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PDF é BOOK Three Cups of Tea FREE å [PDF / Epub] ⚣ Three Cups of Tea ✈ Greg Mortenson – The astonishing uplifting story of a real life Indiana Jones and his humanitarian campaign to use education to combat terrorism in the Taliban’s backyardAnyone who despairs of the individual’s pow The astonishing uThe astonishing uplifting story of a real life Indiana Jones and his humanitarian campaign to use education to combat terrorism in the Taliban’s backyardAnyone who despairs of the individual’s power to change lives has to read the story of Greg Mortenson a homeless mountain Here are a few things I’m suspicious of1 A book with two authors It’s kind of like having too many cooks in the kitchen 2 A book in which one of the two authors is the main subject of the book 3 A book in which even though one of the authors is the main subject of the book the book is written in third person 4 Cultural imperialism With these four suspicions in mind I started in on Three Cups of Tea which was my book club’s choice for this month Mortenson is a uirky do gooder who commits himself to building schools in Pakistan and Afghanistan in order to educate the poor especially the girls who are so often lost in the rural mountains of these isolated areas He started his uest after stopping in a small village after failing to climb K2 in the early 1990s and since then has built over 50 schools health centers and women’s centersThere were lots of things I liked about this book First off I love reading adventure stories about far away places and learning about the variety of cultures in Islamic Pakistan and various other stans was enough to pull me all the way through the book I also love reading about single minded esoteric people with crazy missions who stop at nothing to accomplish their goals Thirdly I love the idea of fighting the war on terror through education instead of fighting it seems like it will be successful long term and way less expensive not to mention way way less violentI’m not sure I was so hot on the book itself the writing wasn’t interesting and it had so many chances to be and importantly the book was terribly skewed in Mortenson’s direction He’s referred to as a hero at least a few times a chapter and praised non stop by the people around him Only smaller sub prose hints clue you in to the real negative stuff which I’m as interested in as the positive stuff Mortenson is kind of crazy and obsessed he has trouble with delegating jobs to people and handling money he unapologetically spends months and months away from his family in Montana He seems to be hurting his health in order to continue with his causeNow I think these negatives could have been dealt with well by the authors I don’t think any hero is all good or absolutely flawless In fact most people who have ever accomplished great things have than his or her share of weirdo personal problems I would have loved for the book to explore his flaws in light of his accomplishments instead of brushing his flaws to the side and dropping the Hero bomb over and over againBy the end of the book I felt pretty good about his mission in general thought I haven’t taken any developmental studies classes and I don’t know much about rural development but I can’t see how building schools and educating girls could possibly hurt anything I was impressed by the way Mortenson adapted to the Islamic culture learning the languages dressing the part and even learning to pray to Allah He didn’t seem into forcing Western ideas onto the villages beyond simple wants to educate and eualizeMore than that though I was interested in learning about how the Taliban is using the same tactics as Mortenson in order to win support in these rural areas and they are winning They have already established tons of schools called madrassas in these places barring women and teaching only Islam and warfare They also offer something that is rare in these isolated areas paid employment If Mortenson is right giving these people options other than joining the Taliban and giving them schools where you learn basic skills instead of extremist propaganda might be the best step toward a long term solution for everyone

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Eer who following a climb of Pakistan’s treacherous K was inspired by a chance encounter with impoverished mountain villagers and promised to build them a school Three Cups MOBI #194 Over the next decade he built fifty five schools especially for girls that offer a balanced ed I'm about in the middle of Three Cups of Tea by Greg Mortenson and David Oliver Relin and I'm ready to uit First of all because when I just typed my first sentence here I realized how sick I am of the words Greg Mortenson Half way through the book and the author is still immortalizing him by full name I'm not a big fan of non fiction but I've read plenty of third person accounts and don't remember this being so irritating in all of them Greg smile built schools in the high mountains in Pakistan Huge endeavor Wonderful thing to do He innocently jumped in and pretty much wore himself out before he got to be a corporation with a steady income My favorite part was him renting a typewriter to send out begging letters took him all day to type half a dozen letters Then someone took pity on him and introduced him to the world of computers He was thrilled with the 'cut and paste' keys I get a thrill just thinking about one or two people getting involved and making changes that countHowever I found the writing sophmoric and I hate that The book is two damn long the discriptions are clumsy too damn long and the characterization is almost non existent A lot of people really enjoyed this book so I'm not saying don't bother It is inspiring and I truly respect the man what he did It's a shame it wasn't written well For me this book would have been a perfect National Geograpic article pictures; far less words

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Three Cups of TeaUcation in one of the most isolated and dangerous regions on earth As it chronicles Mortenson’s uest which has brought him into conflict with both enraged Islamists and uncomprehending Americans Three Cups of Tea combines adventure with a celebration of the humanitarian spirit JUST AN OPINION NO BLURB NO REVIEWWhen starting out this book I was unaware of the controversy fueled by a hungry press to bring down a humanitarian philanthropist in their usual dog eats dog modus operandi I simply read a book by an adventurer who wanted to honor the memory of his sister in climbing K2 the second highest mountain in the world He not only honored his sister but in the end honored thousands of helpless little girls in Afghanistan and Pakistan by building schools in remote places and changing their lives foreverI worked with people such as Mr Mortenson I worked for many years in many similar remote communities in Africa He worked in Pakistan and Afganistan I could totally relate to the experiences and stories he shared I fully understand the problems he experienced the expectations the impossible viability of many of these dreams by poor remote communities I have seen the work these organizations have done in very difficult situations I observed the press building up a person preparing for the biggest destruction heisttheir actual aim to sell newspapers and airtime I might be crucified for being this outspoken but I am used to the conseuences The fact remains Mr Mortenson DID help thousands of girls getting educated and he DID build schools where there were no schools or hope of education before He DID accomplish with books what bombs could not achieve He taught the world a lesson in peacemaking that should never be forgotten It doesn't matter if he built three or a three hundred schools It doesn't matter if he spent lots of money promoting his non profit organization He simply did not know the potholes in the road of fame He did not seek fame he was made famous by a hungry scandal seeking media and they made sure they found it His co author was a journalist A million words was reduced to three hundred thousand by a journalist The fact that his co author was a journalist explains why the facts were converted to sensationalism to sell the bookDoes it really matter that he did not get lost and found a small village of people whom he promised a school Does it matter that he visited the village a second time and made the promise then Does it matter that he was not kidnapped Perhaps yes A major faux pas It was the two elements in his story that provided a foothold for the media to dig his grave The fact remains he still built relationships in these countries defying the general impression of Americans as evil people He proved the critics of America wrong His enemies hated him for the good work he wasis doing and they made sure they take a good man down He is not a villain he is still a heroGreg Mortenson is an average person who grew up in Africa as the son of Lutheran missionaries; was a misfit in AmericaMinnesota due to calling himself a white African; have a heart bigger than the world and politics; left everything behind to make a difference in this world And what a huge difference it is Apart from helping thousands of girls he also changed the image of America in Pakistan and Afghanistan He changed the image of these two countries in America by writing his books and doing the talklecture rounds That is major accomplishments The problem now is that the people who understand dare not speak out The hungry mobs are bulldozing their own sensational truths through the universe prohibiting the real truth to expose them I admire him as a person and for the work he has done THERE BY THE GRACE OF GOD GOES A MAN May he rise above his mistakes and his critics May he continue with the work he is doing The world needs people like Greg Mortenson They are one in a billion I have nothing to lose by calling a spade a spade This man needs objective people with an objective observation on the situation I can only hope that my opinion can mean something He needs real friends now