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Read Manhunt Audio Download: Amazoncouk: Colin Sutton Peter Noble John Blake: Audible Audiobooks · PDF DOC TXT or eBook

Read Manhunt Audio Download: Colin Sutton, Peter Noble, John Blake: Audible Audiobooks

Read Manhunt Audio Download: Colin Sutton, Peter Noble, John Blake: Audible Audiobooks · PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ✓ [Reading] ➹ Manhunt Audio Download: Colin Sutton, Peter Noble, John Blake: Audible Audiobooks By Colin SutDelagrange Seeing a connection between the three women and thriving under the pressure of a serial killer hunt Sutton was finally able to bring their murderer to justice after the case had begun to seem hopeless Manhunt tells the story of how he led the charge to find a mystery killer against the clock and against the odds day by day and lead by lead At once a gripping police procedural and an insight into the life of an evil man this is the story behind what it takes to track down a shockingly violent murderer before he strikes agai. The used copy arrived uickly and was as advertised no faulting the seller The author does not write well He has a stilted forced style that detracts from the story He also writes in a way that suggests he is trying to justify his actions This distracts from the storyI regret to say the film version Manhunt with Martin Clunes although less factual does a better job of telling this worthwhile taleSkip the book watch the film

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Download couk PDF #8608 NOW A MAJOR TV DRAMA STARRING MARTIN CLUNESWhat does it take to catch one of Britain s most feared killersLevi Bellfield is one of the most notorious British serial killers of the Manhunt Audio PDFEPUB or last fifty years his name alone evokes horror and Audio Download couk Colin Sutton eBook #10003 revulsion after his string of brutal murders in the early s At pm on st March Milly Dowler left her school in Surrey for Audio Download couk eBook #10003 the last time Less than an hour later she w. I watched the ITV drama Manhunt and thought I d read the book too having followed Bellfield s crimes DCI Sutton the writer and senior officer who presided over the conviction of Bellfield for the murder cases of Marsha McDonnell and Am lie Delagrange was correct to co write the TV drama and this book Media outrage has persisted recently that these efforts were to bring the crimes to the forefront and glorify them which I don t agree with Bellfield has committed an awful lot of crimes and there are plenty of other cases and murders that might be attributed to him eg Chillenden Russell murders of 96 and various other rapes and possibly Bellfield s own childhood girlfriend who was murdered too So if anything keeping his name in the media can only potentially help solve further crimes he was involved with The book makes clear that lesser cases to murder may not be tried due to the public interest perspective of costs and because Bellfield has full life sentences already in any eventThis book is a warts and all honest account of the investigation and gives a view of the investigations failings the non viewing of CCTV which had it occurred might have prevented the Am lie Delagrange murder as well as the failure of Surrey police to make anything of the Red Daewoo car seen exiting from a premises near Walton station where Milly Dowler is believed to have been killed by Bellfield which could have prevented Marsha McDonnell and Am lie Delagrange s subseuent murders Overwhelmingly however DCI Sutton is to be commended on his service to this investigation and you really get the feel of the effort that goes into an investigation of this size the man hours and the attention to detail that is called for Also that these people must live with this investigation and worry for so long which makes you feel the very best police officers should be paid I thought the circumstantial evidence portrayed that convicted Bellfield of the Am lie Delagrange murder was very interesting in that someone could be placed in a location by phone and CCTV evidence where the evidence to do so wasn t simply ascertainedOn the downside I did find the honesty of DCI Sutton to be eye opening to the extent it may not show him or the police generally in the best possible light all of the time Maybe this was a bit naive on his part but perhaps he did so as he is no longer a police officer and wanted to show the police attitudes and processes as they really are The reference to calling him Guvnor in a modern police force Also for instance his tormenting reference to putting a slideshow of pictures of the victims on his laptop because he perceived Bellfield to be looking at his laptop screen over his shoulder in court I thought that showed an officer stooping to Bellfield s level and maybe this isn t something to be proud of the police are there to uphold the law and no than that after all Being generous and in all fairness I did think possibly DCI Sutton may have wanted to show a warts and all approach to show what the police was really like as I sayThere was the reference to Bellfield s small item of anatomy shall I say when having naked photographs taken of his tattoos I also couldn t help wonder about reasons for the police s professional standard department ignoring DCI Sutton s self report complaint of the CCTV not being reviewed which could potentially have prevented the Am lie murder Also when officers refer reports of gang rapes and nothing happening further you can t help think of the failure of our authorities to deal with grooming gangs due to race issues taken as high up politicised decisions So in these senses the book does hint to underhand undertones of the police force including issues which far from paint a gleaming impression of the policeBecause of the propensity of Bellfield s crimes should be made in investigative journalism to try and uncover his potential role in other murders which no doubt has happened Maybe due to DCI Sutton s excellent work he should take the forefront in this with some further books and TV programmes The Chillenden Michael Stone case is screaming out as a miscarriage of justice and the evidence of Bellfield being involved his beige Escort car borrowed from a girlfriend and his striking resemblance to an e fit from Josie Russell is a coincidence that is too far removed for me

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Manhunt Audio Download Amazon co uk Colin Sutton Peter Noble John Blake Audible AudiobooksAs to be abducted and murdered in the cruellest fashion sparking a missing person investigation that would span months before her body was found Audio Download couk Colin Sutton eBook #10003 In the two years that followed two young women Marsha McDonnell and then Am lie Delagrange were murdered in unspeakably brutal attacks Yet with three murdered women on their hands and few leads open to them investigating officers were running out of ideas and options until SIO Colin Sutton was drafted into the investigation for the murder of. This book was interesting in parts but spoilt by the author s self congratulatory style