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READER ✓ DOC Doctors in Hell Heroes in Hell #18 ↠É FEEDMARKFORMULATE

KINDLE Doctors in Hell Heroes in Hell #18

READER ✓ DOC Doctors in Hell Heroes in Hell #18 ↠ É FEEDMARKFORMULATE ´ ✹ [BOOKS] ✭ Doctors in Hell Heroes in Hell #18 By Janet E. Morris ❃ – Myth and legend Historical fantasy Literature Horror Demonology and Satanism Urban fantasyMyth and legend Historical Hell Heroes PDF #10003 fantasy Literature Horror Demonology and Satanism Urban fantasy Damned souls wail as plagues wreak havoc doctors up their fees snake oil salesmen make a killing and Satan turns his hit man loose Be there when Erra the Babylonian plague god and his seven personified weapons spread terror throughout the underverse Victor Frankenstein and uasimodo develop a v Doctors in Hell a highly creative anthology led by Janet Morris is just the right antidote to boredom Like the previous multi author anthologies in the Hell series it reminded me of the monstrous creatures painted by Hieronymus Bosch set against fantastic nightmarish depictions of hell which allows us to have hilarious delight For us it is great to become an observer of this demonic realm standing outside the canvas feeling safe Or are weThe ‘underverse’ underlying all the tales is whimsically set up so that each author can let their imagination run wild as they populate the afterlife with souls and as they let them get their just reward for actions in past lives The Wager by Janet and Chris Morris The Cure by Chris Morris Grim by Andrew P Weston The Right Man for the Job by Deborah Koren In Memory by Nancy Asire What Price Oblivion by R E Hinkle In the Shadowlands by Dr Richard Groller Let Us Kill the Spirit of Gravity by Matthew Kirshenblatt Pavlovian Slip by Bill Snider Hell on a Technicality by Joe Bonadonna Convalescence by Michael H Hanson The Judas Book by Jack William Finley and last but not least Writer's Block by Janet and Chris Morris are all great tales They entertain and leave you wondering as you reflect upon the reality in which we liveFive stars

