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This new edition of Frank Ledwidge's eye opening analysis of British involvement in Ira and Afghanistan unpicks the causes and enormous costs of military failure Updated throughout and with fresh chapte This book is the truth and I knew that truth long before we went to war in Ira and Afghanistan The British soldier has always been short changed by the government of the day The euipment issued to a soldier for his protection is and has always been abysmal Until the first gulf war we were still wearing steel helmets and some crap webbing known at the time has 58 pattern and I believe that if the first gulf war had not happened we would still be wearing that crap now The MOD is full of failed officersjobs for the boys mainly unemployed between gin and tonic's What used to be a great country with a great army has been allowed to deteriorate until we have little than a militia Poor leadership you can see it not only in the military of yesterday and today but in all walks of life in Britain I give you Brexit as a prime example We've become a very small country and we are getting smaller and smaller as time goes by

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Losing Small Wars British Military Failure in the 9 11 WarsEntial reading for anyone wanting insights into the dysfunction within the British military today and the conseuences this has on the lives of innocent civilians caught up in war Times Literary Suppleme Depressing Tells the truth about the elite who runs this country and sends our sons to their death

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Download doc Ü Losing Small Wars ¹ British Military Failure in the 9 ´ feedmarkformulate ✓ ❰Read❯ ➪ Losing Small Wars: British Military Failure in the 9/11 Wars Author Frank Ledwidge – This new edition of Frank LedwidgRs assessing and enumerating the overall military performance since 2011 including Libya ISIS and the Chilcot findings Ledwidge shows how lessons continue to go unlearned A brave and important book; ess This new addition gives addional information and damming analysis in the light of Chilcot's long delayed report that demands a reread for those who bought the first addition As a veteran of both campaigns I have nothing but gratitude for Ledwidge who has brilliantly exposed the incompetence with which our political military establishment has prosecuted these wars Surely this must now be regarded as the best and most heart searching account of the reasons for the post 911 chaos that the UK has been prominent in creating RAJ