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Shadows of Self Epub ð 376 pages Download ✓ Brandon sanderson ¹ [Read] ➪ Shadows of Self By Brandon Sanderson – With The Alloy of Law Brandon Sanderson surprised readers with a New York Times bestselling spinoff of his Mistborn books set after the action of the trilHereditary Lord of House Ladrian but also until recently a lawman Shadows of PDFEPUBin the ungoverned frontier region known as the Roughs There he worked with his eccentric but effective buddy Wayne They are twinborn meaning they are able to use both Allomantic and Feruchemical magic Shadows of Self shows Mistborn's society evolving as technology and magic mix the economy grows democracy contend Super fast re read with some friends at Buddies Books and Baubles before Bands of Mourning Knowing the ending made certain parts of this book just heartbreaking I love that almost every BS book I reread I enjoy just as much if not the second time through All the original Mistborn nostalgia was FAN FREAKING TASTIC45 Faceless Immortal Stars The Fan Girl Part of My Review Deal with it he is like my FAVORITE fantasy authorbut there will be a real review below this I am in AWE yet again that the same man who had currently undertaken the task of writing all the planned books in The Cosmere something like 36 books when complete but currently 17 books strong also wrote a superhero trilogy The Reckoners something a little on the crazy side Legion and hey why not add in a middle grade series or two just for fun I mean this book here wasn’t even originally planned Sanderson was writing a novella that was supposed to keep us interested in the Mistborn world and it turned into a semi standalone book and a trilogyI might even believe thisAnd it isn’t like he is just putting out novels to put out novels They are complete stories with intricate worlds planned out magic systems cohesive plots great characters AND just to top it all off he has fantastic artwork including maps journal pages armorfashion designs creature drawing etc throughout One of the reasons I’m gonna fangirl a little right here is that both Alloy of Law and Shadows of Self it is a brand new world even though it is a Mistborn novel BS took the events of The Final Empire and wove them into how they would have shaped society 300 years after the fact How the stories of those days would become lore and work into religion culture and superstition Down to the families that survived how alomancy is affected and how the surroundings are named It is intricate and natural all at the same time Honestly in my opinion BS has one of the greatest imaginative minds in the fantasy genre Completely Spoiler Free Section First things first Do you need to have read the original Mistborn series to read this book Technically no you don’t BUTthere are many references to what happened in The Final Empire and while I would say that you could totally read Alloy of Law without reading Mistborn 1 3 I believe wholeheartedly that the enjoyment of this book in particular would be decreased if you hadn’t read them I actually had just finished a re read of the first three of the series and was really glad because I picked out so many small details added inThe thing that I really love about Brandon Sanderson BS novels is that I have no trouble picturing myself in the story He tells the story in a way that I’m shown the buildings and the surroundings I’m given insight into the culture religion and magic system and it is done in such a way that it is in the story and almost never feels like an info dump This is amazing especially if you look at the size and complexity of the world he is buildingShadows of Self like Alloy of Law is sort of a mash up of Mistborn World Steampunk Industrial Revolution Wild Wild West It has a lot humor in it than The Final Empire and it feels generally lighter The banter and humor of Wax Wayne and Marasi is fantastic and sets the tone of the entire story Honestly the Bromance between Wax and Wayne is my favorite in fantasy slightly beating out Tyrion and Brom they are hilarious on page together and actually Wayne is hilarious and scene stealer all on his own too But don’t let that fool you there are still a few gut punching moments that really knocked me in the feelings Favorite Character in this book – Wayne Looking through my uotes he has the most highlights He says deep insightful things one minute and then is ridiculous the next But I smile every time he is on page there are Wayne uotes below in the semi spoilery review but we also get to see into a deeper side of Wayne and I loved the depth it gave his characterFavorite New Character – MeLaanAlthough it can be argued she is an old characterbut semantics She added some insight into the days just after The Final Empire ended and what became of her people Also I really loved the way she played with the team I hope she is a player in the next book as wellMost Improved Character Steris Don’t get me wrong I’m still completely on the WaxMarasi ship and it might take