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Characters ☆ Star Wars: The Force Awakens: The Official Collector's Edition Å PDF DOC TXT eBook or Kindle ePUB free

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Characters ☆ Star Wars: The Force Awakens: The Official Collector's Edition Å PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Î [Reading] ➿ Star Wars: The Force Awakens: The Official Collector's Edition By Join or create book clubs – FeedmarkformThis official The Force PDF #204 companion to the latest Star Wars film features behind the scenes. I got it fairly uickly It surprises me at how much focus to detail the director did for the movie

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Interviews movie stills character profiles and descriptions of iconic vehicles and weaponry With. JJ Abrams director of “Star Wars The Force Awakens” claims that this saga is “about finding your own strength and finding connections with people you wouldn't anticipate knowing” among other things Abrams had a monumental task ahead of him when the decision was made to go ahead with the film It would be the seventh in a series of blockbusters but how could he put together a new cast scenery and storyline to welcome yet another generation into the Star Wars family Nothing would be easy but selecting new blood to join an inimitable cast of characters would be a key factor to enthuse that generation Just who would they be and what ualities could they bring to the big screenNaturally for any actor or actress any role in a “Star Wars” film would be a dream come true as the films had been an integral part of their childhoods Abrams felt there had to be some new blood and as Pablo Hidalgo put it it would be difficult to bring new characters and a new generation of heroes into the fold” It would all begin with the search for Rey a “young bold and independent” scavenger on the planet Jakku It would be a tall order to find a beautiful kick butt young woman to fill the part but soon Daisy Ridley was on board putting in a four hour four day training weekIn this book there are a series of Character Profiles profiles that introduce the new members of the Star Wars family and re introduce the old Each one is interviewed and the answered uestions give young readers a privileged insight into the life of several characters including Chewie and C 3PO Did you know that C 3PO is “fluent in than six million forms of communication” He is but if you're a Star Wars fan you probably already knew that The profiles delve into the roles and lives of Daisy Ridley Rey John Boyega Finn Oscar Isaac Poe Dameron Adam Driver Kyle Ren Harrison Ford Han Solo Peter Mayhew Chewbacca Carrie Fisher Leia Domhnall Gleeson General Hux Gwendoline Christie Captain Phasma Anthony Daniels C 3PO and the cast on BB 8The heroes and the villains are all here but even before introducing them we get a fabulous look via a timeline that tracks “the major events that led to ‘The Force Awakens’” It's a fabulous recap of each episode one that will refresh one’s memory rekindling the excitement of the adventure Star Wars fans probably don't need many reminders but even some of the actors didn't remember everything about those sets You'll find out just who they were and what they forgot about when you read this book Do you remember the Battle of Naboo How about Cloud City If you do you just may be a true Star Wars fanIn addition to those Character Profiles we also hear from Simon Pegg a fanboy and “actor who brings Unkarr Pluto to life” Then we hear from JJ Abrams himself and screenwriter Lawrence Kasdan Of course it's great fun to take a look at the construction of the Millenium Falcon “one of the fastest ships in the galaxy” and the costume designer Of course there's so much to read about just everything in this book There's even a sidebar that outlines the modifications the ‘Falcon’ has undergone For example in case you didn't know “The ‘Falcon’ sports military grade armor uad laser cannons and many other illegal and customized hot rod components”This is a fabulous behind the scenes look at the production of “Star Wars The Force Awakens” that fans will love Of course this is a special Collector’s Edition and one doesn't have to be young to enjoy it The layout is simply amazing popping with a wide array of stunning full color photographs and drawings It's difficult to say whether the interviews or the layout contribute to the book but probably the combination cements the fact that it's awe inspiring Mind you I'm no fan from way back when but I loved reading this book There are numerous informative sidebars that add to the book For example we are privy to “Leia’s Style Guide” one that shows how she looked in three different episodes In a nutshell this is one Collectors Edition that can't be missedThis book courtesy of the publisher

Summary Star Wars: The Force Awakens: The Official Collector's Edition

Star Wars The Force Awakens The Official Collector's EditionPages of action packed photos and content this collector's edition will thrill every Star Wars fan. This 100 page insider's guide contains interviews with cast and crew members including an introduction by director JJ Abrams It also includes some great behind the scenes photos All pages are glossy and high uality This guide is for both casual and serious Star Wars fans that I highly recommend I paid 10 for it and see that at the time of this review it is 3 times as much at 30 Shop around and get your hands on it ASAP