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epub ↠ On The Trail of Delusion Kindle Edition read ✓ feedmarkformulate Ä [BOOKS] ✭ On The Trail of Delusion ✯ Fred Litwin – Fred Litwin exposes the truth about Jim Garrison the New Orleans District Attorney who ‘solved’ the JFK assassination inS There is also a touch of bribery and intimidation the story of his attempt to charge a dead man with being a grassy knoll assassin the former Marine he believed was a ‘second Oswald’ several con men who turned the tables and fooled Garrison the use of truth ser For almost 60 years debate has raged over whether or not Lee Harvey Oswald was as the Warren Commission determined the lone gunman in the assassination of President John F Kennedy Ever since that day on November 22nd 1963 there have been countless conspiracy theories; perhaps none as notorious as the charges brought against Clay Shaw by New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison on March 1st 1967 Garrison alleged that Shaw a gay New Orleans businessman conspired to kill the president despite a lack of evidence Now in his riveting deeply researched expose “On the Trail of Delusion” author Fred Litwin uses a trail of incorrect and erroneous statements and documents to refute Garrison’s accusations against Clay Shaw and a host of other alleged co conspirators Litwin is a “marketing professional” as well as a former a conspiracy theory expert when it comes to the assassination of JFK and is the author of two previous books “Conservative Confidential” and “I Was A Teenage JFK Conspiracy Freak” In his new book Litwin tears apart Garrison’s investigation piece by piece chapter by chapter The portrait he paints of the late Jim Garrison is of a troubled man who suffered from mental illness and as a prosecutor preyed on homosexuals This image of Garrison is in sharp contrast to the one presented by Oliver Stone is his controversial film “JFK” But Litwin attempts to dig even deeper at the facts and his book covers an impressive range of individuals and events “On the Trail Of Delusion” is an intriguing and intense trip down the same “rabbit hole” that Litwin claims Jim Garrison followed in his failed investigation He includes information concerning an attempt to charge a dead man with being one of the “other” assassins and a former Marine that Garrison thought was the “second Oswald” Litwin also reveals the many ways the prosecutor was hoodwinked by liars and conmen And he gives details into the making of what he calls Oliver Stone’s “homophobic” film “JFK” The author includes an almost endless array of original documents that poke big holes in Garrison’s investigation This book is a must read for anyone interested in the events surrounding the JFK assassination as well as for “history buffs” It unfolds at breathtaking speed presents incredibly well researched facts and reads from start to finish like a crimemystery thriller It’s a powerful knockout punch to the heart of Jim Garrison’s version of the truthHighly recommended

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Fred Litwin exposes the truth about Jim Garrison Trail of Kindle #214 the New Orleans District Attorney who ‘solved’ the JFK assassination in On the Trail of Delusion shows how Garrison persecuted an innocent gay man in order to spout his crazy conspiracy theorie The truth of the matterAuthor Fred Litwin has a rich career as a marketing professional as Vice President of sales for LAN Systems in New York City working with Intel Corporation founding NorthernBlues Music starting the Free Thinking Film Society to showcase films on liberty freedom and democracy and has written numerous articles for National Post Ottawa Citizen the Toronto Sun C2C Journal iPolitics and The Dorchester Review His books to date CONSERVATIVE CONFIDENTIAL INSIDE THE FABULOUS BLUE TENT I WAS A TEENAGE JFK CONSPIRACY FREAK and now ON THE TRAIL OF DELUSIONIn this meticulously researched and copiously documented new book Fred Litwin accomplishes his mission to raise awareness about the fallacious conspiracy theories of the assassination of JFK on November 22 1963 that continue to surface over fifty years from that tragedy Long admired for his intelligent criticism of Deep State shenanigans that continue to emerge despite lack of evidence for allegations he brings the pot to a boil in this superb book that provides proof that the JFK assassination was indeed the lone act of communist Lee Harvey Oswald and not a plot reeking of conspiracyAs this book is released yet another Oliver Stone production – a 4 part miniseries along the lines of his well known film JFK – is scheduled Litwin’s book solidly counters Stone’s persistent conspiracy theory taking prosecutor Jim Garrison’s fraudulent actions to task The book’s Introduction presents Litwin’s précis well ‘One of the greatest miscarriages of American jurisprudence occurred on March 1 1967 when a gay man in New Orleans Clay Shaw was charge with conspiracy to assassinate President John F Kennedy;’ The prosecutor Jim Garrison had no evidence to support the charge other than the recollections of a witness Perry Russo who had been interviewed after being injected with sodium pentothal a so called truth serum and then uestioned three times under hypnosis His recovered memory – that he had been at a party where participants had loosely discussed JFK’s murder – was enough to ruin Shaw’s life The case took two years to go to trial at which time Shaw was acuitted Garrison then charged him with perjury and it took another two years to get that charge uashed Shortly afterward Shaw died of cancer; the best years of his retirement and most of his savings robbed before his very eyesI now have hundreds of these sorts of memos and while I find them endlessly amusing they are nothing of the sort A dangerous mind inhabited the New Orleans DA’s office and because he couldn’t find a conspiracy he made one up And in his wake many lives were brokenAfter examining thousands of pages of Garrison documents I knew that not only did I have to re tell the Clay Shaw story I had to tell the stories of the other people he went after Ten months after he charged Shaw with conspiracy to kill Kennedy he indicted another person Eugene Edgar Bradley with conspiracy – without any indication of how or if the two conspiracies were linked Garrison Staffer Tom Bethell asked “had two entirely separate gangs opened fire simultaneously in Dealey Plaza” Garrison even tried to go after a man who had committed suicide a year before Kennedy was killed He charged reporters with fraud and witnesses with perjury He bribed witnesses to give false statements and threatened others who wouldn’t go along I’ve tried to tell all of these stories in this book’Though the book reads like the finest investigatory thriller the facts are clear and this treatise is definitive Why must the need to create conspiracy theories continue Perhaps the truth is too difficult to accept This is an impressive – and important document on many levels not only about the assassination but also about powers in America

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On The Trail of DelusionUm and On The PDFEPUBhypnosis to recover memories the ugly story of Oliver Stone’s homophobic film JFK and a lawyer from Montreal who was unjustly accused of operating an international assassination bureau There’s even a chapter with flying saucers And a whole lo 5 starsThe tragic and brutal assassination of John F Kennedy in 1967 has always been so interesting to me The continued lack of a realistic and logical suspectsuspects has made this monumental case the ultimate “whodunnit” mystery case of American history And aside from basic history texts and the articles providing closer looks into the case as well as a few conspiracy theory documentaries I had a very basic knowledge of the assassination However recently a friend recommended On The Trail of Delusion Jim Garrison The Great Accuser by Fred Litwin and I was so captivated and drawn into the history of it allOn the Trail of Delusions is a comprehensive well organized easy to understand deep dive into crazy theories multiple suspects and motives galore It is written clearly and in a style that exudes excellent journalism chocked full of facts and investigations into the various claims And although this story has everything from corruption to use of interrogation tactics like hypnosis and truth serum It still comes across with excellent research and unbiased journalism The plot contains everything from UFOs to persecution of innocent homosexuals As well as the movie JFK by Oliver Stone that was homophobic and accusations of innocent officials being part of International Assassination Bureau Also throw in the attempted charging of a dead man as being the shooter bribery intimidation con men and the search for a another gun man or a “second Oswald”Although it sounds like the plot to a new crime thriller conspiracy type blockbuster it is all very true and Litwin does an incredible job of reporting the facts and having it read like fiction I highly recommend