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READER Â DOC Magic Shifts ñ ILONA ANDREWS ñ [Download] ➽ Magic Shifts By Ilona Andrews – In the latest Kate Daniels novel from #1 New York Times bestselling author Ilona Andrews magic is coming and going in waves in post Shift Atlanta—and each crest leaves danger in its wake After break In tE thrilled to escape all the infighting Kate and Curran know that separating from the Pack completely is a process that will take time But when they learn that their friend Eduardo has gone missing Kate and Curran shift their focus to investigate his disappearance Eduardo was a fellow member of the Mercenary Guild so Kate knows the best place Even better on the re read475 Let’s play who can be a better killer StarsReading with my fellow Kate Daniels is da Bomb fan club at Ilona Andrews Addicts IAAIf you have read my profile then you know that my 2 favorite authors are Brandon Sanderson BS and Ilona Andrews IA I fangirl over them any chance I get so I might not be impartial in my reviews of their books and I probably add way too many status updates while reading themI can’t help it I didn’t fall into the camp of those who didn’t love the last two books I still gave them 4 stars and 35 stars respectively I liked the emotional journey that Kate was starting to take I just missed Kate and Curran together But I’m back to absolutely LOVING all things Kate The thing that was missing for me in the other books was really Kate with Curran and fighting the good fight together I was a little worried that I wasn’t going to like the new direction of the story with Kate and Curran leaving the pack What about all the side characters I lovewhat about Curran being the Manwhat about Kate having protection from Roland But I don’t know why I worried at all because IA would not let me down and I’m loving the new direction of the storyFirst what about all the side characters I love They are there IA finds a way to incorporate them into the new direction of the story and honestly it was so smooth and flawless that afterwards I asked myself how come I didn’t think of that As always IA has some of the best side characters Whether it is a giant Donkey a scraggly poodle a teenage werewolf seriously how long is Derek going to be a teenager a fallen Angel or whatever Christopher is a slightly dirty talking I will never think of plums the same way Alpha Werewolf Desandra or your charismatic Father who’s ultimate game I’m still trying to figure out there are so many great cast members that are all distinctive and three dimensionalIA’s biggest problem is all the great characters that I want to see of in the book There are so many and I want to see them all but then I’d have less Kate and Curran time or the book would be 700 pages long and 350 of that would just be nonsense conversations between my favorite characters I’m not saying I’d be opposed to it but still IA does such a great job of keeping all the characters in the story relevant and engaging That has to be hard with such a great cast to choose fromLuther was my favorite new addition to the cast He is going to be a hoot I knew it from his first conversation with Kate “When I uit the Order you told me I was besmirched”“That’s because you uit in a huff over some silliness like trying to save people’s lives I uit to maximize my earning potential Don’t you know being a hero is a losing bet The pay is shit and people hate you for it” He was such a great addition to the Kate Daniels family she is building uite a uniue list of family friends and acuaintances for later when daddy comes callingSecond what about Curran being the Man I was never worried about Kate she is always a badass But I was worried about Curran and how I would feel about him if he wasn’t the Beast Lord and you know what I love him He doesn’t have to put up with pack council meeting and being pulled in a thousand directions and all of the other ridiculousness that goes along with it He has time to spend with Kate and really dedicate himself to their lives together Which translates into page time together and I definitely love that The banter they have with each other is one of my favorite things “Why am I the expert all of a sudden” “Of the two of us you have stalking experience” He leaned back “Really” “Yes When you let yourself into my apartment before we were dating did you fidget while you watched me” “Will you let it go” he growled “No” “I didn’t fidget I checked on you to make sure you hadn’t gotten yourself killed I wanted to know that you weren’t dying slowly of your wounds because you have no sense and half of the time you couldn’t afford a medmage I didn’t stand there and watch you I came in made sure you were okay and left It wasn’t creepy”“It was a little creepy” “It worked didn’t it” “Worked how” “You’re still alive” Beastlord logic at its best Just because you take the Alpha out of the Keep doesn’t mean he isn’t the Alpha any When the werelion roars everyone cowaresexcept Kate cuz she would pull on death’s whiskersChatpers 11 and 12 of this book absolutely gutted me emotionally They happened out