Janet E. Morris Ü Doctors in Hell Heroes in Hell #18 KINDLE

Accine with diabolical results Satan looses Daemon Grim the Devil's personal hit man and damned souls cower Bat Masterson finds himself Doctors in Kindle caught between plague victims and Wyatt Earp Judas learns you can't teach an old dog new sins Calamity Jane and her Sinchester carbine defend hell's last uninfected outpost Nietzsche and Lilith Adam's first wife face the Beast and come to fiendish acco Full disclosure having contributed a story to Doctors in Hell I do not feel right about reviewing this 18h volume in the classic Heroes in Hell shared universe series And won't let me post this without giving the book some kind of star rating So forgive me if I give it a good rating because the writers assembled for this volume are top notch and they deserve the 5 star rating I am humble and yet honored to be a part of this edition If I may I'd like to tell you a little about this 2015 volume in the saga of Heroes in Hell and my part in this grand projectThe series is often called “Bangsian fantasy” a genre of fantasy which concerns the use of famous literary or historical individuals and their interactions in the afterlife It’s named for John Kendrick Bangs 1862 –1922 an American satirist who often wrote such tales Heroes in Hell itself is an epic series of shared world novels where the famous and infamous throughout history all wind up together in Hell where they virtually pick up right where they left off when still alive — but now with a diabolical twist Hell may give you what you want and what you need but these things are never uite what you asked for Hell is not what you’d expect so always expect the unexpected Things are broken in Hell things malfunction and there’s always a grand touch of irony to everything that happens Hell gives and Hell takes away and in Hell the Damned get just what they deserve There is comedy and tragedy in this eternal and infernal arena of Lost Souls where human drama is played out across a wide spectrum of such literary genres that include heroic fantasy horror action adventure political thrillers westerns science fiction and even romance Each individual story in each book reads like a chapter in a novel and each storychapter bears the uniue touch and personality of its authorThe premise of the series is based on the tradition that 613 is the number of mitzvoth or commandments in the Torah which began in the 3rd century CE when Rabbi Simlai mentioned it in a sermon that is recorded in Talmud Makkot 23b Our series of novels begins with the 613 original commandments binding on every living soul and ignorance is no excuse break just one little commandment and you go to Hell So almost everybody who was anybody broke some commandment or other while on earth and now here they are sometimes in a part of Hell where they belong sometimes in an area of Hell where they don’t The Damned come from across the length and breadth of time and history to interact to scheme and plot and even go adventuring — all the while suffering the torments of a well deserved damnation The worst and best from all of time make the same mistakes in Hell that got them there in the first place character is destiny in life Topside and in the Afterlife of the underverse as well You could read these books in order in any order or without having read any of the previous volumes in the series In Hell Time is meaningless so it doesn't matter which book you begin with start anywhere for the cohesion in each volume makes it stand alone You can read Hell forward or backward or upside down Hell is still Hell It still unsettles minds and makes hearts skip beats The Damned get the Hell they deserve Expect what will be nothing less and nothing This is not your mommy’s world of fantasy this is Hell and tonight we dine on gore tonight we feast on soulsFor all the horrors and torments that Satan has unleashed upon the Damned the Almighty has decided that he’s been too lenient on them and so to Hell were sent Erra the Babylonian plague god and his henchmen the Seven Sibitti to spread plague and terror to wreak havoc and further punishment throughout the underverse Erra then stirs the pit by adding his own little brand of mayhem maleficence and malefic maladies to the mix The result is that pestilential misery runs amok in Hell lost souls wail in even torment doctors raise their fees and snake oil salesmen make a killing selling all sorts of bootlegged versions of vaccines and so called remedies for the plagues sweeping across and through all levels and circles of Hell But the damned must suffer and the Devil is furious about Erra and his enforcers being sent from Heaven to prove that Hell is insufficiently hellish And since death in Hell for all lost souls is only fleeting followed by a horrifying turn in the Mortuary where they are worked on by the Undertaker prior to being reassigned torment and suffering are eternalThere is no escaping Hell And don’t bother telling Hell’s doctors where it hurts they won’t care They have their own problems Ah but Satan has a plan Satan always has a plan It’s a purge that may be even terrible than anything cooked up by Erra Satan you see has always held to the belief that Mankind is worthy of neither salvation nor damnation and deserves only oblivion total obliteration into nothingness His Satanic Majesty has been trying to prove his point to Heaven and the Big Man Upstairs for ages upon ages and this argument is what landed him in Hell in the first place The Devil has always insisted that modern souls in Hell — called the New Dead roughly anyone born Anno Domini — are so vicious self centered hubristic and morally bankrupt that they would punish themselves and each other if given a chance horribly and thoroughly than Hell’s bureaucracy could ever contrive to do This leads to a bet between Satan and the angel Altos who wants to prove the New Dead worthy of salvation — or at least deserving of leniency to show themselves no worse than their predecessors or successorsThis brings us to the first story The Wager by Janet Morris and Chris Morris wherein Altos Hell’s only volunteer angel has been sent from Above to effect Satan’s rehabilitation a daunting task Altos and Satan wager on the outcome of a battle between 20th and 21st century militarists who Satan says “will combat one another in battles fought exclusively by volunteers armies manned by voyeurs of violence who find vicarious thrills reading of heroes who never were fighting villains who never could be If we hold this war and nobody comes or the doctors of the damned heal the wounded and save the plague ridden then Altos you will win and I shall soften my heart unto the New Dead and forestall the purge you know I am readying”Chris Morris follows this up with The Cure where Satan orders John Milton “Tell Marlowe you have learned the difference between oblivion impossible in my domain and obliteration which a soul can claim be he brave enough obliteration — complete and sweet Not only ‘not to be’ but to be expunged as if he’d never been at all This will make an end to his playwriting and poetry and an end to his affair with Shakespeare” So Milton horrified at what he hears next must infect Christopher Marlowe with the knowledge of this cureNext up is Andrew Paul Weston’s tale Grim Satan demands a purging laxative to clear the bowels of the underworld of the dross that has accumulated over the centuries and turns to the doctors for assistance However it appears our infernal physicians are hell bent on fomenting rebellion Forced to act His Satanic Majesty turns to his Chief of Surgical Strikes and cure all remedy — Daemon Grim — to wield the scalpel of injustice and wield it he doesIn The Right Man for the Job Deborah Koren’s story we learn that the only thing worse than having Wyatt Earp gunning for you is having Wyatt Earp and plague victims after you Bat Masterson joins forces with Dr Henry Porter the only surviving surgeon from the Little Big Horn in order to stay aliveThe main premise of Nancy Asire’s Memory is the plague that’s struck hell and Napoleon’s memories of dealing with plague during his Egyptian campaign The ramifications of these memories color his actions when dealing with the threat to those he cares about and shows the response of his friends in the face of potential disasterRE Hinkle’s story is What Price Oblivion In this he writes of 19th Century confidence man Charles “Doc” Baggs who abhorred violence in life but finds himself in death forced to be the thing he loathes the most so much so that even oblivion is preferable to the monstrosity he has become But when he encounters another doomed soul in worse torment than his own who deserves that oblivion than Baggs himself craves it he finds himself tempted to take action Can there be good deeds even in HellRichard Groller’s In the Shadowlands picks up where his previous story “Island Out of Time” left off Houdini’s brief escape from Hell results in him returning to Hell with an unwitting passenger a living lawyer not yet a member of the damnable dead His self assigned mission is now to return the lawyer to the land of the living before it is too lateIn Matthew Kirshenblatt’s Let Us Kill the Spirit of Gravity a fallen angel awaits and a Beast awakens as Lilith the first wife of Adam and the philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche come to an unlikely accordPavlovian Slip by Bill Snider is up next In Hell one would expect that psychologists would be in their place; the variety the divergences of human experience the interactions the very grist of individual will and the exercise thereof But for Ivan Pavlov and Sigmund Freud there can be no joy of discovery there can only be the persistence of existence in Hellish accord When Ivan and his demonic horde of Grumbles join with Sigmund what kinds of insanity are likely to happenMy own story Hell on a Technicality continues the misadventures of Doctor Victor Frankenstein who with the assistance of uasimodo concocts a plague vaccine that has some unforeseen and diabolical side effects Meanwhile Galatea and Frankenstein’s Monster visit a panel of so called experts to find out if they have or don’t have souls — and if they don’t can they get out of Hell on a technicalityIn Michael H Hanson’s Convalescence Nurse Calamity Jane with the help of her Sinchester Rifle protects Satan’s final outpost The St Rictus Nursing Home from the all encompassing plagues sweeping across HellPaul Freeman’s Hell Noon deals with the plagues sweeping through hell corrupting souls already suffering the harshest torments and a group of gamblers holed up in a saloon on the outskirts of the Dead Plains Doc Holliday leads the motley crew of damned souls as they seek to sit out the spreading contagion But hell holds no place to hide from Satan’s punishments least of all for a gambling man seeking to con the lord of all evilIn The Judas Book by Jack William Finley Lobotomist Dr Walter Freeman thinks he’s got a loophole to free himself from Hell Judas Iscariot thinks he’s got Hell’s news bestseller and Frank Nitti thinks they are both a pain in his ass worthy of HellNow we come to the end of it all with Writer’s Block by Janet Morris and Chris Morris This time out Shakespeare insists on taking Christopher Marlowe to the most infamous witch doctors in hell where Marlowe begs their aid to find his lost Muse “Can you help us Spin a spell Weave a charm Vex a potion Hex an enemy Do any magics such as your sign outside boasts you can”“I can I’ll give ye a push toward destiny” cackles one bristly hagAnd the witch doctors do just thatOh wait We’re not uite finished yet As a special treat there’s A Moment of Clarity a wonderful excerpt from Andrew Paul Weston’s forthcoming novel Hell BoundSo there we are Doctors in Hell where the doctor is always wrong sinners never win misery runs amok and Hell’s damned get their just deserts eternally I hope you join our Company of 13 Hellions on a journey through all the pits circles and levels of Hell where not only doctors but explorers warriors playwrights lawyers rogues dreamers and poets become an unlikely band of heroes — and anti heroes — in Hell

