new to me or my reviews here's the scoop I read A LOT I write A LOT And now I blog A LOT First the book review goes on Goodreads and then I send it on over to my WordPress blog at where you'll also find TV Film reviews the revealing and introspective 365 Daily Challenge and lots of blogging about places I've visited all over the world And you can find all my social media profiles to get the details on the whowhatwhenwhere and my pictures Leave a comment and let me know what you think Vote in the poll and ratings Thanks for stopping by Note All written content is my original creation and copyrighted to me but the graphics and images were linked from other sites and belong to them Many thanks to their original creatorspolldaddy poll9729544polldaddy poll9719251