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DOC ´ The Sookie Stackhouse Companion ✓ Charlaine Harris

F and were panther communities • Browse through her best friend Tara's dress shop • Belly up to the bar in Merlotte's where Sookie works • Get must have Bon Temps recipes including Caroline Bellfleur's famous chocolate cheesecake • Test themselves with trivia uestions from the series The Sookie piece included in this companion book “Small Town Wedding” was a good one and in some ways I liked it than the most recent book because it had a tight cohesive story that tied in to a clear larger theme I felt like this plot deserved inclusion in the main series rather than being shared in short story form though Sam’s talked about his family and the wedding in multiple Sookie books so it was disconcerting for the characters in Dead Reckoning Book 11 to just skip to talking about the situation in the past tense Not all readers track down short stories so this feels like a milder version of the “One Word Answer” problem where fans who didn’t read an anthology felt as if they’d missed somethingAfter the story there’s a “Timeline” section presenting the events of each book in condensed form I guess it’s intended as a reference for those who are trying to remember specific details without re reading but it’s entirely skippable Each book’s entry does include transcripts of written exchanges or phone calls between Eric and Bill but they’re pretty dull with only a few exceptionsThe next section written by Harris is about the short stories Each story has a short description of its events and a mention of where it fits between the books there are also descriptions of stories that focus on other Sookieverse charactersThen there’s a Sookie perspective chapter also by Harris about the various types of supernatural creatures in the world It includes a family tree for any who are confused about the details of Sookie’s fairy lineage That’s followed by a trivia uiz filled with laughably specific uestions about the names of people or places that were mentioned once and the colors of various characters’ cars The cookbook portion includes one series relevant tidbit about Caroline Bellfleur’s famous chocolate cake that made it worth a skimThe book is rounded out by As with both Harris and Alan Ball the creator of HBO’s “True Blood” adaptation There’s also a section about Harris’s career and a personal essay from a fan club organizer that will mostly be of interest to other early fan club members The final largest section is an exhaustive A Z listing of characters places things and references from the books and short stories Like the Timeline I guess this could be an interesting reference but I’m not sure when I’d ever personally use itA surprising omission was a complete bibliography of works by Charlaine Harris All her books and stories are mentioned but they’re in non skimmable paragraphs and separated out into three different chapters I’d like to have had a couple of pages in list form of all the books in each series especially one that includes the short stories in the reading order and has a reminder of which anthologies those are found inThis book was kind of a strange mix for me and I’d recommend that even fans of the series check it out from the library before buying I’m glad that I didThis review was previously posted on my urban fantasy blog

