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E was a % chance that Oswald was guilty has accepted the Challenge yet including the dozens of lone assassin theorists to whom the offer has been made on internet forumsNow why would that beFALL UPDATE Thousands of people have read this book Number of people who have accepted the Challenge Self serving and sounds like an commercial There are other ways to obtain the book but who would want to I was in jr High when JFK was killed I had met him several times and was heartbroken by his death I have read just about every book written and I do not think the whole story has been told but his guy isn't one I'd choose to believe Don't waste your cash on 2 and 3 I can get them free and won't waste my time on them

kindle Impossible

ImpossibleWhy is this book one of the the most discussed topics in the history of the JFK ASSASSINATION FORUM web siteAnswer Want that money It’s all yours Just win The JFK Challenge Difficult to win Not according to ace prosecutor Vincent Bugliosi “Only in a fantasy world could Oswald be innoce Note Although I follow the the detailed presentation of the material in the book as closely as I can some of my interpretations may go slightly beyond what's in the book in order to clarify certain pointsThis book is really different If you've been curious about the justice system trials and juries and evidence et al but didn't want to spend a lot of time digging through the usual volumes of boring material this book is for you If you were fascinated by the Kennedy assassination case but considered Oswald to be a minor character or gasp not even involved you won't be titillated by this book like many of the other tomes which can entertain you with their lurid tales of Corsican assassins and Mafia godfathers etcOn the other hand if Oswald's guilt or innocence and the US government's evidence handling can clue you in to the real secrets of the case which I think it does this is the book to read But than just an accurate examination of the evidence I believe this book could well be the best primer on one of the most important roles a US citizen has passing judgment on an accused in a real murder case based on evidence provided by police and prosecutorsIf you were thinking that Bugliosi Posner and others had fairly well proven Oswald's guilt in the Kennedy assassination be prepared for a shocking lesson in the collection and preparation of evidence that's often presented to juries and just how poor the case against Oswald has been all these years It never fails to amaze me how many people will accept false or tainted evidence for a trial whether they are on a real jury or just watching the proceedings on TV at home I noted for example in a recent trial where blood samples were collected at a crime scene by a police lab technician and those samples were marked by the technician with their initials that when those samples were presented in court the initials were not on them yet the judge allowed them into evidenceBefore examining the evidence itself it's important to note that the murder of any person president or private citizen has no statute of limitation and thus the lack of real evidence against Oswald makes this an open case not case closed as certain obstructors of justice would have you believe A cold case perhaps but not a closed case Since assassinations of political officials are usually controversial and many highly placed persons in media and government are satisfied to have certain other persons dead even when it's by a criminal act and covered up we need to consider that coverup isn't just false or tainted evidence it includes books with false information fake reviews of honest books and expert trolling of Internet discussion sites where most of the muck is being rakedIn the About This Book pages Barry briefly covers a few citizenship topics One of my favorite mentions is the book Creature From Jekyll Island Although I didn't read the entire book which belonged to someone else it contained an unforgettable analysis of the Michael Milken Junk bond case It turns out that Milken wasn't so much committing a crime or perpetrating a fraud as he was in effect creating what amounted to an alternative money supply something the Federal Reserve a private banking consortium seriously frowns on While this book doesn't try to say that The banksters did it or some similar scandalous charge it does point out that the overwhelming influence of money and corporate power can contribute to the murder of public officials and that money and power can then influence the sitting government to cover things up for themIn the Foreword to the book Barry raises issues in logic so we can compare and contrast the type of logic we learn in school and apply to everyday things like balancing a budget or whether it's OK to drive over the speed limit and then have to explain to our children that It's really OK because you're allowed 5 MPH extra or fill in the blank with the special type of logic reserved for religious and political discussions Not supposing that I know what Barry's actual beliefs are I'm guessing after reading this book that he's trying to say that assassination ie murder is not acceptable within the scope of political actions and that we should examine cases such as Oswald JFK using the first type of logic as we would when sitting on a jury in a murder trialAlso in the Foreword is a deconstruction of the infamous Single Bullet Theory which apparently was intended for Congress and the major media as a way out of having to deal with the notion of multiple assassins and thus a conspiracy The general public might have found that theory suspicious but given other events of that period that commanded a lot of their attention ie the Beatles Rolling Stones long hair beatniks hippies Maynard G Krebs and his aversion to work the developing Vietnam War Jackie Mason