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Herrn Eugen Dührings Umwälzung der Wissenschaft Read & Download · 104

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Herrn Eugen Dührings Umwälzung der WissenschaftTernal truths the dialectic “uantity and uality” theory of power theory of land tenure among other matters. Anti Dühring Herr Eugen Dühring's Revolution in Science by Frederick Engels A Review“Beware of egomaniacs with a scheme to change the world” might be a moral one could take from this book But the relevance of “Anti Duhring” goes far deeper than mere fortune cookie wisdom In it Frederick Engels exposes a charlatan for the reactionary he is and in the process elaborates the fundamental aspects of MarxismIt is not a good place to start learning about ‘scientific socialism’ though Besides having to adapt as a 21st century reader to 19th century language the scope of Engels knowledge in history science and economics is dazzling making his claim to be a “dilettante” in these subjects somewhat disingenuous This is not just academic jousting however but a literary manifestation of the struggle for ideas in the German labour movement of the late 19th century a vital moment in the history of working class struggle It can be easy to miss “the wood for the trees” in this book However with a grounding in Marxism to act as a compass this book is full of invaluable lessonsAnd that is where the use value of this work lay Not necessarily in the detail of Engel’s criticism but in fundamental criticisms of Duhring’s project that the detail supports Written with Engel’s readable style and devastating wit dismantling Duhring provides the student of Marxism with as Engels describes in the 1885 preface “positive conceptions developed alongside the polemic” that will help deepen one’s understanding of Marxist philosophy historical analysis and economics“Anti Duhring” is the source of a classic introductory text in the study of Marxism “Socialism Utopian and Scientific” which is a great place to start But with fundamental concepts firmly in hand “Anti Duhring” is one of those classics that with patience and attention delivers again and again to the students of Marxism fortifying their theoretical knowledge and preparing them for the struggleBoth texts can be found onlinehttpswwwmarxistsorgarchivemarxhttpswwwmarxistsorgarchivemarx

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Y Political Economy Socialism and in each Engels discusses topics such as morality euality freedom necessity e. This book establishes the fact that Herr Eugen Dühring is a pseudophilosophical idiot The whole of Engels' book is dedicated to proving exactly why Dühring's ideas are wrong At least that may have been the point but the fact that Anti Dühring is still read by Marxists today highlights the importance of what Engels wrote The enduring ideas are not necessarily the reasons why Dühring was wrong but Engels' answer to them In this book the author clarifies and expands on many points laid out in the life of Marx and Engels one of the most significant being that this book contains the material extracted to Socialism Scientific Utopian The book does tend to be uite dry and uote heavy although I found the 1800's style literary bitchslaps uite entertaining It is however essential reading material for serious Marxists presenting the materialist view of socialism rather than a utopian one

Read & Download Herrn Eugen Dührings Umwälzung der Wissenschaft

Herrn Eugen Dührings Umwälzung der Wissenschaft Read & Download · 104 ´ ❰Read❯ ➪ Herrn Eugen Dührings Umwälzung der Wissenschaft Author Friedrich Engels – Workers of all Countries UniteThe book is divided into three sections Philosophy Political Economy SoWorkers of all Countries Dührings Umwälzung PDF #8608 UniteThe book is divided into three sections Philosoph. Damn how will Dühring ever get back from this