a Chasmfiend or Koloss Warlord to sink that but Steris really grew on me this book I have always liked her and her stiff overthinking overplanning ways hey I can relate but she really shined in this She isn’t like a lot of female characters in fantasy and I like the non emotional relationship that she and Wax have and how she deals with him She has no illusions about who or what he is and just plans around it Honestly her last scene in this bookGAH no words really Because I loved her in that moment and I could even see how she and Wax might become really good friends or perhaps BUT I’m sailing on the good ship MaraWax or Waxasi and there isn’t a Chasmfiend in sight yet sosorry SterisThe new danger is a serial killer that seems to be trying to destabilize the city and throw it into a chaos similar to the events that led up to the last big shift of power in recent history cough Mistborn cough Wax Marasi Wayne and others are searching trying to figure out who is next on the hit list and prevent the city from undergoing another revolution The perpetrator of the events is messing with Wax specifically trying to throw him off and he will need to outthink someone trickier and smarter than himself or another revolution will happen Semi Spoiler Review Section all bigreal spoilers will be tagged but uotes everywhere Where to begin I’m still processing my feelings about this book because that ending left me sosowell you will know when you get there Everyone just give Wax a virtual hug he needs itThe Humor is one of the things that I’ve really enjoyed about series of Mistborn books There are so many funny instances and dialogue that I laughed so many times throughout the story “I heard voices in my head once too you know”“You did”“Sure Gave me a fright I banged my head against the wall until I went unconscious Never heard them again Ha Showed ’em good I did If rats move in best thing to do is to burn the nest and send ’em packing”“And the nest was your head”“Yup”Steris stopped on a page in her notebook then turned it around There in her neat handwriting was a detailed agenda for their evening at the party The third entry read 817 Way into the building likely blocked by traffic Lord Waxillium carries us up to the top floor by Allomancy which is completely inappropriate and at the same time breathtaking He raised an eyebrow checking his pocket watch which he carried in his gunbelt—not his vest—to be easily dropped with his other metals “It’s 813 You’re slipping”Regular folk they called something after what it was You’d say “What’s that Kell” And they’d say “That That there’s the crapper” And you’d reply “What do you do with it” And they’d say “Well Wayne that’s where you put your crap” It made sense But rich folk they had a different word for the crapper They’d call it a “commode” or a “washroom” That way when someone asked for the crapper they knew it was a person they needed to oppress The Characters are three dimensional Wax has a complicated past with his history in the roughs and trying to be both a Lord to his house and a Lawman It’s a difficult place to be and maybe he is being pulled in too many directions one day he will have to decide who he is An Allowmancer or TerrismanLord or LawmanPawn or Sword no wonder he is a little surly “What’s wrong with you lately” Marasi demanded “You complain about the motorcar about me being here about your tea being too hot in the morning One would almost think you’d made some horrible life decision that you regret deep down Wonder what it could be” Wax kept his eyes forward In the mirror he saw Wayne lean back in and raise his eyebrows “She might have a point mate”“You’re not helping”“Wasn’t intending to” Wayne said “Fortunately I know which horrible life decision she’s talkin’ about You really should have bought that hat we looked at last week It was lucky I’ve got a fifth sense for these things” Wayne while usually the fun loving sort has a demon in his past that he is still trying in his own way to atone for I liked seeing what he puts himself through in an effort to make some sort of recompense for his greatest sin Wayne has a peculiar way of looking at the world and some of it make amazing sense while other parts of it are ridiculous But that just makes him all the lovable “I coulda delivered that you know”“You she would shoot” Wax said“Only ’cuz she likes me” Wayne said smiling He’d have welcomed an excuse to go see Ranette This night was getting darker and darker it seemed“Wayne” Wax said “You know she doesn’t actually like you”“You always say that but you’re just not seein’ the truth Wax”“She tries to kill you” “To keep me alive” Wayne said “She knows I live a dangerous life So keepin’ me on my toes is the best way to make sure I stick around” I’m almost hoping that he wins her heart one of these daysMa