KINDLE á Doctors in Hell Heroes in Hell #18 Ü Janet E. Morris

Doctors in Hell Heroes in Hell #18Rd Doc Holliday tries one last gambit and unleashes all hell's fury And there's worse to come even an excerpt from bestselling author Andrew P Weston's forthcoming Heroes in Hell novel If you think life is in Hell Heroes in Hell MOBI #194 tough try the afterlife where in Hell Heroes Epub #222 the doctor is always wrong sinners never win misery runs amok and all hell's damned get their just deserts eternal This team of writers headed by Janet Morris have done it again In this 18th volume in The Heroes in Hell series we begin with Altos the only un fallen angel in hell making a bet with the devilI was immediately swept away with the dialogue descriptions and settings right from the first page and my enthusiasm did not wane throughout the book and within every individually written storyWhat I love about this series is the diversity of writers who all manage to bring uniue stories and character from history to life yet at the same time maintaining the atmosphere of hell and the overall themes alive A plague comes to Hell as if there was not enough torment there already Instead of sacrifice and heroism on a grand scale to combat the ills wrought on the devil's plain there is dark greedy narcissistic desires to turn a profit from the suffering I could go on and on about the plots and stories but they have been well fleshed out in some of the other reviews So what do I think of this book Marvellous absolutely marvellous and one of my favourites to date