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Free download Kelly: More Than My Share of It All Audio Download: Amazoncouk: Clarence L Kelly Johnson Maggie Smith Brig Gen Leo P Geary USAF (ret) - foreword Johnny Heller Tantor Audio: Audible Audiobooks æ PDF eBook or Kindle ePUB free

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Kelly More Than My Share of It All Audio Download Amazon co uk Clarence L Kelly Johnson Maggie Smith Brig Gen Leo P Geary USAF ret foreword Johnny Heller Tantor Audio Audible AudiobooksClarence L Kelly Johnson Than My ePUB #180 led the design of such crucial aircraft as the P and Constellati. What is Skunk Works The Skunk Works is the Advanced Development Projects from Lockheed which has designed than 40 aircraft The main objectives of the Skunk Works organization are to make breakthrough designs in minimum time and maximum security If you want to know what the Skunk Works is how it did start and who did start it what they are doing and above all how they are doing it then this is the book you should read This book is an autobiography of Clarence L Johnson known as Kelly He did start it all He will tell you all the fantastic projects he has been working with and how and why he did create the Skunk Works Kelly has decided at the age of 12 to be an aircraft designer He graduated with a bachelor s degree in aeronautical engineering in 1932 at the University of Michigan and he was hired at Lockheed Burbank California in 1933 where he did spend his entire professional life Kelly first works in tooling and wind tunnel for the Electra aircraft Then he did work on the P 38 and the Constellation the first modern airliner After many years of working experience in Lockheed Kelly Johnson got the idea to set up an experimental department where designers and shop artisans could work together closely in development of airplanes without the delays and complications of intermediate departments to handle administration purchasing and all the other support functions I wanted a direct relationship between design engineer and mechanic and manufacturing I decided to handle this new project just that way In June 1943 the Skunk Works was born It did start with 23 engineers only Their first projects were the F 80 and the F 104 where are the wings and it was followed by the very famous spy planes the U 2 and the SR 71 The main mottoes of Kelly Johnson are Be uick be uite be on time Keep it simple stupid Those who design aircraft also should fly them to keep a proper perspective But to really appreciate how Kelly Johnson did it you really have to read his book The book is also full of personal anecdotes such as about Howard Hughes and others and many technical anecdotes from which you will learn much Three of the last chapters of the book It s No Secret Defending Ourselves Technology and Tomorroware still of particular interest today You will really enjoy the reading of that 210 pages book If you want to know about the Skunk Works and you will after reading that first book from Kelly Johnson you should also read the book of Ben R Rich Leo Janos that is simply named Skunk Works Ben Rich has started to work for the Skunk Works in 1955 He became later the assistant of Kelly Johnson and he became the boss of the Skunk Works after Kelly took his retirement The book from Ben Rich is very abundant in technical information and anecdotes It is very well complemented by the texts of many witnesses that have work for or with the Skunk Works as well as many pilots and A very enjoyable and informative book of 400 pages As nice complement you should buy is the The Projects of Skunk Works 75 Years of Lockheed Martin s Advanced Development Programs by Steve Pace It is a hardcover book of 256 pages with a 28 cm x 24 cm large format The book contains a very large uantity of color photos and illustrations as well as a very informative text about all the aircraft that have been designed by the Lockheed Skunk Works and you will also find in it a short specification for each of the aircraft A must have

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On but he will be remembered for the U and SR spy planes His extraordinary leadership of the Lockheed Kelly. More than my share of it all is simply a very interesting book I am normally a slow reader but as an experienced Mechanical Engineer with an interest in military history I read this book in a couple of hours The mans life is and should continue to be an inspiration He literally started with nothing and ended up as a highly responsible and respected Engineer who somehow found enough spare time to design his house and own two cattle ranchesEually he faced than his share of heartache twice being widowed and never having children He succeeded in achieving in the 1950s and 1960s what is difficult today confirming the belief of many engineers that the technical challenges are only 1% of the work The real challenge is the management structureMy Three minor complaints are 1 Its a relatively short book only 200 or so pages This is not much to chronicle the life of an engineer as great as Kelly Johnson For example Justin Beiber can allegedly fill a similar number of pages on his career making teenage girls cry2 It is written for a general rather than technical audience This is doubtless of benefit to many readers but for myself I would have liked considerably detail of the engineering and personal challenges faced3 As he had obviously received support from a ghost writer there were several technical mistakes in the text most notably when describing the failure mechanism of a turbine disc an area that I happen to be an expert on

Free download Kelly: More Than My Share of It All Audio Download: Clarence L. Kelly Johnson, Maggie Smith, Brig. Gen. Leo P. Geary USAF (ret.) - foreword, Johnny Heller, Tantor Audio: Audible Audiobooks

Free download Kelly: More Than My Share of It All Audio Download: Clarence L. Kelly Johnson, Maggie Smith, Brig. Gen. Leo P. GearMore PDFEPUB or Skunk Works cemented his reputation as a legendary figure in American aerospace management. A very interesting book covering the life of Kelly Johnson A bit short on technical detail but gives a good outline of the work covered in the Skunk Works A remarkable individual with immense drive to resolve very difficult technical problems Would recommend Also see the Skunk Works book by Ben Rich which covers slightly detail of the Works