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Book Ç Children of the Forest Æ Mini Edition

Pdf ã Mini Edition ¼ Elsa Beskow

A mini gift edition of Elsa Beskow's classic story The children of the forest live deep in the roots of an old pine tree They This is a beautiful book The illustrations are magical and very captivating and appropriate for small children The text and story outlines the seasons seasonal changes in nature and how life in the forest adapts to those changesBut not only is the book written and illustrated beautifully it also teaches important lessons in a language and way children will understand It teaches of plants and animals that thrive in the forest It captures characteristics of the animals Scatty suirrels eat nuts frogs are big fat and kind bats eat insects and can fly and some animals are dangerous like the snake that tries to attack the children and must therefor be killedIt also teaches children to respect the animals of the forest and never to harm them unless the animal attacks first explained with the boys attacking ants for sport being stung and running back to mother who tells them that they must not attack animals unless the animal harms them firstAs cruel as this might seem to some parents it is an important lesson about reality taught in a magical and innocent way so that children won't get frightened by it but WILL remember for example not to touch snakes when they come across them on their walks in nature The book also teaches not to pick mushrooms unless you know they are good to eat another important safety lesson in my opinionAll in all the seasonal changes in nature and what humans and animal do to live within those changes throughout the year are depicted beautifully magically but at the same time realistically enough to actually be useful in every day life A wonderful blend of child like innocence encouraging imagination and real life lessons the children can take with them when venturing into the real forest All carried by the stunning warm and timeless illustrations that bring the text to life

Doc Children of the Forest

Children of the Forest Mini EditionWhen autumn comes they collect and prepare food to see them through the long winter until the warm spring breeze starts to bl As a woman who loves the outdoors I have always loved the illustrations and the writing of this author Elsa Beskow While I usually purchase her full size books the mini is easy for children to hold Sometimes I purchased both—the full size and the mini I have been buying Elsa Beskow books for years She is very popular in Scandinavia When I was in Bergen Norway I actually found a child’s dinner set with Elsa Beskow illustrations

Elsa Beskow ¼ Children of the Forest: Mini Edition Kindle

Book Ç Children of the Forest Æ Mini Edition ✓ ☂ [PDF / Epub] ☁ Children of the Forest: Mini Edition By Elsa Beskow ✐ – A mini gift edition of Elsa Beskow's classic story The children of the forest live deep in the roots of an old pine tree They collect wild mushrooms and bCollect wild mushrooms and blueberries and shelter under toadstools when it rains They play with the suirrels and frogs and One of the greatest children's stories ever There are hundreds of cute stories for children Very few that are beautifulThis book is a timeless treasure that teaches lessons of nature but importantly takes us on a magical journey Not a Disney thrill ride but a uiet walk through a land of enchantment I would highly recommend buying the full size book and not the mini version as Elsa Beskow's art is amazing and some of the magic is lost on the smaller page