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Download kindle  Dragon Eaters Heroika #1 ß 393 pages ✓ feedmarkformulate À [Reading] ➶ Dragon Eaters Heroika #1 Author Janet E. Morris – The art of dragon killing Dragons have been eating humans for centuries Now heroes throughout history stalFeatures original stories by Janet E Morris Chris Morris SE Lindberg Walter Rhein Cas Peace Jack William Finley AL Butcher Travis Ludvigson Tom Barczak JP Wilder Joe Bonadonna Milton J Davis M Harold Page William Hiles Beth W Patterson Bruce Durham Mark Fin This collection of stories written by seventeen great writers was a thrill to read The writers allowed us to reexamine the myths about dragons and presented them in every conceivable shape and form imaginable With these writers the sky is the limit with flying dragons crawling dragons swimming dragons soaring dragons These mystical creatures are brought back to life to wreck mayhem and havoc on the world they aim to occupy resulting in anguish and despair and ultimately the final sacrifice This is a melding of past present and future in a world where dystopia rules the day where nothing is as it seems and the reader must figure it out or suffer the conseuences This is a captivating and pleasurable read with so many weird and wonderful battle scenes that the reader is left gasping as dragons clash with zombies vampire and elves and with skeletons that refuse to die I’m breathless as I come to the end of this seat hugging nail biting saga

ePub í Dragon Eaters Heroika #1 í Janet E. Morris

Janet Morris' anthology on the art of dragon killing seventeen writers Dragon Eaters PDF bring you so close to dragons you can smell their fetid breath Tales for the bold among you HEROIKA DRAGON EATERS an anthology of heroic fiction edited by Janet Morris I read uite a number of books by Janet Morris and Chris Morris loved the exuisite writing style and appreciated the detailed expertise in weaponry and horse riding skills that enrich their work garnered over a lifelong experience They are truly inventive in creating carefully defined rules of a universe shared between a team of authors Here they define the thrust of this anthology using a long stretch of time “Now heroes throughout history stalk their legendary foe” HEROIKA I allows me to learn about the team of authors and their varied storytelling skills Each one of them has a biography rich with contradictions across which imagination may be sparked S E Lindberg Two decades of practicing chemistry combined with a passion for the Sword and Sorcery genre Jack William Finley has been a cook an actor a stunt man a photographer built computer hard drives assembled ball bearings delivered pizza stocked shelves wrapped wire and been a Soldier for the United States Army in Germany Travis Ludvigson a Warrior Poet who spent his life reading the histories of both real and imagined worlds the ideas of ancient philosophers and the sagas of the Norse warriors Tom Barczak an Artist turned Architect who's finally getting around to finishing those stories he started writing long ago when he sat on my front porch as a kid JP Wilder son of a farmer a dishwasher projectionist paratrooper Army scout student frat guy of sorts roofer plumber but not a very good one grad student twice cooked professor Adjunct really accountant husband executive author father Joe Bonadonna author of short stories novels and screenplays a former rock and roll guitarist and songwriter from the Golden Age of 1964 1984 Milton John Davis a chemist who enjoys his passion for writing M Harold Page who wrote an earlier book inspired by a conversation with his son who asked “Daddy how did the Roman Empire fall” Alexandra Butcher William Hiles who writes for public relations and marketing but is a poet at heart Walter Rhein who splits his time between Wisconsin and Peru Cas Peace a folks song writer performer whose first career was as a horse riding instructor Beth Waggoner Patterson Bruce Durham who writes history young adult post apocalyptic alt historical and Lovecraftian horror in addition to graphic novelsThese tales are about getting even with the beasts that have been overpowering us for so long Prepare yourself to run wild enjoy adventure risk and the “fetid smell” of dragons in the heat of battle Meet Zombie dragons vampire dwarves elves and animated skeletons Awaken to the ways in which fear triggers bravery Five stars

Janet E. Morris í Dragon Eaters Heroika #1 book

Dragon Eaters Heroika #1The art of dragon killing Dragons have been eating humans for centuries Now heroes throughout history stalk their legendary foe Learn how to hunt kill and eat the wild dragon Never before has revenge tasted so good A literary feast for the bloody minded In The English word 'Dragon' is descended from the Greek 'Drakon' or serpent and 'Draconta' or 'to see' It is fitting in homage to the great mythological beasts that many of them meet their end by being blindedHeroika takes us on a journey through time and through the minds of 17 authors all of whom have created a story in which the dragon sometimes an ally other times a foe is seen as formidable and mighty I did enjoy the anthology and found it showcased the skills of the authors who work with Janet Morris perfectly offering up bite sized chunks and definitely leaving a desire for of their worksThough all were fantastic with something to appeal to everyone my personal favourites though no surprise to anyone who knows me would have to be SE Lindberg's Legacy of the Great Dragon which is about Thoth and Poimandres and Travis Ludvigson’s Night Stalkers which features Charlemagne and Roland Both of these stories offer uniue twists on well known mythological figuresAuila of Oyos by Walter Rhein was refreshing in that it offered the point of view of the Dragon rather than the humans which are often just as monstrous if not I will also add that I enjoyed Red Rain by Will Hiles even though tales set in modern history last 300 years or so and futuristic stories are not my usual read