of left field and I wasn’t expecting it but really in life that is how those things happen so it felt too real If there was even any doubt about the true feelings of these two characters for each other these chapters should take care of that If you don’t absolutely know Kate and Curran are in love after these chapters I doubt anything would do it for you They are uite possibly the best written chapters that IA has ever done in any of their booksIf you thought that Curran would be less without the pack well you are dead wrong He will always be Curran and he will undoubtedly always fall into a leadership role It will just be very interesting to see how that transitions ”When I was fifteen and Mahon pushed me to reach for power I did it because I was young and stupid I thought it was a crown I didn’t realize it was a ball and chain instead I’m off my chain now I like it” I like it too anything could happenThird what about Kate having protection from Roland Honestly I’m not sure anything can help them he is so powerful I thought they did a great job of showing this in a single telephone conversation Roland is so powerful that just over the phone to see how he affected the people in the room with Kate really hit it homeRoland is such an interesting bad guy because part of him wants to be a father and the other part is ready to destroy Kate He is shrouded in mystery and I’m never uite sure what his true motivations are But their conversations with each other are mesmerizing Kate’s conversations with Erra and Hugh were really good but Roland is something else His explanation of killing Kate’s mother was both terrible and hearbreaking “Besides you knew Kalina best” I watched him closely and the corners of his eyes trembled when I said her name How does your own bitter medici

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In the latest Kate Daniels novel from New York Times bestselling author Ilona Andrews magic is coming and going in waves in post Shift Atlanta and each crest leaves danger in its wake After breaking from life with the Pack mercenary Kate Daniels and her mate former Beast Lord Curran Lennart are adjusting to a very different pace While they’r 45 starsMy love for Ilona Andrews is not something I attempt to keep hidden I can in fact be rather obnoxious about it #sorrynotsorryTheir books are typically so far ahead of their peers so much better in all the major areas character development world building interesting and original plot lines AND they're hilarious to boot I feel like this warrants a certain level of fangirlingThat being said I was disappointed by one of their books for the first time when Kate #7 came out last year Don't get me wrong it was still a decent book but I've been conditioned to expect of the Andrews By itself it wouldn't have been a huge deal but before that while still really enjoying Kate #6 I had a handful of issues weredolphins various KateCurran situations that I ultimately understood but did not like And while being a minority I know that I am not alone in my feelings in either of those cases which makes me happier than I could ever adeuately communicate to inform youTHEY'RE BACKOne of my favorite things about the Andrews is that in every installment they take a myth a creature of legend a campfire story specific to one location or with roots across the globe and while remaining true to the base elements they somehow manage to make it wholly their ownVampires Check Necromancers Double check Shifters Check x100To name a few In MAGIC SHIFTS we meet their version of the ghoul shudders Ghouls usually fall on the low end of my Interesting Supernatural Creatures list bc 1 I don't like dead things and 2 They eat dead people Kind of a double whammyBUTThese ghouls are sentient ish Also they're not deadI've encountered ghouls that were cowards and mindless scavengers and I've encountered ghouls that were basically humans with unfortunate dietary reuirements but never ghouls that fell somewhere in between Ghouls too driven by their hunger for dead flesh to ualify as human but wily and just capable enough of rational thought not to be disregarded as animals There are levels some ghouls retaining of their humanity than others but the majority of those we meet oOIt may not sound like much of a distinction but I found this version significantly sinister than either of its counterparts a smart monster who would like nothing than to violently end your life for the express purpose of letting your carcass decay before eating itconvulses with shuddersSO The Andrews put their own uniue spin on even the most tired supernatural creatures But that's merely the tip of the Andrews' iceberg of awesomeOne of the easiest pitfalls for an UF series to fall into is the Post Get Together Doldrums Even if you think you have no idea what I'm talking about I promise you do It's when the heroine and her main love interest finally get their shit together and begin their HEA and you're suddenly bored Oh if they hadn't finally gotten together you'd be furious maybe even furious enough to rage uit the series we readers are terribly