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Girlbomb A Halfway Homeless Memoir Reader Þ 252 pages Download Ö Janice erlbaum

Janice Erlbaum Û Girlbomb A Halfway Homeless Memoir Epub

Girlbomb A Halfway Homeless Memoir Reader Þ 252 pages Download Ö Janice erlbaum ☆ [Reading] ➸ Girlbomb A Halfway Homeless Memoir By Janice Erlbaum – At fifteen sick of her unbearable and increasingly dangerous home life Janice Erlbaum walked out of heAt fifteen sick of her unbearable Halfway Homeless PDFEPUB #191 and increasingly dangerous home life Janice Erlbaum walked out of her family’s Brooklyn apartment and didn’t look back From her first frightening night at a shelter Janice knew she was in over her head She was beaten up shaken down and nearly stabbed by a pregnant girl But it was still better than living at home Girlbomb A PDFEPUB or As Janice slipped further into street life she nevertheless attended high school harbored crushes and even played the lead in the spring musical She also roamed the stre Instagram || Twitter || Facebook || || PinterestI'm writing this while pretty buzzed since I just got back from wine tasting so if you see any typos or odd turns of phrase that's why I'm the type of person who thinks that they're elouent when they're intoxicated and who starts throwing out fancy turns of phrase ad libitum to hide the drunk So if I begin to sound like I'm channeling Dickens if Dickens was peppered with expletives I'm fairly fucking hammered if you pardon my françaisI'm honestly surprised GIRLBOMB has such low ratings but a lot of the negative reviews seem to be coming from the pearl clutchers who are like Gasp sex and drugs in a young adult memoir Won't somebody please think of the children It's true that GIRLBOMB has sex and drugs in it but that's pretty expected from someone who is coming from an abusive home and seems to have a litany of undiagnosed psychiatric disorders and who might be using recreational drugs in a subconscious attempt to self medicate Also this took place during the late 80s when drugs were basically par for the course #cocaine #heroine #yoloThe other complaint I saw was a bit troubling which was that Janice Erlbaum was privileged and made the memoir unpleasant to read I wasn't sure what was privileged about this book unless it was something Erlbaum acknowledged herself that she was a white girl who wasn't pregnant and wasn't sexually abused living in a group home surrounded by women of color who did face these issues I guess if your definition of privileged is circumstances that aren't as bad as the worst case scenario then yeah Erlbaum was privileged But I don't think we should be gate keeping who gets to call themselves a victim especially if they do come from an abusive lower income household You shouldn't have to be the worst case scenario to reach out for help if you need it which Erlbaum didJanice Erlbaum's memoir reminded me a lot of GIRL INTERRUPTED in that it shows how 1 institutional care can actually be brutal and cruel to the point where it almost harms as much as it hurts 2 teens need structure and neglect can be as harmful as abuse 3 people love to gate keep who gets to be a victim and who doesn't and privilege doesn't always mean what people think it does and 4 we as a society are much less forgiving towards women who act out than men It's true that Erlbaum's childhoold and teen years were pretty wild but it seems like they were a good learning experience for her and were the catalyst for a lot of painful realizations about what it means to be an adult I don't think that we should paint all young adult targeted books containing sex and drugs as filth since for many youths those things are an integral part of their coming of ageGIRLBOMB was a pretty good book and I think a lot of teens will be fascinated by it It's pretty clear that Erlbaum is not an ideal role model and to be honest I didn't even get the impression that she saw herself that way but despite some of her regrets I didn't get the impression that she rued the learning experience she got from making her numerous mistakes It must have been frustrating having a mother who was so inaccessible during a time when she needed parental guidance so I'm seriously side eying the probably parents who are crying about Janice not respecting her mom That ship sailed the third time she took her abusive husband back imho Parents need to think about what's best for their kids and it seems like the mom really failed Janice based on this narrative Their relationship got better once they were closer to being euals and honestly that sort of dynamic is typical of people who were never ready or even willing to be parents in the first place With books like these it's really important to take everything with a grain of salt and realize that humanity rarely does things by the books and sometimes you have to make the best out of an unideal situationCome at me pearl clutchers 35 stars

