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epub ï The Enlightenment of Alexander ð B.Q. Hanson

Finds everything about him including his personal hobbies personality and his sexiness to be perfect which drives him to copy him in order to live his life like his With all the money he Hot sexual tension between both of the characters which I enjoyed the most I also enjoyed the type of devotion that Jared has with Alex which is something you don't see too often

epub The Enlightenment of Alexander

The Enlightenment of AlexanderHas he spoils Alex with luxurious gifts and treats him like a king As soon as he knows him some he brings him into his special dungeon showing him his dark side casting away his innocen 45 StarsI really enjoyed this book a lot It might not be every ones cup of tea as it is sexually explicit malemale but it’s a nice light read The two characters and their attraction for one another uickly got me into the story I cannot wait to read the other stories as well as the ones in Alex's point of view

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kindle ´ The Enlightenment of Alexander × Kindle Edition read Ä feedmarkformulate ☆ ❰PDF / Epub❯ ★ The Enlightenment of Alexander Author B.Q. Hanson – When billionaire college freshman Jared Paterski moves to the University of MWhen billionaire college freshman Jared Paterski moves to the University of Minnesota Twin Cities and meets his new roommate Alexander Schmidt he is mesmerized by his characteristics He I'm not going to start on the how well this is written since that part did not really stand out to me but the overall story is what got me hooked on it Here you have a story from a billionaire college I've never heard of such student named Jared Paterski who is very borderline obsessively attracted to this somewhat introverted athletic college student named Alexander Schmidt hense the title who happens to be his roommate The way he likes him is in a way thats hard for me to describe its much different than any other romance novel I've read or with any relationship I've experienced Jared is attracted to Alex so much that he has the desire to copy him to like him I'm not sure how I feel about that I've never seen a plot like that before it's interesting nonetheless But as soon as I got finished with the first chapter I knew by the tone that there was going to be sex And boy was I right within a couple chapters in there was intense kinky sex ranging from chains and whips to spanking and anal From 0 to 100 real uick But in all seriousness I felt the sex scenes were very sexy and tasteful In between each of the many sex scenes Jared buys Alex many expensive gifts and brings him out to eat I sure wish my man would do that Although I wouldn't imagine two average college roommates doing this in real life I think the author did a good job making it work for this storyThe only thing thats preventing me from giving this five stars is the over use of the terms oh my and Jared referring to his inner sexual desires Ok I get it Jared is a horny man just like many other college men but there could have been better ways to describe itNow to get to my final thoughts I would recommend this book for anybody looking for a fun ; fast read It's sexy and uniue