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doc Ë JFK author Colin McLaren ✓ Colin McLaren Ds lined the streets cheering others hung out of windows to catch a glimpse of the much loved First Lady and President Suddenly the unthinkable three shots bangbang bang rang out In front of the world John F Kennedy was fatally woundedLee Harvey Oswald was caughtBut did he fire the fatal bulletWho REALLY killed JFKFifty years after the tragic events in Dallas JFK The Smoking Gun solves the ultimate col This is the first theory I have ever seen regarding the assassination of JFK that has made sense As far as I'm concerned the verdict is in and the killer waswell you'll have to read the book Meticulously researching over a number of years the author has discovered the truth that the Warren Commission buried in thousands of pages An excellent read Highly recommended

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JFK author Colin McLaren kindle Ì Paperback read Ä ❰Reading❯ ➿ JFK Author Colin McLaren – It's the gunshot that echoed around the world but who pulled the trigger McLaren unravels the cold case of the 20th century Andrew Rule bestselling author of UnderbellyAssassination Conspirac D case With the forensic eye of a highly regarded ex cop Colin McLaren gathered the evidence studied pages of transcripts discovered the witnesses the Warren Commission failed to call and uncovered the exhibits and testimonies that were hidden until now What he found is far outrageous than any fanciful conspiracy theory could ever beJFK The Smoking Gun proves once and for all who did kill the President Initially I was reluctant to read another book about JFK It's not that I'm not interested in the topic just that there have been so many conspiracy theories explanations etc and I thought this was just another one However the fact that it was written by an Australian detective piued my interest and then after watching the documentary of the same name I was very keen to read the bookColin McLaren is a retired detective who has worked on some of the most gruesome crime scenes in Australia While on holiday in New York back in the 1990s he purchased a copy of the book Mortal Error by Bonan Meningar which explored the theory that the shot that shattered JFK's skull was in fact fired in error by one of the secret service agents in the following car Exhaustively researched by ballistics expert Howard Donohue it was a theory that grabbed ColinFast forward several years and in retirement Colin himself decides to review all the evidence including the massive Warren Commission report and other associated documents In a process that takes years Colin uncovers a massive cover up with many witness statements ignored in official evidence the chain of evidence broken at the hospital and many other facts that all support Howard Donohue's theoryColin explains it is not his intention to apportion blame rather he wants to put to bed one of the most enduring mysteries in history He believes secret service agent George Hickey was placed in a position he was not trained or prepared for and the fatal shot was simply a tragic accident with awful conseuencesColin has broken down very complex evidence into a readable and very interesting book that I believe puts across a very plausible theory Definitely worth a read

Colin McLaren ✓ JFK author Colin McLaren kindle

JFK author Colin McLarIt's the gunshot that echoed around the world but who pulled the trigger McLaren unravels the cold case of the th century Andrew Rule bestselling author of UnderbellyAssassination Conspiracy Evidence of the shocking truth is finally revealedOn nd November the th president of the United States John Fitzgerald Kennedy and his wife Jackie were taking part in a presidential motorcade through Dallas Thousan WOW always been fascinated with everything to do with JFK and particularly his assassination And always wondered there were so many inconsistencies with the investigations and the eye witness reports and total cock ups by the different authorities and the Warren Commission the author of this book describes it as the Commission of OmissionsThe books starts off with a deep background check of Less Harvey Oswald his wife Marina and Jack Ruby So I am thinking right he is going for the lone gunman solution Lee Harvey Oswald WAS a crazy idiot But then he gets into the deeper investigation of the eyewitness reports including the police officers that were in and around the motorcade that day He went right through ALL the many volumes of the Warren Commission and wonders why so many of those crucial eyewitnesses weren't even interviewed by the Commission and when damning evidence was offered the Commission ignored it andor dismissed that witness He the author is a career detective then looked at what the Secret Service guys were doing both on the day and the day before Apparently they all went out partying the night before until the wee hours and got very drunk at a night club SO the day they were supposed to be protecting the President they were all very hungover Oo Even though many bystanders saw a man on the 6th floor of the Texas Book Depository WITH A RIFLE none of the Secret Service saw or acted In fact the only action after the first shot was one inexperienced guy in the followup car standing up wth HIS rifle and shooting it Eyewitnesses testified that he had shot the rifle thinking he was shooting back at the assassin The bottom line did ALL the shots that hit the President come from Lee Harvey Oswald's gun OR did one of those bullets come from the accidental shooting of the Secret Service rifle The author presents a lot of evidence that the last and fatal bullet was actually from the Secret Service gun AND he points to a lot of cover up by everyone involved to ensure that this information did not become a front page worldwide news storySOOOOOOOOOOO when Lee Harvey Oswald kept insisting he was a Patsy it seems he might have been right