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With The Alloy of Law Brandon Sanderson surprised readers with a New York Times bestselling spinoff of his Mistborn books set after the action of the trilogy in a period corresponding to late th century AmericaThe trilogy's heroes are now figures of myth and legend even objects of religious veneration They are succeeded by wonderful new characters chief among them Waxillium Ladrian known as Wax These new mistborn books are essentially crime thrillers set in the same world a few hundred years later They work so well We have all the world building we’re used to and the glorious action but we also have the tension and mystery created by hunting down an unknown assailant an unknown foe The result is of Sanderson’s excellence with a very cool twist Explosive plot Sanderson’s writing is concise and uick Wax’s story is easy to become engaged in He begins by following a series of clues that lead him to the corpse of the apparent criminal But life is never that simple murders are rarely that simple Things become slightly complex and murky Elements of the original trilogy are brought in Creatures that were supposedly mere legends are walking around killing people for undetermined reasons This results in a rather strange case to solve because everything has become so devastatingly surreal No one has heard from these creatures in centuries Why are they back now What do they want Wax and Wayne have their hands full And to make the plot even better and Wax’s life just that little bit harder the Gods start talking to him Yes the Gods He’s not gone insane; he has merely found a secret conduit that unlocks the third system of metal magic So yes it’s all perfectly normal Well it isn’t This may seem ordinary to returning readers But for Wax this sort of power is ancient myth; it is legend and fable Its resurgence makes little sense to the established world that has formed his life Something has been uprooted change is coming It’s all about Wayne The best thing about this book was the splitting of the point of views Wax is a cool enough character but Wayne steals the stage He is charismatic adaptable and rounded His past seems darker and his future redemptive All in all he is the better written character of the two I was glad he has of his own narrative here In the last book he had a minimalistic contribution This time round the story was dynamic and entertaining Moreover Wayne is just a stronger person I’d like to see him take the lead for a change or at the very least see of his past This is obviously Wax’s story but I think a novella about Wayne would be rather perfect I just prefer him I think one day when Wax finally loses it he seems to becoming and unhinged Wayne may have to put him down or at least pick him back up again I think that would be a very strong ending to such a series But I doubt that would happen It would be too brutal

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Shadows of SelfS with corruption and religion becomes a growing cultural force with four faiths competing for convertsThis bustling optimistic but still shaky society now faces its first instance of terrorism crimes intended to stir up labor strife and religious conflict Wax and Wayne assisted by the lovely brilliant Marasi must unravel the conspiracy before civil strife stops Scadrial's progress in its tracks 5 Faceless Immortal Stars ★★★★★ I'm not Harmony's hands Wax whispered I'm His sword fan girl mode activated Like seriously smack my ass and call me sue what DID I JUST READ OMG DYING HYPERVENTILATING Warning this review contains mass amounts of fan girling word vomit worship of Brandon Sanderson Okay let's be real this book is seriously awesome I mean like the best shit ever I honestly can't believe how long it took me to read this book 6 months to be exact How Why What Well let me tell you I feel like after I read the Heroes of Ages I was in a Sanderson slump for a long time that ending it killed me it made me depressed in real life so I'm very happy to be back enjoying his books I loved the Alloy of Law but this book was something else it was absolutely amazing I literally can't believe how good this book was around the middle I read 100 pages in 40 minutes because I couldn't stop reading I seriously couldn't tear my eyes away it was just so good I am so close to screaming suealing at the top of my lungs even thinking about it You put dynamite in the oven WayneGotta hide a gift where nobody'll look for it Ahem excuse me now while I fan girl over my idol Seriously Sanderson is the king of fantasy his ideas are so uniue his writing is perfect and fun I literally love everything about his writing I can't fault a thing I love him so much I am one of his number fan girls forever always He needs his own shrine so I can worship his godliness I am yet to read a book of his I hate please note I know he would never produce rubbish anyway I will seriously be reading his series until I'm fifty and I will still be suealing jumping around like a lunatic All hail Sanderson I thought after book one all the problems were solved in Elendel well I guess after reading the ending of this book they have just started I found this book to be very slow at the beginning I think