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doc Ñ Getting Things Done How To Achieve Stress free Productivity Paperback ☆ feedmarkformulate ´ [EPUB] ✶ Getting Things Done How To Achieve Stress free Productivity ✻ David Allen – In today's world yesterday's methods just don'Rtional to our ability to relax Only when our minds are clear and Getting Things PDFEPUB or our thoughts are organized can we achieve effective productivity and unleash our creative potential In Getting Things Done Allen shows how to Apply the do it delegate it defer it drop it rule to get your in box to empty Reassess goals and stay focused Probably the best self help book I ever read in any case the one I most adapted to the organization of my life It does not have an annoying religious aura to it like 7 Habits or the selfish haberdashery spirit of How to Win Friends and Influence People but is down to earth and highly practical I was able to get to Inbox Zero and have held on to that principal for years now If folks are interested I can repost here my own adaptation of the techniues Still for me a referenceMy advice the inbox method is truly important and infinitely helpful I figured it out and truly feel less overwhelmed and stressed out by emailStep 1Create folders in your various mail programs called01 TODO this is for items that take than 2 min to read and take action on02 TO READ these are for things you want to read later newsletters long explanatory emails etc03 FOLLOWUP these are things you cannot completed but are waiting on feedback from someone else04 WAITING FOR these are actions you cannot complete and reuire action from someone else05 TICKLER projects you don’t have time for but you want to get around to in the near future06 UPCOMING TRAVEL air car hotel tickets for future events and travelStep 2With a free hour ahead of you go through your inbox and apply the following rules 1 If you can take action on the item in less than 2 minutes do it 2 Else sort according to the rules above Step 3Rinse and repeatLet me know how it goes for you

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In changing situations Plan projects as well as get them unstuck Overcome feelings of confusion anxiety and Things Done How ePUB #9734 being overwhelmed Feel fine about what you're not doingFrom core principles to proven tricks Getting Things Done can transform the way you work showing you how to pick up the pace without wearing yourself do I have not had much success applying strategies from productivity gurus I am referring to books like The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Steven Covey and other books which share use top down strategies to order our lives There are two reasons why these have not worked for me The first is technical day to day life happens on the level of stuff The myriad of small tasks of varying importance and in multiple contexts hampers the effectiveness of top down approaches The second reason is a personal one The entire mindset of these books is very unappealing to me Books which simplify and systemize our entire lives such as Covey's books seem to suck the imagination and life right out of living Peter Pan would barf and toss these books to his crocodile buddyIncredibly one productivity book has managed to overcome my objections David Allen's Getting Things Done The Art of Stress Free Productivity has succeeded where other books failed Getting Things Done from now on I'll refer to it as GTD has made uite a splash since its release in 2001 It's influence is already pervasive and some of the most useful blogs on the internet swear by it I probably see it randomly mentioned every week So for anyone who doesn't know much about it I'd like to summarize the book and at the same time show how beneficial Allen's method has been for meFirst of all GTD is not a top down approach Allen explains that most people are so embroiled in commitments on a day to day level that their ability to focus successfully on the larger horizon is seriously impaired Conseuently a bottom up approach is usually effective Allen is dead on I already do plenty of big picture thinking and it really hasn't helped me deal with the nitty gritty details of whatever messy projects and tasks are on my plate Allen admits that a lot of times what is needed are a few tricks GTD has euipped me to better deal with my responsibilities and in some cases gave me some trick that helped make all the differenceThe second problem I've had with productivity books is complex I believe it is important to maintain a little bit of a child like disposition in life My impressions of the professional world are that it creates uniformity and kills creativity It's very easy to figure out where my attitudes come from I grew up watching Mary Poppins and Peter Pan and Peter Pan was the first big book that I owned and read I think I got that book out of my grandpa's library after his funeral Both of these stories portray growing up as a very dangerous thing to do and I've never stopped worrying that I will become old dry boring and bored But whether I like it or not life happens and responsibilities accumulate And here is how Getting Things Done succeeds where others fail without wasting time suggesting a cookie cutter pattern for my life it aids in conuering mundane tasks and responisibilities so that my energy can return to the activities that excite me As I've implemented Allen's method I've found myself able to mentally relax and in general am feeling a lot creative again That's pretty much fantasticHere is a uick summary of the GTD method Allen describes a five stage workflow collecting anything that commands our attention processing organizing the results reviewing the options and taking action Going through these steps for the first time is a huge project; Allen suggests taking several days to do this It took me uite awhile to get all the papers and open loops collected or written down and several hours of work to organize them Fortunately Allen does plenty of hand holding through this If someone as absent minded and flighty as myself can do it anyone can Allen also includes chapters on developing and tracking projects really excellent stuff and deciding what to do next at any given moment As a manual it is very well written It gives brief overviews of everything before going into greater detail By the time you are implementing it you already have a decent grasp of the materialAllen sold me in the early chapters so I dived in with both feet It took awhile but the results are wonderful I have no loose unorganized papers anywhere Before I did GTD my mind felt like it was completely in knots It's felt that way for years Now that I don't carry the anxiety of lots of unidentified mental baggage and millions of unsorted papers my mind feels relaxed and focused GTD also helps me keep a clear picture of any tasks in front of me and it's much easier to decide what to do next Tackling a next action list feels a bit like a game I hope to get one down to zero someday I am productive and am feeling energetic The method is also somewhat flexible everyone's implementation will vary a bit I use a clipboard with next action divded by context big wallets to hold file folders in place of a file cabinet basic office supplies a paper calendar and four trays for inbox next action outbox data entry for business cards and such and waiting for Very low tech which is how I like itOnly time will tell what effect all this will have on me Increased responsibilities will be the real test of GTD's effectiveness Although GTD will hold special appeal to workaholics and productivity worshippers it is potentially beneficial to anyone who struggles to keep track of all the little tasks we need to get done Check it out

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Getting Things Done How To Achieve Stress free ProductivityIn today's world yesterday's methods Done How eBook #10003 just don't work In Getting Things Done veteran coach and management consultant David Allen shares the breakthrough methods for stress free performance that he has introduced to tens of thousands of people across the country Allen's premise is simple our productivity is directly propo I bought this book and I read some of it It sat on a shelf unfinished I read some It sat in my car unfinished I eventually made the decision to never finish it I think this is self explanatoryLaterNow I'm reading 26 Reasons Not to Use GTD and it does a good job of articulating the ehhhhness that I felt while reading thisEven laterAnd if you think GTD's followers are a little cult like see for instance the comments on this review check this out When David Allen says in the acknowledgments deepest thanks go to my spiritual coach J R he's talking about a man named John Roger the Mystical Traveler who believes he is a reincarnation of Jesus St Francis of Assisi and Abraham Lincoln Allen is a minister in his Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness church Yup