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ePub â An Egg Is Quiet é Picture Book » feedmarkformulate ´ ❮Read❯ ➱ An Egg Is Quiet: (Picture Book, Kids Book about Eggs) (Nature Books) Author Dianna Aston – A beautifully simple introduction to eggs of all kinds; from tiny hummingbird eggs to giant Active and informative this will find a home in classrooms and Easter baskets alike Now in paperback I have this book digitally but after seeing the illustrations I will have to buy it hard good My children loved it and I read it to my first grade class who also loved it

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Ggs from fossilised dinosaur eggs to gooey fish eggs it's an entirely fresh look at the familiarAttr Beautiful artwork I love how the eggs are labeled We use this book in our nature study for identifying eggs and which birds lay them My boys also use it to copy into their nature journals Truly a gem of a book

ePub è Picture Book ☆ Dianna Aston

An Egg Is Quiet Picture Book Kids Book about Eggs Nature BooksA beautifully simple introduction to eggs of all kinds from tiny hummingbird eggs to giant ostrich e I think this is a superb book in every respect However I disagree with the recommended age of ages of 5 and 6 It may be fun and informative for little children but I also see it as very appropriate for older elementary age children who are likely to understand the vocabulary and can peruse and study the excellent scientifically correct illustrations and descriptions at their leisure or when they want to use the information for school reports or other purposes