and Ed Sullivan OK not a big deal but you get the picture the public just moved onIn the Introduction Barry gives examples with pictures that demonstrate how the major media have developed the Hate Words my characterization Conspiracy Theorist which are like other hate words we know very well that are used to marginalize people when we don't have the time or actual evidence to make a fair judgment of them But where the media have come down severely and sometimes opportunistically on persons who might utter those other hate words they make full use of Conspiracy Theorist because they see themselves in a war for their survival and the survival of their corporate sponsors against a public who to them are nothing but ignorant consumers and potential troublemakersContinuing the Introduction Barry reiterates most of the commonly known evidence said to convict Oswald of the murder Then Barry says that not only does the actual evidence not incriminate Oswald but he offers to put up as much as 25000 of his own money for anyone who can demonstrate that Oswald did it based on the factual evidence of the case rather than the usual media speculation and innuendo Reviewer's note I went to the JFK message board where the full challenge is posted and wouldn't you know it the trolls and deniers there are as thick as fleas on a stray dog In fairness to the forum however while you won't likely gain an appreciation for truth and honesty among the many so called Lone Nutters who troll the boards you can learn a great deal there about disinformation techniues It's a serious game with real winners and losersI'd like to add that for anyone who doubts the authenticity of Barry's JFK Challenge and the possible 25k award I've gone that route myself on an unrelated topic and faced the same kind of disinformation from the people who have a lot to lose if certain facts become better known The money as I understand it makes it real and should any of today's JFK media stars like Bugliosi Hanks Posner et al decide they would really like to prove their points and collect the award money to donate to the poor since they obviously wouldn't keep it for themselves we could learn something from their acceptance of the challenge But taking on that challenge means debating real evidence instead of regurgitating government propaganda and I don't think even 25 million dollars would budge any of those guysIn the first chapter Barry discusses Reasonable Doubt and what it means in murder cases The standard of proof is very high and in my uizzing of friends and relatives I've gotten a fairly consistent response that a juror should be 99 or percent certain before finding a person guilty of murder where the penalty is often death or permanent imprisonment A terrible conseuence of the bogus information propounded by the likes of Bugliosi and Posner is that not only don't we have the 99 percent certainty we have considerably less than 50 percent certainty based on the percentage of people who believe the government's case The percentage of certainty gets even lower when you consider that most people on either side have not taken a close look at what authentic evidence remains or was well documented before it could be destroyedThis discussion of Reasonable Doubt was a turning point for me in reading this book and considering Barry's angle specifically the case against Oswald Up to this point with Oswald and most of the other players and witnesses dead and with much evidence destroyed we were all free to have our pet theories or those provided to us by the major media of what happened with the plurality of those theories not the majority focusing on Oswald irrespective of the actual evidence If you read this book with an open and inuiring mind you'll be confronted with the real evidence of the case preserved in a trail of official documents over the years and which exonerates Oswald based on Reasonable Doubt And that is true even if you lower the standard to less than 90 percent Which leaves you facing the likelihood that Oswald was framed Or you could simply read the Katzenbach Moyers memo and know officially that Oswald was framedChapters 2 and 3 discuss levels of certainty and objective standards of Reasonable Doubt Chapters 4 and 5 discuss uality admissibility standards and categories comprehensive credible sufficient consistent of evidence I don't need to describe any of that it's self explanatory but I can say that the close examination of evidence against Oswald shows how bad it is in some of those categories and how much of it would not be admissible because it doesn't pass even the simplest tests Example1 The paraffin test on Oswald's cheek was negative Example2 There were two spent rifle shells found in the depository yet certain documents were updated later to reflect three empty shells Example3 The rifle scope was very rusted and could not be used by the FBI in their tests so they inserted metal shims under the scope mount to align it so it could be used Example4 Three spent revolver shells were found near Tippit's body yet revolvers don't eject shells like semi automatics doI think it's important to reiterate here that in a real trial evidence that's been destroyed fabricated or has the appearance of being planted creates than reasonable doubt in jurors' minds unless that real trial is not a fair trial where elements of race religion or political agendas are allowed to pervert justice It's pretty obvious to anyone who has studied the Kennedy assassination that most if not all of the anti conspiracypro government authors have subscribed to a much lower evidence standard than what Barry's book describes presumably because the accused and victim are dead and the only player still alive the government which by the way is highly suspect is too powerful to indict and prosecute Chapter 6 gives several examples of documented conspiracy and evidence fabrication