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DOC ð Brian's Winter ↠ Gary Paulsen

DOC ð Brian's Winter ↠ Gary Paulsen He would have to find some way to protect himself some weapon The fire worked well when it was burning but it had burned down His hatchet and knife would have done nothing than make the bear really angry something he did not like to think about and his bow was good only for smaller game He had never tried to shoot anything bigger than a fool bird or rabbit with it and doubted th survivals for me this book wasn't as fun as the first one the book seemed less immediate than hatchet maybe because of the way it was presented; as a what if rather than a regular story the stakes seem lower even though it is exactly the same it's like a writer's exercise than a proper story or maybe i am reading too many woodsy type books too closely together i will pause now and get on with my summer of classix teeny books get thee behind mecome to my blog

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FREE MOBI ☆ DOC Brian's Winter 9780440227199 ☆ ☉ [PDF / Epub] ☆ Brian's Winter By Gary Paulsen ❤ – He would have to find some way to protect himself some weapon The fire worked well when it was burning but it had burned down His hatchet and knife would have done nothing than make the At the bow would push the arrow deep enough to do anything but again make the bear really mad He bundled in his bag that night the end of the two weeks of warm weather He kept putting wood on the fire half afraid the bear would come back All the while he tried to think of a solution But in reality the bear was not his primary adversary Nor was the wolf nor any animal Brian had b Being Alone in the middle of nowhere isn’t very fun but being cold and alone takes it to a whole other level; just ask Brian Robeson“Brian’s Winter” is a continuation of Gary Paulsen’s book “Hatchet” Actually it is a reimagining of what would have happened to Brian Robeson if he wasn’t rescued and had to get through the cold Northern Canada winter alone Brian almost misses the signs that winter is coming but when he finally gets it he realizes that he has a lot of work to do There are many things that he will have to learn to do for himself but the biggest of these is figuring out how to stay warm and how to find food when the temperatures dip well below 0° Can he figure out how to do these things before it is too late?I really loved this book because it went right where my mind went as I read the first book “Hatchet” I couldn’t imagine how Brian could survive the winter at the pace he was going Admittedly I do find it a little farfetched that Brian learns to do all of the things that he has to do so uickly but it isn’t beyond the realm of possibility And I appreciate that Paulsen broaches the subject of hunting and taking a life with a little depth and thought than he did in the first book I personally think it is okay to hunt for food especially when it is necessary for survival But I like the fact that Brian doesn’t find it any easier to do just because he needs the food The topic of hunting and animal rights is always relevant to some degree and I think Paulsen handled it nicely hereI recommend this book for all but the most sueamish readers he does have to clean the animals he kills It would definitely be a great read for the outdoor enthusiast and it would make a good fiction connection for some science and language arts classes

Gary Paulsen ↠ Brian's Winter EPUB

Brian's WinterEcome his own worst enemy because in all the business of hunting fishing and surviving he had forgotten the primary rule Always always pay attention to what was happening Everything in nature means something and he had missed the warnings that summer was ending had in many ways already ended and what was coming would be the most dangerous thing he had faced since the plane crash Again I review that I love these books not only am I a Gary Paulsen Fan but I also like survival books; and if you like survival this book is not for you The book takes you back to the spot where we left Brian the Canadian Wilderness This time instead of setting the radio transmitter of Gary Paulsen writes about a diffrent ending to the book Hatchet Brian finds the survival kit and continues to hunt for small game and fowl bird as he calls it Brian knows that the seasons are coming and he must prepare for winter Brian also feels that he has gone soft due to the fact that he has used the rifle to his advantage and eaten all the dry meals Then soon Brian realizes that he must Make weapons and snow material if he wants to survive the winter This book soon goes into an exiteing twists and turns but I am not going to give any spoilers away on what happens to him After this Book there is the following Seualls Brians Return and Brians Hunt Mrs Spratt I hope you didn't think this book was at a middle shcool level because i surely enjoyed These are my favorite types of books