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kindle ✓ La sombra del viento Ï Paperback ¶ feedmarkformulate î [Ebook] ➤ La sombra del viento Author Carlos Ruiz Zafón – Barcelona 1945 A city slowly heals from its war wounds and Daniel an antiuarian book dealer's son who mourns the loss of his mother finE last of Carax's books in existence Soon Daniel's seemingly innocent uest opens a door into one of Barcelona's darkest secrets an La sombra Kindle epic story of murder madness and doomed love back cover I can't believe someone actually published this book Even worse in my opinion is the fact that this book is on the New York Times Bestseller List How is this possible It must only mean that there are a lot of people out there that think very differently from me Don't you be one of them Seriously Don't be fooled by this book It is insipid lame and poorly written First The prose is so overblown that the author uses three adjectives for every single noun Count them He evidently was told that to be a writer you have to make everything as descriptive as possible and then he decided that meant that each noun had to be modified three always three and only three times ArghSecond The author must have looked up every word he could in a thesaurus and chosen the one that was most obscure or had the most syllables Who is he trying to impress Maybe it was the translator's fault Maybe not Either way this style is used even when describing what the ten year old character sees and says Which brings me to my next pointThird Every character in this book speaks with exactly the same voice All you hear is the authors voice not any different characterizations And that voice demonstrates the problems I described in my first and second points But that's not all There is an even worse and definitely fatal problem with this bookFourth This story was written as a mystery Nine years lurch by as the character slowly tries to unravel the details of the main conflict I actually don't have a problem with this in theory Unfortunately after three uarters of the book and numerous new characters the mystery is no clearer So what does the author do about it He has one of the characters write a 30 page or so letter to the main character telling him what really happened Ta da The mystery is solved The author is such a terrible writer that he can't even solve his own mystery He has to use a cheap cop out to clear everything up I can't respect that Sorry I can't believe so many other people have Boycott the book Really

kindle ¶ La sombra del viento ß Carlos Ruiz Zafón

Barcelona A city slowly heals from its war wounds and Daniel an antiuarian book dealer's son who mourns the loss of his mother finds solace in a mysterious book entitled The Shadow of the Wind by one Juli After reading The Shadow of the Wind I was left with somewhat mixed feelings On the one hand this is such a beautifully written book and is in essence an ode to literature On the other hand there are some serious flaws which distracts from the whole experience The best thing about the book in my opinion is Zafon's skill in artistic writing It reminds me of why I love to read in the first place and makes me wish I could write as beautiful as this The book contains lots of memorable uotes as well definitely a good thing as far as I'm concerned So after about 50 pages in I was ready to love this book as I seldom loved another book before But as the story progressed that resolution started to diminish slowly but surely Ironically one the obvious flaws is Zafon's overuse of stylistic writing It seems like everyone acts or talks in a very elaborate manner even in the simplest of situations and this can really become tiresome after a while The plot also isn't as ingenious as the hype would make you believe Zafon does a good job creating a sense of mystery early on and there are obvious parallels between the main character Daniel Sempere and Julian Carax the writer whose past he is trying to uncover But ultimately the stories of Daniel and Julian are seperate ones and they just happen to interconnect with one another by chance than by design By far the most troublesome flaw is the way the mysteries are resolved All too often answers are given by having some side character or another tell his or her story for pages Nowhere is this evident than at the end of the book where literally every single detail is revealed in the form of a very long letter even details which the writer of the letter never could have known since she wasn't even involved in those events It's as if Zafon did not have a clue or the motivation to write a logical conclusion and decided to just dump all the information in one place With a bit attention to actual plot and character development this could have been one of my favourite books Nevertheless I still enjoyed reading the Shadow of the Wind It's just a shame that it falls some way short of its potential

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La sombra del vientoAn Carax But when he sets out to find the author's other works he makes a shocking discovery someone has been systematically destroying every copy of every book Carax has written In fact Daniel may have th riveting mysterious haunting imaginative charming sentimentalthe list of adjectives is endless and whilst this book is all of these the one thing that i will forever remember about this book is how it makes me appreciate the art of storytelling i didnt feel like i was reading a novel; i felt as if someone very dear was sitting next to me and telling me their favourite tale i was enamoured with the nuances of the language and swept up with all the action it was an absolute pleasure to experience such a well told story truly a masterpiece in every way possible ↠ 5 stars