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Free The Soviet–Afghan War 1979–89 kindle Ñ eBook Essential Histories Å feedmarkformulate

Gregory Fremont-Barnes ò Essential Histories book

Free The Soviet–Afghan War 1979–89 kindle Ñ eBook Essential Histories Å feedmarkformulate É [Read] ➫ The Soviet–Afghan War 1979–89 (Essential Histories) By Gregory Fremont-Barnes – The Soviet invasion of its neighbour Afghanistan iIn that country until Soviet forces withdrew in 1988 89 dooming the communist Afghanistan government t I found this book rather good and very informative In all honnesty I have not read many books about this conflict but found it uite well balanced interesting and decenly written I think the force of this book is that the author is probably a journalist conseuently it is relatively well written and reading is relatively pleasant unlike some other Osprey booksBut the book may fail with the following Poor military coverage and very little information on the operation themselves Dont get me wrong the conflict is really well covered but is perhaps not a military book as per se Photographs captions which are very dull repetitive and pointless most of the time One wonder if the author was just filling space The book is perhaps a bit too pro afghan I found afgantsy from Braithwaite dealing a bit with the point of view of the soviet soldier different of book size apartOverall some traditional Osprey readers may find a bit light in terms of military context but it will be a very good book for the general reader

ePub Ú Essential Histories ò Gregory Fremont-Barnes

O defeat at the hands of the Mujahideen the Afghan popular resistance backed by the USA and other powe Excellent analysis of the failed Soviet campaign in the 80ties well presented with rare field photographs and maps Good read pager thrower

kindle The Soviet–Afghan War 1979–89

The Soviet–Afghan War 1979–89 Essential HistoriesThe Soviet invasion of its neighbour Afghanistan in December 1979 sparked a bloody nine year conflict They say that this was Russia's `Vietnam' but that's not a particularly good comparison The Vietnam War went on for twice as long 18 years and the fighting forces on both sides were vastly larger and so conseuently were the losses Like most wars there were atrocities from both sides and allies with a vested interest especially so to aid the insurgentsIt is also claimed that this war caused the demise of Russia as a world force? That's not strictly true either as Gorbachev came to power in 1985 and knew at that time that the Russian economy was in ruins and that the whole political structure had to change for his country to survive politically and economically He'd already made up his mind that Russia had to pull out of the warYes the war disaffected many Russians against the communist way of life and rule as it saw the war as a total mismanagement by its leaders a failure and a waste of precious resources for the country however it was the resulting restructuring and reforms that led to the eastern bloc's revolt and eventual collapseIt was similar to Vietnam in that it was fought as a guerrilla war Russia rued the day they ever entered this war and whilst they suffered relatively few killed in action over the period 14000 they did suffer enormously with the wounded54000 and those taken sick due to appalling sanitation conditions 400000 which the Mujahedeen were of course hardened to Howeverit was the civilians who suffered the most with an estimated 1000000 killed and 5000000 refugees left homeless and exiled after the warThis is definitely one of the better `histories' with excellent photographs & maps and some first class demographics and detail Anyone who likes history wars should look at this series as it really is first class at giving you the basics of any conflict