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EBOOK Ç A Father's Search for His Disabled Son è Ian Brown

The Boy in the Moon A Father's Search for His Disabled Sonhe cant continually hit himself Sometimes watching him Brown writes is like looking at the man in the moon but you know there is actually no man there But if Walker is so insubstantial why does he feel so important What is he trying to show meIn a book that owes its Boy in the PDFEPUB #235 beginnings to B I loved this book Brown writes elouently and from the heart what it is like to live and love his severely disabled son His journalistic eye leads him on a search to explain his wonderful son discovering for himself the cause and meaning of his son's existence There is no sugar coating of the difficulties but I never felt this family as a martyr either just doing what they had to do to move through life together I also enjoyed and related to the frank description of the medical people paperwork red tape and social systems that serve to help the disabled

EPUB The Boy in the Moon

FREE READER á DOC The Boy in the Moon A Father's Search for His Disabled Son á FEEDMARKFORMULATE ☆ ❰Reading❯ ➹ The Boy in the Moon: A Father's Search for His Disabled Son Author Ian Brown – Walker Brown was born with a genRowns original Globe and Mail series he sets out to answer that uestion a journey that takes him into deeply touching and troubling territory All I really want to know is what goes on inside his off shaped head he writes But every time I ask he somehow persuades me Boy in the Moon A PDF or to look into my ow I found this book to be exceptional on so many levels It highlights the issues in dealing with a disabled child and all that comes with it As the grandmother of an autistic grandson I've seen the impact such a child has on a family and the stress it places on even the best of marriages Ian Brown has managed to maintain his relationship with his wife under much duress due to their ability to give and take in the arudous tasks involved in looking after Walker Their love for their son and for each other is beautiful and exemplary In this book Ian Brown covers so many areas the genetics of his son's illness the resourses for those with disabilities the anguish despair and exhaustion at times of taking care of his son and yet the beauty of Walker's life even in a society might see his son as less than perfect Ian is the best advocate one could have for the disabled He gets us to look into our souls and recognize the intrinsic value of every human being There one uality I didn't see in the other reviews and that deserves special mention is Ian Brown's incredible sense of humor He has the abiity to recognize the absurdities of life and to be able to see the humor in even the direst situations That is what can save us all in the end and is what Ian Brown has in abundance My highest praises for this book and its author

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Walker Brown was born with in the PDFEPUB #182 a genetic mutation so rare that doctors call it an orphan syndrome perhaps people around the world also live with it Walker turns twelve inbut he weighs only pounds is still in diapers cant speak and needs to wear special cuffs on his arms so that The Boy Kindle I liked this story of the relationship between Ian Brown and his severely disabled son Walker His search for and subseuent interactions with other families coping with this type of disability was particularly moving Also heart wrenching were Mr Brown's insights about his and Walker's connection with one another At times the narrative got a just a bit too technical for me so I ended up skimming over some parts All in all a very worthwhile read