DOC The Sookie Stackhouse Companion

The Sookie Stackhouse CompanionThe #1 New York Times bestselling author presents the definitive guide to the world of Sookie Stackhouse Charlaine Harris has topped the bestseller charts and has become a nationwide phenomenon thanks to the unconventional and otherworldly life of Sookie Stackhouse Now in her own words Sooki In all fairness I should never have read this book since I loathe Sookie Stackhouse with a passion However I’m nothing if not a completist and the series was given to me for free so I have ploughed my way through 11 novels so far plus this thing It starts with a novella about Sookie’s much mentioned trip to Sam’s brother’s wedding To be honest this wasn’t really summat I’d bemoaned the lack of in the books proper All Sam’s boring relative are introduced and we are told in detail what Sookie plans to wear for the ceremony We also learn that Sookie is the kind of sentimental judgemental person who would rather see a human die than an animal because the human would most likely be partly responsible for their own death due to making stupid life choices Which is charming Also uinn makes an unwelcome reappearance recommences calling Sookie babe incessantly and brings absolutely nothing else to the story The main plot point if I can call it that is the harassment suffered by Sam’s family for being “Shifters” and kin This has already been thoroughly discussed in several of the novels and it only serves to make me wonder why there is no mention of any difficulties faced by the presumably numerous “supes” around the world not directly associated with Sookie Stackhouse If the events of this story are anything to go by I can only assume that the nightly news must be full of related hate crimes and viciously barbed rhetoric Yet we hear nothing of this because it doesn’t directly impact on the vapid world of Sookie Stackhouse Basically unless you’ve attempted to shag Sookie or one of her many men friends you and your life do not impact on her or her worldAt any rate said harassment proceeds in an uninteresting manner the nadir of which is Sam’s family prayer meeting where the Merlottes ask God to help them with their hostile neighbours Other than upsetting a three year old this achieves nothing Then uinn’s love life is sorted out to nobody’s interest Then Sookie goes on about guns some Then we hear every detail of a dull party including every refreshment and condiment on offer Then there is an incident regarding some minor characters trying to kill each other Luckily the surviving attempted murderer explains the events preceding the killing in detail to Sookie despite the fact that they are enemies so the reader is left with no hint of ambiguity and no doubt that Charlaine Harris is a lazy idiot The awkward characters having been conveniently killedarrested Harris has run out of things to say and the novella endsMost Self Congratulatory and Surely Untrue CommentHarris“people had told me for years that I had a great sense of humor” Maybe they were all joking?SookieI’m usually pretty accurate about human natureStupidest New Character NamesDoke BallingerMason BallingerCyndee the BarmaidTogo OlympioSister MendozaBrother Bart ArrowsmithBrenda Sue the Biker BabePorter CarpenterTijgerinMost Compassionate Response to a Gruesome MurderSookie“You’d think I’d be distraught and upset You’d think I’d be overwhelmed having seen this horrible scene But you know what? I was tickled pinkit was hard for me to suppress a smile”“Sookie” said Luna into my ear “it doesn’t hardly get any better than this”“I think you’re right” I said Most Contradictory Self AssessmentSookie “I’d never been a sueamish person” Really? I thought one minute of a “Saw” film was too much for you Sookie? Make up your mindFollowing this story there is a long and boring timeline of events so far in Sookie’s life interspaced with transcripts of some of the most boring and mundane correspondence and telephone conversations conceivable by the mind of man mainly involving Bill and Eric Next is a dull summary of all Harris’ vampire related short stories presumably written in order to sell copies of themThen lengthy witterings from Sookie about the various supernatural creatures she has met and her inane opinions on such It includes her usual pro American random nonsense whilst discussing vampires such as “But they all seem to manage to make a dollar or two; that’s the American way isn’t it?” ”the good old US of A was always a melting pot so we figured they were just another minority wanting a new home” and ” “America’s the land of free enterprise” During this section we learn absolutely nothing plus Harris’ doesn’t even manage to make it sound much like Sookie’s admittedly inconsistent voice despite chucking in a bit of cutsey talk to remind us of her braindead manner After this there’s a filler trivia section Then a recipe section for padding Then an interview with True Blood creator Alan Ball in which he advertises the show and used the irritatingly ubiuitous Americanisation “normalcy” This section also introduces us to a True Blood fan who can’t watch the opening credits as she finds them unnerving which is both bizarre and ridiculous Next is a pointless summary of the works of Charlaine Harris and an unnecessary and rather sad piece on her fan club written by a particularly obsessive fanSucceeding this in the litany of banality Harris strains her intellect by answering the ueries of some of the aforementioned fansLeast Shocking Revelation “I don’t plot much in advance” To be honest I assumed she wrote one line at a time without either forward planning or any re reading for fact checking purposes Most Worrying Confession of Authorial Irresponsibility “I’m not always sure why I make the decisions I do” Finally the latter part of the book is bulked up with an alphabetical guide to “the World of Sookie Stackhouse” which in its superfluous unimaginative tedium perfectly encapsulates his book as a whole

Charlaine Harris ✓ The Sookie Stackhouse Companion EPUB

EPUB ¶ MOBI The Sookie Stackhouse Companion î 9780441019717 í FEEDMARKFORMULATE ✓ ➫ [Ebook] ➦ The Sookie Stackhouse Companion By Charlaine Harris ➶ – The #1 New York Times bestselling author presents the definitive guide to the E gives readers a look at her family friends enemies adventures and of course the lovers who set her world on fire Readers will • Tour Bon Temps the small Louisiana town that Sookie calls home and visit the houses of her Gran and her sometime vampire lover Bill • Prowl around the werewol I loved the short novella at the beginning and the As with True Blood bigwig Alan Ball and Charlaine HarrisThe recaps of the books was a nice refresher as wellIt was hard pushing through reading the recipes section and the A to Z Sookie dictionary at the end But again it was a nice refresher of all the stuff up to this pointAnd of course Goodreads has this as 105 when it should have been marked as book 115 There was a lot of spoilerage for Dead Reckoning 11 which I haven't read yet sigh