by public officials good background for readers not familiar with how those techniues workChapter 7 raises an important issue that the HSCA as well as the pro government authors dismissed or glossed over as not critical to Oswald's guilt as would be determined in a court of law That issue is whether Oswald acted alone or there was another shooter Barry points out that authors like Bugliosi have expended much energy and numerous book pages to convince their readers that Oswald acted alone realizing that if their virtual jury of readers would seriously entertain the notion of another shooter it would simultaneously raise doubts about Oswald's role At the very least since the pro government authors claim that only three shots were fired if there were other shooters then Oswald might be tied to only one of those three shots or even none with less likelihood of having fired the fatal shotChapter 8 lays out the elements of the charges that must be proven to preclude Reasonable Doubt Three shots were fired by Oswald only from the Carcano rifle only from the sixth floor window only the three shots were spaced far enough apart to allow the bolt action rifle to be reloaded and re aimed and only one bullet must have passed through Kennedy's neck and caused all of Connally's wounds If even one of these elements cannot be proven for example if two of the shots occured closer together than how uickly the rifle could be recycled and re aimed or if the Single Bullet Theory is shown to be wrong another shooter is thus reuired and the charges against Oswald are in doubt ie Reasonable Doubt Chapter 9 then begins the item by item analysis of the evidenceWarren Commission documents released in 1966 which were not included in the 27 volumes released to the public earlier revealed that one bullet struck Kennedy in the back below the shoulder penetrated to less than the length of a finger and was recovered during the autopsy In the early months of the Warren Commission hearings the Commission was proceeding on the assumption that separate shots hit Kennedy in the back then Connally then Kennedy in the head Something happened then that created a serious dilemma for the non conspiracy view the Commission was maintaining James Tague a bystander in Dealey Plaza during the shooting was hit by a bullet fragment that bounced off of a curb near where he was standing The trajectory did not allow for this bullet to have been one that also hit Kennedy or Connally so the Commission was forced to explain how only one bullet could have caused all of Connally's wounds and Kennedy's earlier wounds since the third shot to Kennedy's head was fired lastThe Commission came up with what is known as the Single Bullet Theory which contends that a Carcano rifle bullet passed completely through the thickest part of Kennedy's neck through Connally's chest breaking a bone there through Connally's wrist breaking another bone there and finally penetrating Connally's thigh This bullet then fell out of Connally's thigh onto a stretcher at Parkland Hospital in near perfect condition This theory has never been shown to be plausible as least partly because no test bullets have ever been fired into carcasses breaking bones and exiting in near perfect condition as is seen with the Parkland stretcher bullet And since this theory bogus as it is also ignores the autopsy finding of the bullet in Kennedy's back we know that Oswald could not have made all of these shots with the bolt action Carcano rifleReviewer's note Occam's Razor is the principle that urges people to choose the hypothesis that makes the fewest assumptions in a case like this or to put it differently has the fewest contrivances in support of a particular conclusion In that spirit I offer my best guess as to the number of bullets fired in Dealey Plaza during the shooting seuence1 Bullet to Kennedy's back2 Bullet through Kennedy's neck where Kennedy is grasping his throat and Connally obviously has not yet been hit3 Bullet striking curb and fragment hitting James Tague4 Bullet hitting Connally and suffering severe damage from broken bones5 Near simultaneous hits to Kennedy's head making a small hole in the top back and a large hole in the lower back of the head6 Parkland stretcher bullet possibly falling out of Connally's thighThose six are a minimum count that does not include the bullet strikes on the windscreen and roofline of the car nor the bullets picked up off of the grass by agents after the shooting The evidence of bullet strikes to the car was photographed as was agents finding bullets on the plaza grass The physical evidence of bullet strikes on the car was erased by the new president when he had the car impounded and rebuilt I don't know whether the bullets found on the grass were turned in as evidence or not

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Impossible kindle å 328 pages Download ´ feedmarkformulate À ❂ [EPUB] ✺ Impossible By Barry Krusch ➛ – Why is this book one of the the most discussed topics in the history of the JFK ASSASSINATION FORUM web siteAnswer 25000Want that money It’s all yours Just Nt and still have all this evidence against him I think we can put it this way If Oswald didn’t kill Kennedy then Kennedy wasn’t killed on November ”But the author of IMPOSSIBLE says Bugliosi is wrong Bill O'Reilly too Interestingly enough no one including Stephen King who wrote ther Be prepared to take a course in due processbut the class is worth the seat time LHO was never put on trial In the absence of that The Warren Commission presented the prosecution's case As a result Oswald was convicted in the court of public opinion Ignoring the meme of conspiracy this work is a credible cross examination of the evidence presented and the results are disturbing in the least This is not a uick or easy read It is methodic and meticulous because as the addage says the devil is in the details