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review Cantonese-English/English-Cantonese Dictionary & Phrasebook Ó eBook or Kindle ePUB

free download Cantonese-English/English-Cantonese Dictionary & Phrasebook

review Cantonese-English/English-Cantonese Dictionary & Phrasebook Ó eBook or Kindle ePUB ï ❴Download❵ ➵ Cantonese-English/English-Cantonese Dictionary & Phrasebook Author Editors of Hippocrene Books – Cantonese is an official language of HonDarin Chinese and makes use of characters generally not understood by non Cantonese speakers Contains dictionary entries and each entry includes Cantonese characters and intuitive phonetics Also provides concise grammar and pronunciation sectio. Not exactly jyutping but I kinda grasp the idea of the book

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Cantonese is an official language of Hong Kong and Macau and the dominant dialect of Chinese spoken in the province of Guangdong Spoken by nearly million people worldwide it is understood by much of the Chinese diaspora population across the wo. This book is an excellent supplement for Cantonese learners It is very handy if you are looking to expand your vocabulary or look up words and phrases on the goThe book makes use of the nine tone Yale system with Jyutping like the Yale Number Romanization to be specific phonetic translations There is a pronunciation guide at the beginning of the book but it is best if you have some other experience with Cantonese tones and pronunciationsThere is a brief section on personal pronouns uantifiers and grammar This is followed by a Cantonese English dictionary The hanzi characters are included but all words are listed alphabetically by their transliteration Next is the English Cantonese dictionary where all words are listed alphabetically by the English spelling and the hanzi and transliteration are givenThe phrasebook section includes tons of phrases that are so helpful for getting around Hong Kong There are sections on shopping social interactions dining out etc I checked with the Cantonese speaker in my life and he gave nearly all of the phrases a thumbs up Some are a bit formal but all of them will be understood by native speakersThis is not a book to learn Cantonese from It provides only very basic information on how tones and pronunciations work However it is a great book to use to improve your vocabulary It is also a handy size about as tall as a trade paperback but half the width to take along with you on your trip

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Cantonese English English Cantonese Dictionary & PhrasebookRld and rivals Mandarin as the lingua franca of south China and ethnic Chinese living abroad Uniue among all the Chinese dialects Cantonese also has a writing system that is distinct from Cantonese EnglishEnglish Cantonese Dictionary PDFEPUBMan. This book is a very good overview for those who need a solid dictionary with phrases on your travels to Hong Kong southern China and wherever Cantonese speaking populations reside The only thing I didn't like about this phrasebook is that it doesn't list common animal names dog cat etc and there are some spelling errors Otherwise if you are familiar with the language and speak andor understand about 20 30% like me then you will be able to make by with studying and using this useful guide