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Text é The Congratulations ´ Heidi Murkoff

Expect The MOBI #238 What to Expect The Congratulations You're Expecting Gift Set contains X What to Expect the First YearX What to Expect When You're Expecting Wh Great book I have learned lots from this book Most of the information can be looked up online but theres still things that you may not have even know about You don't know what you don't know

Book What to Expect

What to Expect The Congratulations You're Expecting Gift Set Includes What to Expect When You're Expecting and What to Expect The First YearCt When You're Expecting What to Expect The Congratulations You're Expecting Gift Set contains X What to Expect the First YearX What to Expect When You're Expectin This is a really wonderful book set It makes a terrific gift for any expecting mom and dad too I purchased these books for myself when I was expecting my children and then the second book after I had them In my opinion they are absolutely the BEST books on the market in this category and that's saying a lot Plus I am a 20 year professional book writer and editor by occupation if that holds any weight One of the great things about this set is that they keep them UPDATED These books have been on the market forever but they are never old or outdated in their information unless you have an old version This is really important considering everything you are dealing with on these topics WHAT TO EXPECT WHEN YOU'RE EXPECTING This is the book for soon to be parents It is an absolute wealth of great information The book is written in an easy to follow and understand manner and is truly packed with lots of helpful information You will find Lots of helpful information that will take you from conception through the birth of your child It shows and tells you what to expect every month of your journey actually every week The information provided is interesting updated and very helpful It's a comforting read While it will provide you with all the facts it isn't filled with tons of scary information that will make you dread giving birth or fear for your baby's life I really value this and new parents will too This is a great book even for parents who have been there and done that I used this set with both of my children and loved it both times The book outlines BOTH the pregnancy experience from the mom's perspective AND what's happening with the child inside the womb So you will find out what to expect from both ends of those spectrums Again so important You'll find out all about the things your body may go through at each stage along with what the baby will go through during each of those stages too It answers simple uestions like How big will my baby be at 25 weeks of age and When can I hear the baby's heart beating and feel the baby move inside my tummy to complex uestions like What nutrients does my baby receive from my diet to What will happen if I suddenly need a c section You'll find so many answers to your uestions with info like How your history DNA and lifestyle will affect your pregnancy and baby The importance of eating well what you should eat and what you should avoid without going overboard on anything This is nice as so many resources are so PRO or CON in a big way on certain things and they lay on the guilt really heavy if you don't listen to them But let's face it we can't follow every expert advice This book gives you good solid advice along with reasoning for why that advice is provided without getting nutsy and then leaves you to make your best judgment calls without the guilt Doctor visits check ups emergencies and weight gain Being pregnant and working at the same time Exercise do's don'ts and how to's Having sex while pregnant Different types of childbirth and what to expect and how to prepare The pain of childbirth and how to make it easier Breastfeeding and bottle feeding Pre labor False labor and real labor Cesarean birth c section Multiple births twins triplets Another wonderful information packed step by step journey that details each step of the way While filled with great material this book won't scare the bejeebers out of you either That's the last thing you need when basking in the joy of a new child but also worrying about what's happening and if everything is going right Fully factual and what I consider one of the best resources out there it doesn't dramatize and won't worry you than you already are The information is provided in just the right way You feel like you're talking to a trusted doctor and friend who wants to provide you with what you need but isn't going to make you crazy Answers so many uestions and outlines things like Whether or not to breastfeed or even do both How to choose a baby doctor Circumcise or not Choosing a baby name Prepping older sibs pets and even working with grandparents Buying what you need for the baby This is a great buyer's guide as they cover everything from clothing to diapers car seats toys cribs and all sorts of other euipment and accessories Not only do they go over the do's and don'ts but they have lots of important safety info too Milestones growth charts and first moments Basic baby care that covers everything from eyes ears nose finger and toenails burping lifting carrying haircuts excessive crying how much sleep is needed and on and on Developmental milestones Childcare and babysitters Health safety and allergy information Introducing foods First steps and first words Keeping baby healthy check ups immunizations colds fevers tummy aches medicines when to call the doctor first aid for babies common illnesses etc Traveling with your baby The low birth weight baby Adopted babies What you can expect from your body during the first year tooThis is such a terrific set of books It's not just a recommended set of books but books you absolutely must own and read You will refer to them again and again and them some It's a really trusted resource easy to read and a great resource of the most incredible journey you will ever take in your life

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Epub ☆ What to Expect ó The Congratulations Download ↠ Feedmarkformulate ´ ❮PDF❯ ⚦ What to Expect: The Congratulations, You're Expecting! Gift Set: (Includes What to Expect When You're Expecting and What to Expect The First Year) ✐ Author Heidi Murkoff RAt to Expect The Congratulations You're Expecting Gift Set to Expect The Congratulations You're eBook #10003 contains X What to Expect the First YearX What to Expe O livro possui muitas especificidades A não ser ue você tenha algum histórico de saúde ou já tenha um diagnóstico acredito ue metade do conteúdo é um desperdício de tempoNão possui tantas informações sobre uma gestação normal e formas de melhorar a ualidade de vida da gestanteNão recomendoO livro sobre o primeiro ano parece um manual sobre possíveis enfermidades e desconfortos ue o bebê pode ter Possui um passo a passo sobre maneiras de amamentar e dar banho entre outras coisas Por isso acredito ser mais interessante do ue a edição sobre gravidez Parece ser útil para consulta para pais de primeira viagem