Kindle Ê Girlbomb A Halfway Homeless Memoir Û Janice Erlbaum

Ets clubs bars and parks of New York City with her two best girlfriends on the prowl for hard drugs and boys on skateboards Together they scored coke at Danceteria smoked angel dust in East Village A Halfway Homeless Epub #223 suats commiserated over their crazy mothers and slept with one another’s boyfriends on a regular basis A wry mesmerizing portrait of being underprivileged underage and underdressed in s New York City Girlbomb provides an unflinching look at street life survival sex female friendships and first loves“A fast and engrossing read in the spirit The reason I bought this book was because there was pink fishnet on the cover and I thought that it was cool because I happen to like fishnets And I read the back of the book just like anyone would do and was surprised to find it would be a runawaydrugsteenage girl story and it was all true I figured that because of the pink fishnets it would be about some rebellious teenage girl with the influence of the Sex Pistols and other punk bands in her lifeWhatever I was at Target and hadn't read anything in a while so I bought itUpon reading the first chapter or so that night bent up in my bed I found that the story was captivating Wow this girl actually packed up a few things and left home I liked her description of the streets and the dark and what had happened years before with her mother and these boyfriends Yay problems Yadda yadda yaddaSo I kept reading every chance I got just like I would with any other book I kept going and was intrigued by an authentic story of halfway homes and those wild teen girls that stay there It was rather sleazy too but not like Britney is SUCH a slut More like dirty and raw Edgy if you will I liked it LIKED the way it was told Janice was growing up and in high school and all that and suddenly BANG drugs are involved which I kind of like reading about it's an alternative to getting high Drug virgin Read about them first And drug stories always have that addiction to keep reading not actually DO drugs sometimes See Crank because of how uick the story will go along and how the protagonist is still going on with her life and there's that little bell in the back of BOTH of your minds of wanting to get back to the BAD part of the story which in this case is drugsSo Girlbomb was going along and come the final chapter or so everything just comes crashing down And it's unexpected as if jogging and all the sudden you trip and falldowngoboom and you have a bloody knee or two I am not sure what happened but everything just stopped Not the story no it wasn't over but the whole thing just got REALLY uninteresting So dull and When is this lady gonna shut UP Kind of like this review but I've been meaning to write a revew on this book so now I am And anyway the book got dumb It was going along great and being a pull you in type of thing but it stopped being that way and just plain out sucked Like an M Night Shyamalan movie It lost it's OOMPH and stuffWhat should I say the book was good Well it was up until the last chapter or two I wish it hadn't done that because then this book coulda gotten four or even five stars from me but it wasn't all that great all the way through So I say Read it but expect to be disappointed at the end

Book Girlbomb A Halfway Homeless Memoir

Girlbomb A Halfway Homeless MemoirOf Girl Interrupted” –Entertainment Weekly“Gripping a wry compelling memoir of what it means to stand up for yourself especially when no one else will” –Bust“How satisfying to watch Erlbaum survive adolescence and produce a smart engaging book” –The New York Times Book Review“Erlbaum’s survival is hard won the journey rendered with page turning intensity” –New York Post“A fast and engrossing read in the spirit of Girl Interrupted”–Entertainment Weekly“Gritty perversely riveting You want her to survive”–The Washington Post Book Worl What drove me to this book was the title and the summary on the back of the book When I was in the library and saw this book I was like Wow this seems like a really good book I haven't read a lot of books like this one before so I wanted to see if I would like this type of genre or not This book is about a girl named Janice who goes through a bunch of problems with her family drug addictions where to live etc She basically had to grow up when she was fifteen years old Her dad was not a good fit for their family and would yell at them all the time He left her and her mom at a very young age After that her mom had a series of boyfriends that she has hated One of the boyfriends kept coming back and back so she told her mom that if she took him back again she would leave And what do you know she took him back again So that day she packed up all of her stuff and left She didn't know where to go so she went to a church where they took her in and gave her a place to sleep and eat Not a lot of girls liked her there but she did make a couple of friends During this time she also had to go to school and deal with her mom and what she was doing Eventually after this she finds a guy and falls in love with him What she doesn't know is all of the conseuences that will come along with him He introduces her to cocaine and they start dealing Once she started this life though she experiences the trauma of death drugs sex and strange friendships I won't ruin the ending for you but she does get her happily ever after This book was really interesting to read I'm not usually a trouble maker so to read a book about a girl who only gets in trouble most of the time is really interesting and exciting I loved reading it from her point of view too that way we could find out what she was thinking at the time and what she was feeling too The only real problem I had with this book was that I wasn't as interested in it as some of the other books that I have read Even though I thought that it was a good book I wasn't as satisfied as when I finished previous books that I have read