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read kindle ¸ Are You Dreaming Ò ä feedmarkformulate º ➽ [Download] ✤ Are You Dreaming? By Daniel Love ➲ – 'Just about everything you could possibly need to know about lucid dreaming A thoroughly enjoyable compendious and insightful guide for those interestEhensive and modern guide to lucid dreaming expert lucid dreamer and oneirologist Daniel Love will aid you on your uniue journey through the fascinating exploration of your mind This book brings the subject of conscious dreaming fully up to date including the latest discoveries research techniues and much It is the perfect guide to help you unlock the hidden potential of your dreams catering for both beginners and advanced lucid dreamers alike 'Are You Dreaming' is a no nonsense approach to this enthralling phenomenon and is simply one of the most thorough accessible and in depth contemporary guides to exploring and mastering lucid dreamin A stupendous source of information and just as important motivation to further my own attempts of gaining lucidity in the newly discovered to me previously doubted yet now VERY real I still can't get over it universe of LD There are some deeply enthralling ideas presented in this book It has only helped me reaffirm some personal beliefs and connections I've made in regard to human consciousness and the frailty of it There are of course subjective undertones but the author makes it known for the book to be read with an objective mindset

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'Just about everything you could possibly need to know about lucid dreaming A thoroughly enjoyable compendious and insightful guide for those interested Are You Kindle in exploring their inner worlds' Dr Keith HearneDiscover the Universe Inside your Mind Astonishingly there is around a in chance that you are dreaming at any given moment including right nowEvery night you adventure inwards to a universe made from the very fabric of your being your dreams Dreaming accounts for around % of your daily experience and amazingly each year you will spend an entire month dreaming What if you could 'wake up' to this mysterious world to learn to co Are You Dreaming was the first book I ever read on the subject of lucid dreaming and is by a very large margin my favorite Daniel’s writing style is very accessible and down to earth which is sometimes difficult to come by in the hippy dippy New Agey world The book is also very well organized with a lot of great information that is easy to reference back toBefore Daniel gets into the heart of the matter – namely how to have your own lucid dream experience he spends a fair bit of time discussing the history of lucid dreaming referencing some big names in the field and their contributions I’m not too keen on historical information but it was still very readable and I’m sure some people will get a kick out of that He also spends some time talking about the science of sleep cycles specifically REM rapid eye movement and NREM non REM states and how they relate to lucid dreaming REM sleep is when almost all dreams occur so there is much discussion on how to find the best time to lucid dream – generally after at least five hours of sleep since your body goes through longer REM cycles as morning approachesAnother prelude to the main topic of lucid dreaming is the importance of dream recall and he includes some good tips for improving this ability including the classic ‘write down your dreams’ approach but with details like what time you went to bed and woke up what the last meal you ate was your mood etc Another logical and important idea is to lie still when you wake up without getting out of bed or thinking about your day just letting your mind wander until you remember your dreams This was especially useful to me since sometimes it takes a few minutes before I can access dream memories and in the past I didn’t wait to see if that would happen – I just hopped out of bed and got on with my dayDaniel includes a large amount of information on preparing for lucid dreams both in your regular waking life performing reality checks and in your sleeping life trying different techniues to induce lucid dreams The most important chapter in my opinion is one where he details a dozen induction techniues including step by step information on how to do them and their pros and cons He also provides a couple chapters on what to do when you actually experience a lucid dream fly have sex explore hobbies etc and how to stay lucid without waking up or drifting back into a non lucid dream For those interested in the brain chemistry of lucid dreaming he includes a little bit of information on supplements though his approach is cautious and tempered with reason – he says several times that he prefers to lucid dream naturally since it’s free the way nature intended – though he has experimented with supplements successfullyIf you’re only going to read one book on lucid dreaming it should be this one There’s enough information in here to keep your sleeping life busy for a year or if you employ these techniues and practice regularly Perhaps most importantly this book gave me a big boost of inspiration and motivation on my lucid dreaming journey and I know I’ll refer to it regularlyPros Book is well organized Written recently 2013 up to date information Engaging writing style a page turner Includes a fair amount of scientific information without being dry and too technicalCons None

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Are You DreamingNsciously explore the inner depths of your mind Such an experience is indeed possible It is called 'Lucid Dreaming'Isn't it time you woke up to your dreamsLucid dreaming is a scientifically verified and learnable skill by which you become aware that you are dreaming whilst dreaming Such knowledge imbues you with an almost unlimited control over your dreaming adventures The power of lucid dreaming will also greatly enhance your waking life opening new avenues of creativity confidence self improvement problem solving philosophical exploration and so much A universe of opportunity awaits youMaster the art of lucid dreamingIn this deeply compr I have read many things on the topic of lucid dreaming and I have found this book to be an outstanding and foundational read for anyone approaching the subject Daniel Love weaves together an exciting view of what lucid dreaming is how to develop and hone in this skill and what the future possibly holds He writes with an intelligent stroke of the pen and strips away the esoteric mist that surrounds the subject leaving the spirit to shine even in the deep depths of our night life This book is a must for anybody even remotely curious I will be adding this book into my core library on conscious dreaming and there will be multiple rereads Thank you Daniel Love for writing an up to date book on lucid dreaming