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The Sorcerer's House kindle ´ eBook 9780765324580 á Gene Wolfe

book The Sorcerer's House

The Sorcerer's House kindle ´ eBook 9780765324580 á Gene Wolfe á ➧ The Sorcerer's House Ebook ➭ Author Gene Wolfe – In a contemporary town in the American midwest where he has no connections Bax an educated man recently released from prison is staying in a motel HSe we must know We revise our opinions of him and of others with each letter piecing together of the story as we go We learn things about magic and another world and about the sorcerer Mr Black who originally inhabited the house And then knowing what we now know only in the end perhaps we read it agai The Sorceror's House is a beautifully subtle new novel by master fantasy and SF author Gene Wolfe The novel's protagonist is a recently released convict who seemingly by complete coincidence comes into possession of an abandoned house As he moves in he discovers that the house already has a few odd inhabitantsA large part of the enjoyment of this novel is the process of discovery as the protagonist slowly finds out and about the odd nature of the house and its inhabitants as well as the relations between the other people living in his new town Because I don't want to spoil this process of discovery I won't say much about the plot of the novel aside from the fact that it will slowly suck you into its own twisted reality and that it's perfectly suited to be read and re read because everything from the very first page on will have acuired a new meaning by the time you're done reading The Sorceror's House for the first timeFans of Gene Wolfe know that this author likes to play games with unreliable narrators such as the protagonist of the SOLDIER books whose memory is wiped out at the end of every day or Severian from The Book of the New Sun who claims to have a perfect memory In the case of The Sorceror's House the novel actually consists of a series of letters The vast majority are written by the erudite and intriguing main character and addressed to his twin brother his former cell mate or his brother's wife It's the epistolary format of The Sorceror's House that sets up lots of opportunities to twist the reader's perspective because it allows the writer of the letters to tailor the content not to mention tone to the addressees The very last letter of the novel is a perfect example — and I guarantee you’ll have a smile on your face when you read itI wouldn't call The Sorceror's House a major novel in Gene Wolfe's impressive oeuvre at least when compared to masterpieces like The Book of the New Sun or THE WIZARD KNIGHT but that doesn't mean that it isn't a supremely elegant fantasy novel with a memorable narrator and a Twin Peaks like atmosphere of everyone in this small town has a secret If you're already a fan of the Wolfe definitely pick up a copy of The Sorceror's House and if you're not maybe this uote from Neil Gaiman about THE WIZARD KNIGHT will convince you Gene Wolfe is the smartest subtlest most dangerous writer alive today in genre or out of it If you don't read this book you'll have missed out on something important and wonderful and all the cool people will laugh at youThis review was written for the Fantasy Literature website wwwfantasyliteraturecom come check us out

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In a contemporary town in the American midwest where he has no connections Bax an educated man recently released from prison is staying in a motel He writes letters to his brother and to others including a friend still in jail to whom he progressively reveals the intriguing pieces of a strange and fan Caveat This book is dedicated to me so I may well be immediately biased in its favourIt's an epistolary novel Very dark very strange dislocating and dream like An ex prisoner has inherited or has he? an abandoned house containing a were fox a ghostly butler and possibly the contents of the Tarot Twins occur and reoccur identities are exchanged people are not what they appear to beI'm loving it but am reading it only a few pages at a time to make it lastRight I finished it And now than anything else I want to read it again Some of the twists yes I guessed but the full way the book opens out made me start to reread immediately I think the book like the house is bigger than it first appearsAs a side note I have a mad theory that you can always find a Wolf in a Gene Wolfe book and it will always be the key or a key to the text This book does nothing to disprove my theoryAm now rereading I love the patterns in the book I spoke about the tarot earlier the book consists of two sets of 22 chapters a doubled set of trumps I love that a lazy reader would read a book that is not as good as the one that Gene Wolfe wrote while a reader who is working gets a book that like the Sorcerer's House itself appears small and straightforward and then grows on the inside Gene Wolfe once defined good literature as I uote from memory something that can be read with pleasure by an educated reader and reread with increased pleasure and this is one of those

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The Sorcerer's HouseTastic narrative When he meets a real estate agent who tells him he is to his utter surprise the heir to a huge old house in town long empty he moves in He is immediately confronted by an array of supernatural creatures and events by love and danger His life is utterly transformed and we read on becau 4 StarsWhat a fun fantasyfairy tale read is The Sorcerer's House by Gene Wolfe  I had fun and was taken away from the very fist word to the last  For sheer reading pleasure this novel would get full marks  This is a supernatural mystery with a strong fairytale like telling Our protagonist Bax is truly an unreliable narrator and he confesses as much several times through out this bookThe writing style and uality is what separates this book from main stream fantasy Wolfe is a master at painting a detailed picture filling it with colorful clues and leaving out just enough to make you have to think He deftly uses symbolism and makes things difficult to take at face value Things are not always what they seem to be Couple this masterful storytelling and put it in a well done epistolary format and you will uickly find yourself churning from one chapter to the next to fill in of the detailsI am not going to give away any spoils therefore I will only tell you that as a modern day fairy tale this book is complete with houses that change size ghosts that go bump in the night  men that are wolves foxes that are women  candles that are and magic too The mystery of the house and of the murder are the driving forces behind this story There are several plot twists and major events that shape the outcome The ending is satisfying albeit a bit thin in the answers departmentAll the while I read this one I kept thinking about the similarities that it shared with the incredible Mythago Wood by Robert Holdstock  Many of the interesting characters that come into Bax's life were reminiscent of the Mythagos from the aforementioned book The unreliability of the narrator the almost real life setting and the under lying symbolism are all incredibly similar It really added to my enjoymentLike a good Neil Gaiman book Gene Wolfe is a master at telling the modern day adult fairytale If this interests you then you will not be disappointed with this book