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Understanding Early Civilizations Book ´ A Comparative Study ✓ bruce g trigger

Doc Û A Comparative Study ´ Bruce G Trigger

Understanding Early Civilizations A Comparative StudyIversity and has carried out archaeological research in Egypt and the Sudan His current interests include the comparative study of early civilizations the history of archaeology and archaeological and anthropological theory He has received various scholarly awards including the Prix Leon Gerin from the uebec government for his sustained contributions to the social sciences He is an honarary fellow of the Society of Antiuaries of Scotland and an honarary member of the Prehistoric Society UK His numerous books include Sociological Evolution Blackwell 1998 Early Civilizations Ancient Egypt in Context Amer Univ in Cairo 1993 A This book is aimed at very serious students of archaeology The late ProfTrigger compares seven early civilizations Mesopotamia Dynastic Egypt Shang China Classic Maya Valley of Mexico the Incas and Yoruba Benin It is a scholarly and weighty tome essential reading on some archaeology degree courses I forced myself to read all 700 odd pages of it but boy was it heavy goingTrigger undertakes to determine similarities and differences between the early civilizations and to this end provides a wealth of detail gleaned from his survey of hundreds of academic publications The examples repay close attention; he is particularly strong on the Inca and Aztec civilizations Disappointingly he omits the Indus Valley civilization on the dubious grounds of lack of strong evidenceHe rather rashly concludes that early civilizations possessed one general form of class structure only two main forms of sociopolitical organization and one set of key religious beliefsIn short a magisterial study but only for the truly committed

Ebook Understanding Early Civilizations

Understanding Early Civilizations Book ´ A Comparative Study ✓ bruce g trigger ✓ ❰Ebook❯ ➧ Understanding Early Civilizations: A Comparative Study Author Bruce G Trigger – Arising independently in various parts of the world early civArising independently in various parts of the world early civilizations the first class based societies in human history are of importance to social scientists interested in the development of complexity while their cultural productions fascinate both humanists and the general public This book offers the first detailed comparative study of the seven most fully documented early civilizations ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia Shang China the Aztecs and their neighbors the Classic Maya the Inca and the Yoruba Unlike previous studies eual attention is paid to similarities and differences in their sociopolitical organization their The idea for the book is very good and Trigger seems to have studied all the relevant research material but the way he presents his comparisons could be made much easier to read by a good editor Having the references in the main text rather than footnotes interrupts the reader's flow When he compares topics it would be easier to follow if he used sub headings making clear which civilization he was referring to I kept finding I had to refer back to earlier passagesHe makes assertions about the societies and their practices for times before there are any records that seem without justificationThere is a lot of information here but I feel it could have been better presented and I think some of the assumptions he makes will seem unjustified when future research is published

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Economic systems and their religious beliefs knowledge art and values Many of this study's findings are surprising and provocative They challenge not only current understandings of early civilizations but also the theoretical foundations of modern archaeology and anthropology Rival cultural and ecological approaches are demonstrated to be complimentary to one another while a comprehensive understanding of human behavior is shown to reuire thatattention be paid to psychology and the neurosciences Bruce G Trigger is James McGill Professor in the Department of Anthropology at McGill University He received his PhD from Yale Un Book in very good condition considering the small price