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Mobi On the Third Day

Mobi Ø On the Third Day 0 pages õ ✻ [BOOKS] ✯ On the Third Day By David Niall Wilson ❅ – A Young priest experiences the Stigmata When the Vatican sends in Father Prescott the Miracle Man to investigate what ensues is a race to find the truth behind what's happening at the Cathedral of San A Young A Young priest experiences the Stigmata When the Vatican sends in Father Prescott the Miracle Man to investigate Father uentin Thomas while leading Easter Mass at the Cathedral of San Marcos experienced somethingunusual Could it be the Stigmata Out of fear and confusion he goes to see Bishop Michaels for help but Father Thomas is greeted with hostility The Bishop does not want the publicity; he doesn’t even want to believe it was a miracle Easter has come around again so the Bishop after speaking with the Vatican agrees to attend the Mass and videotape it What happens at the Mass to Father Thomas is almost surreal; even the congregation was affected by a trance like state Some are awed some confused some strengthened in their faith The Vatican has sent Father Donovan Prescott to investigate the incident Was Father Thomas creating a hoax Was it in fact the Stigmata the bleeding wounds of the Crucifiction or something sinister Father Prescott tells Father Thomas about his investigation into a possible miracle involving a statue of the Martyr St Peter to try to help ease the young priest’s mind It is Easter again and Father Thomas Father Prescott and Bishop Michaels prepare themselves for the potential of the event happening again What happens during that Mass leaves even Father Prescott confused and frightened The entire congregation is caught upbut in what Father Prescott must find out if he is to save the life of the young priest before it is all over This is an excellent story It is religious themed horror done in a subtle way David Niall Wilson uses his words to create beautiful vivid images which allows the reader to fully experience the story Mr Wilson takes us on a journey from a dusty office in Rome to a Mission in the jungles of Peru to a small village in Italy and finally to a Cathedral on the ocean in California while keeping us all on the edge of our seats wondering the same thingare their really miracles happening I also enjoyed the multiple meanings of the title but I won’t give that away I highly recommend ON THE THIRD DAY to any fan of horror although hard core gore fans may not find it to their liking

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E the miracle or curse gets out of hand and before they are faced with the uestion of what happenson the third da As I sat for a while pondering what I was going to write here I came to a bit of an odd realization I kinda like this book but I really have no idea whyThe tale about the investigation into what happened to a young pastor during Easter Mass is an interesting one I had seen this book to described as religious themed horrorbut I don't know if that moniker really fits While the events that happen could be called horrific the tone of the book keeps it from feeling like a horror novel Much of the story is about the nature of faith and miracles and while the miracles that appear in the story all seem to relate to the blood they are approached in such a way that keeps them from seeming horrificThe thing that carried the book for me where the characters All of them seemed believable which helped to the ground the storyWhile I enjoyed the story it was not perfect A couple of side plots and characters are introduced but just kinda fade away without impacting the plot or the main characters in any real way I also found the ending of the story to be for lack of a better word unsatisfactory I hesitate to call it bad but too many threads were left hanging for my tastes

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On the Third DayWhat ensues is a race to find the truth behind what's happening at the Cathedral of San Valencez by the sea befor I am fairly new to fiction and don't fully understand how to choose books based on writing styles So I chose to read something from an author I knowknew personally David Wilson and I were stationed aboard the USS Guadalcanal in the late 80s Back then he was still a budding author but had written and published many short stories He even wrote one about me while we floated around on the Mediterranean Sea for 6 months I seem to have lost my copy of that manuscript and subseuently lost touch with David Then through the magic of Facebook we reconnected via an online running group think 5Ks Having not remembered much about his writing style but recollecting uite a bit about him personally including his chess game I decided to read one of his popular books “One The Third Day” I reads uickly which I appreciate I didn't need to count pages – something I tend to do The chapters are short and numerous which provided many opportunities to step away when necessary The backdrop for the story is Catholic Mass If you have not attended many masses then some of the story may be lost on you Fortunately I've attended a few and that experience assisted me throughout Maybe I'll read another of his works later this year Maybe he still has a copy of my short story laying around