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Download Book è Obama's Wars Î Ì Feedmarkformulate º [BOOKS] ⚣ Obama's Wars By Bob Woodward – Obama's Wars Bestselling author and Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Bob Woodward weighs in on President Obama as Commander in Chief and the Afghanistan War Full description ObOmmander in Chief and the Afghanistan War Full description Woodward's take on how President Obama had to tackle the war in Afghanistan and how to both wind it down while at the same time trying to solve the problem of a complacent Pakistan that was both fighting and abetting al aeda inside their borders Brings into focus George Bush's administrations lack of having an end game to the war that they started and then had no clue how to end or solve the problems that it created

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Journalist Bob Woodward weighs in on President Obama as C I read this book deliberately as having preordered the new Trump book ‘Fear’ I was interested to see how Woodward treated the work of a president of whom he largely approved before going on to the Trump book The styles of each president being entirely opposite one dealing with war from an intellectual approach the other not The book is very informative as to the degree of pressure a group of military advisers try to exert on the commander in chief and how the military advisers disagree among themselves frustrating and delaying any final decisions However Obama finally prevailed The book seemed to stop suddenly with few if any conclusions being drawn Just like any ongoing situation An interesting and well crafted book which although full of detail was never boring

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Obama's WarsObama's Wars Bestselling author and Pulitzer Prize winning Bob Woodward co hero of the Watergate disclosures is on the point of giving us his take on President Trump Having got out of touch with his work since Nixon I thought it was time to refamiliarise myself to some degree so on spotting a Marketplace copy going for £001 plus postage I leapt into action and I can certainly recommend others to do as near likewise as they canA reviewer can reasonably be expected to tell his readers what the book is about so let me say candidly that I’m guessing about that to a certain extent Why ‘WarS’ – plural? The one war in uestion is the war in Afghanistan but I than half suspect that Woodward is elevating the Washington infighting to some kind of war status One does not have to be American to be familiar with the backstabbing leaking and doublespeak that goes on What astonished me was not so much its extent as the downright blatancy of it Here are cabinet decisions painstakingly kept clear being uestioned as if they had never happened Here are military strategies still undecided and under powerful uestioning being aired in the public prints by the very generals who were still supposed to be part of the decision making process Obviously we have to keep in mind the scenario of a rookie President not yet 50 years old with a mere 4 years’ experience in the US Senate and no service in the armed forces All the same you could not precisely say that Dwight D Eisenhower on taking office as President lacked military background yet as far as establishing his writ in Washington we know what his predecessor said ‘That goddam general will sit in this goddam chair and he’ll say “Do this” and “Do that” and not one goddam thing will happen’What the story is largely about is the way that the inexperienced but cerebral and determined young president got used to this and by the end of the book was becoming forceful with his supposed subordinates He sacked General Stan McChrystal for one glaring offence and that not the first such either Interestingly Woodward seems to say that this took the military aback so I would have loved to see what the history of this kind of situation was Whether this book is intended in part as a study of Obama’s development as a leader in certain particular circumstances I don’t know but whether it is or not even a plain listing of the relevant instances could hardly avoid creating this impression By the end of this long book the war in Afghanistan is still in progress but it appears at least the actions being taken are in accordance with Commander in Chief’s commands in chiefThe style of the book does not sit with me very well but this is the great Bob Woodward and this is one particular kind of American journalism even if not my own favourite kind It is really the chronicle of a war of ideas but it is presented entirely as a string of statements by the participants To try to get of an impression of these men of destiny plus Hillary of course I turned gratefully to the set of bw plates infixed to the middle of the volume Here we found mainly middle aged men in suits or uniforms and all of course white except for the c in c himself Whether they are all made of ticky tacky I couldn’t say but they all look the same to me The drama of ideas here was real and it was to say the least important but the ideas are purveyed to us by these waxworks and I could not help feeling at times that this presentation trivialised the issues There is even another basic uestion on which I can’t make up my mind and it’s whether the battle forces correspond at least roughly to uniforms versus civilians It works out like that at times but these dramatis personae consist of individuals and when they organise themselves into alliances the alliances keep re forming their memberships I wonder whether Bob Woodward has some update for us regarding this in the new era of TrumpVery rightly Bob Woodward explains or tries to explain in his preface how he managed to come by so much confidential information and I am not going to summarise or try to summarise this in a review as I think that would just pile a Mount Pelion of speculation and uncertainty on top of the Ossa of doubt that Woodward has already assembled Having a set of talking heads to put all this vital data across to us is the kind of semi chatty idiom that does not appeal to me What should be a Thucydidean exposition of forceful ideas forging history through the mouths of major spokesmen plus of course Hillary again becomes a kind of rambling set of meeting minutes I have seen it apparently suggested by another reviewer that this makes the book too long and I would have to admit that I found it a slightly laboured read Never mind it’s Bob Woodward and it will be a long time if ever that I shall read an account of all this whose honesty I can simply take as read from the start