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kindle ☆ Babylon author Michael Seymour Ü feedmarkformulate æ [Reading] ➮ Babylon ➶ Michael Seymour – A strikingly illustrated short introduction to Babylon a powerful and sophisticated ancient city and the home of the fabled Hanging Gardens of Nebuchadnezzar oneIved on only in popular belief and legend Amalgamating fact and fantasy stories about the city and the kings of Babylon survived through the Middle Ages into modern times and were the inspiration for many pieces of art and literature in Europe between the 17th and 19th centuries The Tower of Babel the Madness of Nebuchadnezzar the Writing on the Wall the Hanging Gardens of Babylon Daniel in the Lions Den such stories and images grew famous over the years while the city itself became littlethan a name However the real city and its kings have re emerged into the light thanks to the endeavours of many scholars and archaeologists in the 19th and 20th centuries Today we can visuali Good condition good book

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Se a splendid city of massive walls once counted among the Seven Wonders of the World towering pyramid shaped temples vast royal palaces and gardens and monumental gateways Festivals and processions dedicated to the gods passed along streets lined with colourful glazed brick reliefs of lions and mythical beasts The glory of Babylon was expressed not only in physical buildings but also in the learning and scholarship of the city Babylonian achievements in mathematics astronomy and medicine had far reaching effects on the Classical world and even on our own times we get our sixty minute hours from Babylonia This city of real wonders is brought back to life in these colourful pag Great

mobi Babylon author Michael Seymour

Babylon author Michael SeymoA strikingly illustrated short introduction to Babylon a powerful and sophisticated ancient city and the home of the fabled Hanging Gardens of Nebuchadnezzar one of the 7 Wonders of the World Over the centuries Babylon was lost to view and survived only in a rich and bizarre set of half fantastical stories and traditions until painstaking archaeological work uncovered the real city onceThe city of Babylon flourished for nearly 2000 years on the River Euphrates in what is now central Ira After its conuest by the Persians in 539 BC it slowly faded from prominence and over time was lost from the historical record almost completely One of the greatest cities of the ancient world l This is a British Museum publication less than 100 pages and mainly built around photographs of objects from or related to Babylon and its history many of which are housed in the British Museum although there are others as well There are as well as photographs of Babylonian textiles cylinder seals and statues also images of such things as paintings and a modern model reconstruction of Nebuchadnezzar’s massive ziggurat So a wide variety of imagery all evocative of Babylonian times and lifeI think this book is really designed to whet the appetite of the viewerreader and make them eager to learn about the subject so that’s never a bad thing Babylonian art and imagery and even the everyday objects such as cylinder seals are never things to tire of looking at The book was originally published in 2008 I think to accompany an exhibition of Babylon Myth and Reality held at that time in England France and Germany There is a photograph of the Ishtar Gate photographed in its absolute awe inspiring glory in a Berlin Museum; what would we give to be able to see such wonders in their natural situation Given the unsettled situation that continues in that part of the world it is a matter of some consideration as to how much of these objects would even survive still had they not been removed and protected in other placesAs a previous reviewer has said the book says that the size of the ziggurat Etemenanki is 91 suare metres at the base That is definitely not correct according to a cunieform tablet from Uruk from 229 BCE the tower was 91 metres high with a suare base of 91 metres on each sideThis is a really nice little book; full of sharply coloured photographs it really evokes a Babylonian world The 1927 artist’s impression of Babylon had me staring at it for ages just imagining what it would be like to get the chance to visit such a place and time