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MOBI ñ DOC Fight Club 9780805062977 FREE ✓ CHUCK PALAHNIUK ✓ ✯ [BOOKS] ⚣ Fight Club By Chuck Palahniuk ✼ – An underground classic since its first publication in 1996 Fight Club is now recognized as one of the most original and provocative novels publisheYoung man who discovers that his rage at living in a world filled with failure and lies cannot be pacified by an empty consumer culture Relief for him and his disenfranchised peers comes in the form of secret after hours boxing matches held “You are not special You're not a beautiful and uniue snowflake You're the same decaying organic matter as everything else We're all part of the same compost heap We're all singing all dancing crap of the world” Fight Club is absolutely tragic in its reflection of the real world I get angry when I read it and annoyed at a world that could cause such a situation This may be fiction but it’s full of truth The modern world is unfulfilling and depressing People spend their lives working in call centres or sat behind desks slowly getting miserable until they become depressed and want to kill themselves The modern world drives people crazy with its insufferable and suffocating ways It’s a concrete jungle and not all of us can find happiness amongst the endless grey days of mundanity And in a way Fight Club is a reaction against that Fighting bare knuckle in the streets is a way of feeling alive in a dead and detached world It might be painful but it is something It’s a feeling no matter how bad it may be It’s better than the nothingness that faces these men as they wonder amongst the stones and lights of an insomnia driven emptiness because it is a feeling a reminder that they are in fact alive If you’ve ever worked a dead end nine to five job then you may be able to relate It can be soul destroying “I let go Lost in oblivion Dark and silent and complete I found freedom Losing all hope was freedom” This is not a happy book It possesses no bright spark and like American Psycho it left me feeling thoroughly defeated after reading and that’s because there is so much truth in these pages Hard truths Gut wrenchingly agonising truths Truths that might make you uestion your own existence because they are just so cynical in their viewpoint It’s all a bit of a mind fuck And if we’re to talk about the power of words about how words can affect you and make you perceive something new then these words certainly are powerful in their terriblenessYou should go read them If you dare

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In the basements of bars Fight Club is the brain child of Tyler Durden who thinks he has found a way for himself and his friends to live beyond their confining and stultifying lives But in Tyler's world there are no rules no limits no brakes I wondered whether this book would seem self absorbed and shallow in our post 911 world but instead I found it prophetic Throughout the materialism and political correctness of the 1990's and Tyler Durden's response to it you can sense how all that repressed mama's boy machismo is just hoping and praying for something big and fiery and nasty that would blow our little precious world apart Well with 911 and the Ira war we sure got it So are all you boys satisfied now? Sure this book has its flaws The rhetorical use of repetition although effective at first eventually becomes little than a stylistic tic Also for such a hard edged book it gets surprisingly and disappointingly sentimental at the endStill Fight Club is wickedly funny memorably aphoristic and prophetic And it holds up well after fifteen years

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Fight ClubAn underground classic since its first publication in 1996 Fight Club is now recognized as one of the most original and provocative novels published in this decade Chuck Palahniuk's darkly funny first novel tells the story of a god forsaken the first rule of reading fight club is you do not talk about reading fight clubwhich is a good thing because i honestly have no idea what i read man this book is W I L D