hard on authors aren't we but now Turns out there's a reason all the fairytales end with and they lived happily ever after Happily ever after is boring It's enough to know that's what they're doing we don't need to know the specifics Not so KATE DANIELS In part this is due to a slight modification of HEA What Kate and Curran have is TEA together ever after bc KATE DANIELS is the most action packed series I've ever had the pleasure of reading With the focus on the what is happening to the characters bc plot vs what is happening to the characters bc character development we no longer need the focus to be on development they're awesome and we love them already the Andrews don't have to come up with asinine scenarios in which their love is repeatedly tested blah friggin' blah Instead Kate and Curran work together not only letting each other exist simply as they are but loving each other for it and knowing each other's strengths and weaknesses so well that they help each other be their most deadly and efficient selves It's eual parts refreshing gripping and hilariousBut they aren't mother birds pushing each other out of the nest no they are not They have each other's backs Always When something threatens Kate The insect pointed a leg at me “Die” Curran’s eyes went gold His clothes tore falling in shreds to the street as the massive meld of human and lion spilled out “Let’s see you try that shit on me” And in return Curran stood in the middle of the street his hands still locked on the insect’s front pair of legs The spider scorpion was lunging at him again and again trying to grip him with its pincers If those mandibles closed on Curran they’d slice his arms off Oh no you don’t I charged the spiderBut even greater than the Andrews' ability to take a known uantity and make it new and interesting or to keep a steady committed relationship from becoming meh is the way they weave threads throughout their story drawing a multitude of different factors people and events into a cohesive wholeI say this a lot bc it's an element of one of my book peeves but with MAGIC SHIFTS it is especially true the sum is greater than the parts No one NO ONE does this better than Ilona and Gordon Andrews I'm not going to tell you what the Big Bad is You'll find out in the book Eventually I will tell you that I was utterly sick of this creature I may have even groaned a little bit when I figured out what it was BUT Andrews The end Read it and see what I'm talking about HIGHLY recommendedFinal thoughtsview spoiler1 I always knew Saiman was a shit2 Watching Kate stress over one of her loved ones is rough Watching Curran in agony bc Kate is hurt infinitely worse3 I friggin' hate Mahon I don't care if he came around in the end I don't think it was bc he saw the error of his ways I think it was bc he felt like it bc reasons and who the hell knows what those reasons are and ultimately he'll keep being just as big of an ass as he always has been 4 If you haven't already heard me say it half a dozen times I friggin' LOVE Luther He's hilarious And useful And scary if you invade his territory GAH LOVE5 I don't think Roland is going to do the thing I think the djinn was manipulating Kate bc didn't want to be trapped in a box made of his enemy's skull Maybe that's just wishful HA thinking but DAMMIT I like Roland kicks aluminum can hide spoiler

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Magic ShiftsTo start looking is his most recent jobs As Kate and Curran dig further into the merc’s business they discover that the Guild has gone to hell and that Eduardo’s assignments are connected in the most sinister way An ancient enemy has arisen and Kate and Curran are the only ones who can stop it before it takes their city apart piece by piec I'm not sure I'm even capable of giving a Kate Daniels book less than 5 stars any so take my opinion of this book with a grain of salt Some of my friends were disappointed with this one because it was maybe a transition sort of book You know what with Kate Curran having left the Pack in the last book So yeah this book is sorta setting up how they're going to live what they're going to do etc Didn't matter I could Kate Daniels' grocery list and probably fangirl over itTo me this was gold and I loved every minute of it sighAlso and some of you may think I'm a total traitor for this but Roland is uickly becoming my favorite character in the series I can't get enough of him Anyone else kinda loving him a little bitThis time around we're learning about genies ghouls which I thought was a pretty cool change of pace from the shifters vampires And no I'm not going to spoil any of the detailsso don't worry Just know that team Andrews manages to put their special spin on these characters and makes it all very uniue to the KD world I thought end bit about the ghouls was pretty coolOk there are already way too many awesome reviews for this one out there so I'm not going to go into depth with this one However I feel the need to mention one thingBottom line if you're a Kate Daniels fanatic you definitely don't want to miss this one Also reviewed for