that is another reason I struggle to read it but as soon as it hit the middle BOOM POW BANG action like wow could a book be any exciting or action packed Seriously I was sitting at the edge of seat biting my nails It was so intense epic but I guess you couldn't expect anything less from the king This is gonna be a huge call but I don't give a shit I think this series is better then the first three mistborns Vin is my book hero and always will be but my god I really truly adore everyone in the later series and enjoy reading it then the first three which may I add is one of my favorite series ever this series tho with the technology cars guns etc is just so FUCKING epic Like seriously I can't wait to see what happens next Steris folded her arms Oh I suppose I should take the butler instead thenIf you likeBecareful about that Steris Wayne added Wax's butlers have a tendency to explode So I can't decide which character I like better I love Wayne because he is hilarious I love Wax because he is oh so sexy and deadly I love Steris because she is a peach I love MeLaan because she's a badass I do however not love Marasi yet I find her annoying boring jealousI also love the moral of this story that even 'good gods' can be as harsh relentless as the bad ones it's the perfect balance Ok HOLD UP;Now I'm about to get my spoiler pants on so if you haven't read this book PLEASE STOP READING NOW you really don't want this special treat of a book to be spoiled the ending is jaw droppingSo let's talk about Wax's past with Lessie Lessie is Wax's one true love who he accidentally shot in the head it has literally damaged him as a person so that ENDING I didn't see coming Like wow who would have thought bleeder was his darling dearest Lessie I felt that 'DUN DUN DUN' music was needed for this reveal lol That twist was so fucking good I sat there and literally screamed out oh my god Sanderson you have managed to blow my mind everytime I pick up one of his books I find myself looking for hints etc for the big twist that's coming damnit I never ever get it right and he blows my mind each and everytime Im also so so soooo excited to find out how Wax will deal with this in the next book I killed her Wax whispered sueezing his eyes closed I killed her again It was awesome to see TenSoon again I really loved his character in the previous installments so it was fantastic to see him make a come backWayne cracks me up I laugh out loud the whole time reading his POV I don't think I've ever read about funnier character in my life I LOVE HIM I also ship him and Ranette so much please Sanderson give Wayne a happy ending I really enjoy when Wayne pick pockets everything and trading it for something random eg when he pockets the cigar box for a bruised apple LOL You found the alcohol I see Wax said How uncharacteristic You'd say what's that kell And they'd say that That there's the crapper And you'd reply what do you do with it And they'd say well Wayne that's where you put your crap It made sense But rich folk they had a different word for the crapper They'd call it a commode or a washroom Wax really grew on me in this installment there was one line that stole my heart away You are his ruin TenSoon said I am his preservation It gave me the feels I love relentless badass men and that's exactly what Wax is He is now my dreamboat it's official guys I am inlove 3 I have loved Steris since her first appearance in book one I love her lists I love her social awkwardness I just love her Even tho she is a secondary character she is one of my favorites and I really ship her with my baby Wax I can't wait to see Steris shine in the next book I cheated if you must know CheatedI know you enjoy witty conversation she said so I prepared earlier writing myself a list of things I could say that you would find engaging'I love MeLaan she is hilarious if I didn't already ship Wayne with someone else I would love them to get together They are like twins haha She is so badass and mannish I love her She is my woman crush After a short ride he and Marasi had walked in on these two in the middling of their belchingcontest Wax wasn't certain if it was a contest or a matter of mutual appreciation like two virtuosos playing their favourite songsMeLaan finished her beer then dramatically held up her hand the Palm split forming lips which then let out a soft belch Cheating Wayne said Just using what my father gave me MeLaan saidAlso did anyone notice Hoid was a carriage driver haha it likes where's Wally trying to spot the world hoppers from the other novelsOkay one thing Trell Is this the new shard God thingo Like we already had ruin so I'm so excited to see what this new metal is and who controls this new shard Wowser hyperventilating I have so much to write but nothing is coming out coherently it's all just word vomit So maybe when I settle down I can write I recommend this book to anyone who has eyes seriously so bloody good you should all read it now if you haven't alreadyThe high functioning fan girl is now signing out 3