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Donald Culross Peattie History of ePUB #180 s two books about American trees were first published in the s In this edition modern listeners are introduced to one of the best nature writers of A Natural eBook #204 the last century As we listen to Peattie s descriptions we catch glimpses of our country s history and past daily life that no textbook could ever illuminate so vividly Here Natural History of PDF #201 you ll learn about everything from how a species was discovered to the part it played in our country s historyPioneers often stabled an an. How horribly unfair for an earlier reviewer to give this book one star simply because it is an abridged version Think of how many people will see that review and choose not to read what may be the most perfect book for neophyte dendrologists ever written Nor is the book for inexperienced tree aficionados only Even experts will be well served by the books beautiful prose and unabashed emotion even if only reminds them how best to inspire a love of trees in their students I already know the Latin names of all the eastern trees in the book and know how to identify each species by sight Nonetheless I was thrilled by the historical information in the descriptions and was actually moved to tears by Peattie s description of what we have lost and will continue to lose as these trees disappear from our forestsEach specie s uniue characteristics are concisely described in the book but each tree s character is lovingly explained as well Peattie writes so beautifully that you cannot help but be moved and perhaps forever changed by reading his descriptions This book will make you gasp with wonder stun you into speechlessness make you laugh aloud with sheer joy and probably move you to tears than once The few short pages about the Beech tree for example describe its characteristic bark and form and explain how colonists knew a beech tree indicated good soil for planting crops This is standard information but how many field guides exclaim over the gleam of its wondrously smooth bark or remind us that the famous Beech carved into by Daniel Boone began its life fifty years before Shakespeare You don t need any prior knowledge of silviculture or dendrology to learn from and love this volume Field Guides may help you to distinguish between a red oak and a black oak but no other book will make you fall in love with a tree In fact all the guidebooks in the world fail to do what this book does effortlessly and beautifully turn your appreciation for trees into an educated passion for each and every tree in your backyard and beyond I promise you will not regret reading this book I virtually guarantee you will read it again and again I only wish I could thank the author personally for the gift of this perfect book

characters A Natural History of North American Trees Audio Download: Donald Culross Peattie, Kevin Stillwell, Audible Studios: Audible Audiobooks

A Natural History of North American Trees Audio Download Amazon co uk Donald Culross Peattie Kevin Stillwell Audible Studios Audible AudiobooksImal in the hollow heart of an Natural History of North American Kindle old syca and the whole family might live there until they could build a log cabin The tuliptree the tallest native hardwood is easier to work than most softwood trees Daniel Boone carved a sixty foot canoe from one Natural History of North American Kindle tree to carry his family from Kentucky into Spanish territory In the days before the Revolution the British and the colonists waged an undeclared war over New England s white pines which made the best tall masts for fight. Engrossing reading by one of the finest nature and science writers of the 20th century Peattie includes captivating stories from other fields such as US history

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free read A Natural History of North American Trees Audio Download: Donald Culross Peattie, Kevin Stillwell, Audible Studios: Audible Audiobooks 109 ☆ [Read] ➲ A Natural History of North American Trees Audio Ing ships It s fascinating to learn about the commercial uses of various woods for paper fine furniture fence posts matchsticks house framing airplane wings and dozens of other preplastic uses But we cannot listen to this book without the occasional lump in our throats The American elm was still alive when Peattie wrote but as we listen to his account today we can see what caused its demise Audubon s portrait of a pair of loving passenger pigeons in an American beech is considered by many to be his greatest painting It certainly touched the poet i. passionately written